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    Travelling to the sunshine tour

    Hi I'm looking for tips. I'm going to try to fly over to the sunshine tour for a couple of days next week. Seems to be a nightmare getting flights though. Has anyone did this? Where did you fly in to and stay etc?
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    How do you move round bales?

    Looking for suggestions on how to easily move round bales... I have no access to a tractor or quad. Trying to get enough people together to roll a bale of haylege across the yard can be difficult and also I feel bad asking when I need one every 2 weeks. It's quite a distance with a few turns...
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    Train ability of balou babies

    Just musing on the ns... What are people's experiences of training youngsters by balou du rouet? I have a 4 yo balou x Odysseus. Not yet backed due to lack of facilities so that's a job for this year. She just made me think tonight how this might go when I asked her to back up for rushing...
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    Masta zing 450

    Has anyone bought this? Thinking about it as I double rugged my girl tonight as it was -5 on my way to work this morning. So she's currently wearing two turnouts! It's a great price but scared that it may be like the amigo mio which lasted a day!
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    Heads gb sj on tv

    Itv 3pm today on the Alan titchmarsh show :-)
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    Horse not happy in stable alone

    What would you do? Brought my 3 year old in tonight. Her pals are out in field and one is in a pen outside stable block as injured. She really wasn't happy in alone. Spinning around the stable, jumping around bouncing off the door etc. not helped by her pal screaming outside. Already had...
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    Central Scotland - livery near bonnybridge

    Hi Looking for suggestions. Already did a search of the forum. My priorities are young horse friendly, at least an outdoor arena and quiet. Any ideas?
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    Naf off citronella tag

    Browsing online and discovered this. Anyone used them? Think it sounds great but would be looking to use them in the field and a little worried that two out of my three would chew them off each other? Difficult to see from pics online
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    Would my insurance be void if...

    My horse got away from me in a school that is not enclosed and there fore out on to a road as yard not enclosed and got hurt/hurt someone?
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    Shocked at the price of rug cleaning/repairs

    Picked up a rug today that was in to get a front strap put on. I nearly died when she told me it was £28!!! Horse has been warned, she bursts what's she's in and she's naked!
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    Best/cheapest bedding

    Having recently got a bale of really short cut straw I really noticed the difference in ease of mucking out. Now that the horses have been in since the beginning of November, my arms are knackered. Shoulders and elbows going on both arms. So next year was thinking of going back to shavings...
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    So who's crying already?

    Got tears running watching the lovely hickstead :-(
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    Need a horsey book

    Find my self with an unusual Saturday night off. And can't watch hoys since I cancelled sky sports :-( Just finished reading one day and now looking for a horsey book on kindle. I've read the Sara gruen ones....any recommendations?
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    Just bought my first baby 4x4

    so excited..going to get my suzuki grand vitara tomorrow! my first little's only a 1.6 and i know i cant tow with it but very excited still! just need to start saving for the lorry! :)
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    Fly masks that stay on

    I'm looking for a fly mask that will stay put on my unruly 2 year old. So far we've had the shire net one off and the ?equilibrium midi off. She's a complete pain in the butt to get it on but she's getting infected eyes with the flies. And she's getting quicker! Got it off in less than a day...
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    Old horse, not happy

    I keep my horses at livery. My old girl is 27 welsh x 15hh. She's currently out 24/7 with my youngster, and my riding horse. She's got about 50% vision, bone spavin and gum disease. I just notice over the past couple of weeks she's just not too happy. Shes never been that into people. I'm...
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    Small lorries for big horses

    Hi I appear to be growing a monster. I have a 2 year old who stands 16/16.1hh with a very high head carriage. As she is she's just to big for my ifor 505, she'd squeeze in but would be at risk of getting a sore head.So we're not geting to go anywhere this year, which is a shame as she was a fab...
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    Best sun cream for horses?

    My 2 year old filly has a touch of sunburn already :( thought before i order a new bottle, if anyone uses anything thats good and stays on? she's quite difficult to get it on and she's mahoosive and i'm wee so ideally something thats stays on! last year i used banana boat etc, really just used...
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    Highland Show - Sports Horse Classes

    Was having a conversation about this earlier and can't remember for the life of me and can't find it on there a seperate 2 year old class at the Highland or are they in with the 3 year olds? it's a month til I can find out from the schedule :-)
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    Vet supplies - also in vet

    My 18 month filly cut the front of her hock on friday on electric wire. there are two big lacerations which the vet has connected to provide a drain in the bottom wound. He managed to stitch the top wound. she now has bandages +++ and it looks like a stooky! she's on box rest, bute, antibiotics...
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    My 18 month filly cut the front of her hock on friday on electric wire. there are two big lacerations which the vet has connected to provide a drain in the bottom wound. He managed to stitch the top wound. she now has bandages +++ and it looks like a stooky! she's on box rest, bute, antibiotics...
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    Scottish sports horse finals

    Just a very self indulgent post. Today my yearling filly (balou du rouet x odysseus) took the Scottish sports horse yearling champion 2010. Very pleased with my monkey and she behaved so well for second time out this year. Also travelled brilliantly which has been a bit of an issue. Lots of...
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    pippa funnell - schooling for success

    so excited to come home from work just now and find this book delivered! how sad. anyone read it, is it any good?
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    Short term summer loan

    Do people actually do this? thinking i need something to ride before i break my youngster but dont have time to muck out another during the winter (mine are stabled at night and in pens during the day = twice mucking out).
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    What height do you think this will grow to?

    Just for fun really cos we are always wondering. Mum 15.3hh (by Oddyseus), Dad 16.3hh (Balou du Rouet) Siblings by other sires all 16/16.1hh Last time we measured her she was around 15.1hh around the time of these pics, she is 14 months in these photos. im just under 5ft3 if it helps...
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    Another yearling loading issue

    Getting really down in the dumps about my yearling. The first time she travelled was at 6 weeks old, she didnt have a bad experience. She then missed a show cos I didnt think she was well and then missed her last because she rooted to the spot and would not go in (wouldnt go with mum, couldnt...
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    Mane Pulling - yearling

    Just wondering how others have introduced their youngsters to the dreaded mane pulling? Started Mya's properly tonight, she's not happy but tolerating it the wee soul. Instinctively I'll do a little every night and do the approach and retreat style but wondering how others do it. She's...
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    Pictures of Balou du Rouet offspring

    anyone got any pics of their balou du rouet offspring, I've got a yearling filly but never really see any more going about locally