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    Tiny Stirrups

    Do any of you know where I can buy little stirrups for a cub saddle? I've got the leathers but the smallest stirrups I can find are 4" which still seems massive? Thanks
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    I used to be quite active on here but then I lost my log in. I recently found the piece of paper with it on and so i'm back. As you will no doubt have all forgotten me i thought i'd reintroduce myself. I live in South Yorks and have 2 horses atm but i'm on the lookout for a youngster to...
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    Snow Spaniels & A Retriever!!

    Here are 3 of my dogs out in the snow this morning - unfortunately the 4th one wasn't out as he has been in the vets with gastroenteritis!! Finn Jazz Sam Finn & Jazz :grin::grin:
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    Barney's Impeccable Timing for Being Ill!!

    Was snowing heavily last night, but I was still shocked this morning when I woke up to this... Had to dig my way out of the front door. The snow there was up to my knees! An had buried the Honda (nearly) and had a good go at burying the truck!! Went out to get the dogs in...
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    Itchy Dog - Help!

    One of my retrievers Barney has been really itchy over the last few days. He scratches alot and if you scratch him he loves it. There is nothing to see in his coat - fleas, flea muck etc. He was wormed 2 weeks ago with frontline. His skin also looks fine not red/irritated or sore in any...
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    Missing/Stolen Dog - South Yorks Area

    Please keep an eye out for this dog if you're in the area. Shuma has gone missing. Believed to be stolen Monday night about 10.30pm. He is a Siberian Husky. Missing from Doncaster area S Yorks.
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    Your Ideal Dog Breed - Bit of Fun

    I used this "Breed Selector" at and apparantly the most suitable dog for me is a Finnish Lapphund!!! Never heard of them!!! Neither a cocker spaniel or a golden retriever came anywhere on my list!!! Have a go and lets see what everyone...
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    The Puppy Has Arrived!!!

    Picked Jazz up at 10am and she's settled right in!! :D Her favorite toy is rooster!! But muuuum thats my rooster - Finn isn't good with sharing!! Playing an entertaining game of chase Sam's tail!! She has also met the cat - and found out the cat is boss!! :005:
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    Sore Paws??

    When I got home tonight I took the dogs down the field and halfway down Finn started limping. I thought he'd stood on something but by the time i'd got to him he'd run off not limping anymore. Then later on as I was putting the horses out he limped again. When I had a look its like his...
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    Have I Forgotten Anything?

    Pick the new puppy up on Saturday at 1pm. I think I have everything I need for her, unless any of you lovely people can think of anything i've forgotten. I have: Collar Lead Bowl Food Bed Blanket Toys ID Tag Anything else??
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    Vibes for my MIL Westie

    My mum in laws westi Ellie had a bit of an accident yesterday. Whilst snuffling around in bushes in the garden she got a sharp twig/thorn stuck in her eye. They operated last night and removed it but said they thought she'd lose her sight in it. When she picked her up from the vets today he...
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    AAD Walk Who's Who Thread

    As I haven't been on here long so don't have much idea who everyone is. Could everyone who's going to the walk please post piccies of your dogs - so i'll be able to recognise you by your pooches. Its not an excuse to see cute dog pics honestly!!!
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    Spangle with Rosette Pics For Slinky (and anyone else who's interested)

    Muuuuuum take them off!!! Well if you're not going to take them off i'm going to eat it!! Okay then i'll pose! And so they're not left out my boys doing what they're best at. Barney - looking sad. Sam - looking silly Finn - looking cute All of...
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    Finn is a winner - and a mini rant (or 2)

    Went to Epworth Show today for a watch and they have a fun dog show. We had a good laugh took Finn in dog under 14" and he came second (we were beaten by a very fluffy, very cute collie pup, who can compete with that), then took Barney & Sam in the dog over 14" and Barney got a "special"...
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    Sooo excited - 2 weeks til the new pup arrives!

    Been to see the new puppy again today. She's grown so much and is now running around like a typical spangle. Pick her up in 2 weeks. I think I have everything for her as its not long since Finn was a puppy. Went and got her tag made up yesterday. I have taken photos today but haven't...
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    Massive Longshot but... HELP PLEASE!!!

    Supposed to be going to hickstead tomorrow with the Riding Team I run at school for the NSEA championships. We have a team of 3 going but for reasons I won't go into we're a pony down. So does anyone have/know of a pony or small horse that we could borrow for hickstead on Thursday...
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    My New Addition

    Currently 4 1/2 weeks old. Chocolate working cocker spaniel bitch. No name yet - suggestions welcome. She's the one on the left. Cutesome!! :luv:
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    I must be mad!!!!

    On Monday i'm going to have a look at a litter of pups!! Another spaniel!!!! They're from the same breeder I got Finn from, chocolate and black bitches and dogs. Pretty sure we're going to go for a bitch this time. Pics to follow on Monday!!
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    Knee Boots

    Do you use them?? What for?? Which ones?? Have had a bit of an incident tonight with my old boy. Went for a hack had a good canter along the riverbank through long grass rough ground etc then the clumsy old thing goes and falls over flat on his nose walking back down the road. He has...
  20. silverbullet

    Nutty Spangle @ Beach Today - with vid!!

    As it says in the title we took nutty spangle Finn to the beach!! He loved it and insisted on retrieving seaweed for me!! Enjoy!!
  21. silverbullet

    Pennine Horseboxes, Barnsley

    Has anyone had a lorry built by these, or bought one from them? Any experiences good or bad? Thanks
  22. silverbullet

    Can anyone find me an advert for....

    A Fautras Oblic 2. After having my last post removed HHO Admin advised I look at classified ad's to get an idea of price. Good theory but there aren't any. So can anyone help me and find one. Its second hand. Daren't say anything else about it as this will then be removed as well!!
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    Well i've had a productive morning.....

    I passed my Class 2 :rofl::rofl::rofl: Horse box shopping here I come! :D:D
  24. silverbullet

    Riding Schools - insurance/registration question??

    Need to pick the expanse of knowledge on HHO. Bit of background: Someone I work with (non-horsey) has a friend who's daughter was bitten by a dog on the yard where she keeps her pony. The dog bit her quite badly (and has been PTS) but it has left a nasty scar which she could have surgery...
  25. silverbullet

    Epworth Open Show Today with Pics

    Took both boys to the Epworth Open Show today. First class was Basil in the Working Hunter Pony - I took ages to decide if I was going to enter him in this and trying to decide if he was up to it or not, but eventually decided to let him have a go and retire if he didn't feel right. So I...
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    Epworth Riding Club Open Show

    is anyone else going to it tomorrow??? Don't know if any of you are in this area but just thought i'd ask! :D
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    Working Hunter - can i use boots??

    It's our RC show on Monday and i've decided to take my old boy in the WHP for a bit of fun. It's about 10 years since I last took him in a WHP class so I can't remember what I wore. So..... Can he wear boots for the jumping part - they are plain leather tendon boots???
  28. silverbullet

    Fly/UV Rug Recommendations

    I need to get Basil a new fly rug - mainly for protection from UV. Needs to be as light and breathable as possible as he'll need it on all summer. Any ideas??
  29. silverbullet

    The Amazing Colour Changing Basil

    Some of you may remember last year when Basil's facial skin around his nose and his eyes started going pink. It eventually faded totally. Well we fetched him in last week and he looked like this: Looks just like bleach has been chucked on him!! He has no other symptoms. We have...
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    Pics of my pooches today

    Took my boys to clumber park today as I had my 2 cousins to entertain for the day. Had a good walk around the lake - and as retrievers and spaniels will do a good swim in the lake - particularly the smelly dirty bits.