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    would you breed from a mare with COPD? shes only 8 - the vet has said its not hereditary
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    Dealers and rescues

    I am just wondering whether people would be concerned buying from a sport horse dealer if said dealer was on the board of a large rescue organisation that hasnt had the best of reports in the past? I believe the same rescue (its in Ireland) was involved in a bit of a scandal a few years back...
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    bitless and barefoot.....

    If you are a rider who rides 'bitless' or a person who keeps their horse 'barefoot'.... do you try and convert other people? I ride with a bit- usually a snaffle (but on certain strong horses might use something stronger), and my horses are shod. I am happy riding like that, and my horses go...
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    deformed PUG - WRONG IMO

    Does anyone else think this is WRONG on all accounts? An animal rescue in Ireland which is seemingly in debt to vets and feed suppliers, AHAR, has bought a pug puppy born with no paws, a problem with its liver and incomplete skull!! (sorry dont know how to do a link). They paid its breeder 400...
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    Sean Hayes Equine

    Anyone on here bought from Sean Hayes Equine in Tralee, Ireland?
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    people who have been to court

    A question for people who have been to court and reached a settlement. After the court case, when an agreement has been reached, is this then put in writing and sent out to both parties by the court? My friend had a court case a couple of months ago, but although a settlement was reached- she is...
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    payment on delivery......

    I have noticed 2 or 3 dealers in Ireland are advertising horses as 'no money due till horse is delivered'. Has anyone used any of these people? How long would you be able to look at the horse for? I personally would feel very bad if I didnt like the horse and had to send it all the way back to...
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    dealers disclosure?

    I am being ultra careful about buying my new horse, and am preparing a list of questions to ask - I am assuming the seller has to answer questions truthfully. Would it be ok to ask a dealer where they got a horse from and how long theyd had it? Would they be obliged to tell me? TIA
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    Horse bought from dealer.......

    Went to see a horse at a dealers. Liked him, but it looked like he had a lump on his knee. Asked dealer ' you said there are no blemishes or bumps' in the advert- he said no, hes clean legged. So I thought I must be mistaken. I trusted the chap. The day I got him home I phoned dealer and left...
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    What horsey personalities would you like to see on strictly? We've never had one, have we?
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    choosing a buyer

    I was rather surprised by a friend of mine the other day, she's selling her horse, a much loved 10yr old, as shes outgrown him, (in competing standard. not size) and is being rather fussy about buyers. She had a lovely lady come to see him, good rider, got on well with him, had a great set-up...
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    Swiftwood rescue

    It makes me feelrather uncomfortable to read that an animal sanctuary is asking the public to raise money for horses to be brought over from Ireland ( ) when there is so many horses and ponies in this country that we cant cope. Its a nice story, but shouldnt "charity...