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  1. BuzzyBea

    Schokermole breast plate sizing?

    Our mare is in between sizes generally - cob and full. We bought a Schokermole bridle recently and she needs a full for her nose but everywhere else she is on the tightest hole. Just bought her a racing breastplate (it is the simplest of them all as prefer not to have fussy tack) but the full...
  2. BuzzyBea

    Would a hay bar work?

    Our mare is very picky and doesn't eat a huge amount of hay. The quality is good and all the others eat it but she just picks. Luckily she is a pretty good doer but it's frustrating that she isn't eating it and we have to throw lots away. The matter isn't helped as she's started pooing in it (we...
  3. BuzzyBea

    Bespoke bridle

    Can anyone recommend someone to make a bespoke bridle for our mare please? Having trouble finding something I like online as want something anatomical, without a flash (but a fully removable one might be handy) and a noseband that isn't too chunky. Can't find anything that fits the bill so...
  4. BuzzyBea

    Rider chiropractors

    My daughter is currently riding wonky!!! She is collapsing through the hip and putting more weight into her left stirrup...she needs straightening up!!! Can anyone please recommend back specialist for riders in the Essex area please as she needs sorting asap!! Thank you.
  5. BuzzyBea

    Missed vaccination advice

    I'm kicking myself but have somehow managed to miss our boys vaccination date! In my head it's due in December but then realised it was 29/8 - such an idiot!! :O Phoned vets who told me he is still covered immunity wise but for the show ring he needs to restart. We don't do anything other...
  6. BuzzyBea

    Running out of bedding ideas for 2 very wet boys

    My friend and I made the decision to try wood pellets for the first time this winter for our 3 boys. 1 of them is doing well on them but he isn't badly wet. The other 2 are an entirely different story!! We have tried all different approaches - deep littering, taking wet out daily, adding new...
  7. BuzzyBea

    Best fork for wood pellet bed???

    Our horses came in for the first time last night (winter is coming :() to find their new pellet beds that we have decided to try for the first time. Mucking out was easy enough this morning but we would like a better fork than our old shavings fork. One that will pick up the smaller bits of...
  8. BuzzyBea

    Sar-x - anyone this treatment for sarcoids?

    Has anyone tried this natural sarcoid treatment? Don't know anyone personally but would give it a go if anyone has any positive experiences.
  9. BuzzyBea

    First winter on pellets - advice needed please!!??

    I've tried most bedding types over the years with various horses but this year my friend and I have decided to move from shavings onto wood pellets for the first time. Our boy is at their house with her 2 so only the 3 of them on a yard together. Have decided on White Horse Energy Platinum...
  10. BuzzyBea

    Please reommend an instructor in Essex for my friend xxx

    My friend is struggling with her instructor and has lost a lot of faith in her. She really wants to progress both herself and her boy but she is finding this tricky with the girl that she currently has. Unfortunatly the instructors that my daughter has are more advanced than she needs so not...
  11. BuzzyBea

    Temporary floodlight recommendation

    With the time changing and the evenings quickly becoming shorter I am worried about schooling in the evenings. We are lucky enough to have a school but we have no lights nor would want to put up permenant lights as don't want to offend the neighbours!! Are there any decent not too...
  12. BuzzyBea

    Easy lift x puissance mare - suitability for BSJA?

    I really am no expert on breeding so would really appreciate your thoughts and comments on a gelding by Easy Lift out of a Puissance mare? Looking for an easy going, straight forward horse for BSJA. Needs scope to work up the classes but also bold enough to enjoy XC. A gelding has been...
  13. BuzzyBea

    Horse Huntng again :(

    Some of you may remember our boy Magic's journey through colic surgery at the beginning of the year. It's been a long, tough and stressful struggle but we recently had to have him PTS following an impaction. He finally made the decision for us bless him :( I now face the task of finding...
  14. BuzzyBea

    Boots for small ankles???

    Looking to replace my daughter's yard boots but need some this time that don't slip down over time and bag around her ankles. Any suggestions please? She has a standard size calf and leg length - just small ankles!! Would ride in them too.
  15. BuzzyBea

    Has anyone made a succesful appeal against an insurance company?

    I don't what to go into details here as my appeal is ongoing but wondered if anyone could tell me if all the stress and heartache that goes into persuing the appeal is worth it or am I likely to get nowhere??!! Am happy to private message if anyone would like more info.
  16. BuzzyBea

    Today is the day!!

    Some of you may remember that our boy, Magic, had colic surgery at the beginning of the year. During surgery they took biopsies of his colon and small intestines as parts of the wall appeared thickened. Result was inflammatory bowel disease. There then followed a 9 week course of steroids...
  17. BuzzyBea

    Rules of BSJA Amateurs??

    Please can someone help as I'm having problems understanding the rules of what classes my daughter could enter and wonder if someone could give me some clarification? My daughter as competed for several years on our horse at affiliated level. It has been straightforward on the basis that he had...
  18. BuzzyBea

    Update: Magic - post colic surgery

    So many of you took the time to wish Magic well during our recent stressful times when we weren't sure that he would make it or that we would ever find a solution to his colic. Thought you might appreciate an update. He had surgery last Thursday (15th Jan.) Inside he gives the impression of a...
  19. BuzzyBea

    Re-current colic thread update

    For all those that kindly offered advice on my recent thread about our boy's recurrent colic I thought I should give you an update. As a last 'at home' measure we stopped all hard feed last Monday (6.1.15.) He had mild colic the following day but this didn't surprise me as he would have still...
  20. BuzzyBea

    Recurrent colic - feel like there are no more avenues to try :(

    A very long story but I will give bullet points: - Owned horse for nearly seven years. - No health issues for 5 and a half years. - Out of the blue episodes of gaseous colic started eighteen months ago. - Episodes relatively mild until the last 6 months when have lasted much longer. -...
  21. BuzzyBea

    Irish Draughts as happy hackers?

    I have never known a RID, only when crossed with TB, and wonder whether they are the big lovable giants that I imagine?!! Would it be reasonable to imagine that one that has been left in the field for over a year and only recently been brought back into work would be happy with a life...
  22. BuzzyBea

    Raised liver enzymes - expected recovery time?

    To cut a very long story short our ISH has had colic on and off for the last 18 months. I have done everything possible to improve things for him but decided to get a new vet out to him when it happened again a fortnight ago. We agreed that he should take bloods just to rule any other issues out...
  23. BuzzyBea

    How best to restart an ex racer?

    After much thought we have decided to take on my friend's ex-racer/broodmare. It is a first for us and I am keen to get her re-schooling off to the best possible start. It was our friends' glowing reports of her fantastic temperament and personality that persuaded us so fingers crossed she will...
  24. BuzzyBea

    Cleveland Bays?????

    I've seen an ad for a 12 year old Cleveland Bay that I am considering as a hacking horse to ride out with my daughter and her ISh. Trouble is I haven't knowingly met one before. Can anyone offer me their thoughts (good and bad) on the breed and their suitability as happy hackers and kind...
  25. BuzzyBea

    Thoughts on Mercedes M Class for towing?

    I'm just about to sell my Range Rover and getting something newer. Been looking at the M Class and it seems to do everything that I need - on paper. Any comments on them here, good or bad?! Wll be towing my cheval liberte XL Pulman and usually only a 16.1 horse but may, occassionally...
  26. BuzzyBea

    Are dalmations any good at the yard?

    We are looking to rescue a dog having lost one of ours recently. I'm going to see a 6 month old liver spotted dalmation tomorrow who sounds ideal but hasn't been taken off lead yet. Does anyone have experience of the breed at all and think I would ever manage to get it behaving at the yard...
  27. BuzzyBea

    Looking to rescue a dog

    Without wanting to wallow too much I lost the oldest of my cocker spaniels recently It was totally heartbreaking as I'm sure you can imagine. We do of course still have my beautiful boy here with us (7 year old neteured boy) but he is really struggling having always had company. The rest...
  28. BuzzyBea

    Weirmaraner x labrador? Has anyone met one?

    I'm hoping to get to visit a 4 year old dog on Friday at a rescue centre not too far from me. He is a small (springer height) weirmaraner x lab although likely to have something else mixed in due to his height I guess. Rescue centre can't say enough good things about him but just wondered...
  29. BuzzyBea

    Can anyone recommend reputable dog rescue centres near Essex?

    I have 2 gorgeous cockers, a bitch and a dog, but the bitch is really poorly and not likely to be with us much longer :( As she is the oldest of the 2 it will mean leaving my boy on his own for the first time and I am pretty sure he isn't going to cope well - howls the house down when I take...
  30. BuzzyBea

    Should I be nervous about getting a life height certificate????

    Taking pony to get her Life Height Certificate from the vets tomorrow. It's the first time I've ever had to get one and am really nervous!!! She is a really full up 14.2 but I have her annual certificate from a few years ago when she passed as 148cm. On the basis that she has had one a few...