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    Puppy and olympia

    My 11 week old nice but dim jack Russell puppy has just shown first signs of intelligence. Never been interested in the TV before, but is GLUED to Olympia following the horses going round and nodding her head as they go over the jumps.......
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    Okay now I've seen everything......

    Call me traditionalist, old-fashioned, stuck in the dark ages, grumpy old woman, but,Clip-In HAIR EXTENSIONS For Horses !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????? Saw them advertised in a horse magazine today, knew there was a reason I only buy H&H and Eventing. Shall have to lie down with long...
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    How long before you braved

    posting a thread. I've been lurking for nearly a year and finally took the plunge! Fairly brave and bold in real life so why such a wimp on HHO. Hope to hear I'm not the only one!:)