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  1. Chavhorse

    Any Idea how to put a Bitless Bridle back together?

    I have a lovely Dr Cooks style crossover bitless bridle that I want to sell. Now being a clever soul! I have taken it to bits and cleaned it in anticipation of the upcoming equine boot fair and now have no idea at all of how it fits back together again!!! Does anyone have any instructions...
  2. Chavhorse

    Has a horse ever helped you..

    When I lived in Cyprus I owned a very spooky ex racer, one day I had hacked out with another friend from the yard and a couple of the youngsters who wanted to come along.....We had had a super ride and were heading back via the quarry which gave us a nice long uphill canter. I was in the lead...
  3. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Sorry posted twice!
  4. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Apparently it is because the liveries have given deposits and YO is refusing to return them unless they give the full months notice, I suppose it is a very dificult situation to be in I mean would you want to give this guy a months notice, I know I would think twice yet I suppose people need the...
  5. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Just seen this update on FB UPDATE: Hi Danielle, thanks for approving me to the group, the whole thing is outrageous but I didn't want to post on the group as I live close by, I heard tonight that 4 C &C lorries were booked to pick up the liveries but, the gates where locked so police were...
  6. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    From reading everything yesterday it seems the "if you don't pay up I will shoot your horse" is not in the actual livery contract it is something that liveries are told verbally....but even so If a YO said this to me I would run for the hills
  7. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Having been in the position of having a loaner who just decided not to pay any livery for three months, I was contacted by the YO asking if I had in fact given her the horse as she had said as he wanted to change ownership so he could sell to repay the debt. I thank god that I was dealing with...
  8. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    Um no they are not RSPCA inspectors. The RSPCA rents land adjacent to the farm.
  9. Chavhorse

    Facebook - Horse shot by livery owner

    If it is true that the police are involved then all the naming and shaming and suggestion of vigilante groups will only serve to totally screw up any successful prosecution and make a legal victim out of a possible perpetrator.
  10. Chavhorse

    Side bone

    Mine was diagnosed at 6 also at a pre purchase vetting he has it in both feet and it was totally ossified . Purchaser did not go through with the purchase and my vet told me that in all probability my horse would be totally fine so just crack on, but only jump at low levels and only on a good...
  11. Chavhorse

    Livery Yards Faversham Area In Kent

  12. Chavhorse

    Livery - Faversham Kent Area

    Can anyone recommend a good livery in the area? Happy with full, assisted or DIY if close enough to home which is plumb between sittingbourne and Faversham. Thanks Chav
  13. Chavhorse

    Livery Yards Faversham Area In Kent

    Can anyone recommend a good livery yard in the area? Happy with Full, Assisted or even DIY if it is near enough to home. PM me if you prefer. Many thanks Chav
  14. Chavhorse

    Anyone over 65 still riding?

    My Dad was still riding his old hunter (28 at the time!) at 84 he gave up riding at 87 when Hec got to 31 they then used to go off for little in hand walks every day until Hec passed away at 35. At 92 he still used to come to the yard most days and play with my horses. I had a friend in Cyprus...
  15. Chavhorse

    Transporter Required - URGENT!!

    Try Equine Travel Agency in Dover They transported my lad over from Holland and were fantastic they may have a part load out there
  16. Chavhorse

    Recommendations for sending youngster to be broken in Kent?

    Echo 24 I have PM'd you
  17. Chavhorse

    Hornet sting allergic reaction. Skin now sloughing off

    My lad had a bad casting accident when he was a four year old and the vet was convinced that the mix of a kind of pressure sore, stress and a severe tying up (from we think the struggle) caused him to sweat serum and then like yours his skin bubbled up and came off. We used Green Clay (lots of...
  18. Chavhorse

    Rhinegold Rugs Sizing

    I normally buy Amigo rugs for my big 16.3 cob and she fits a 6ft 9 very well. I have got the Opportunity to buy some Rhinegold rugs at trade prices and was just wondering if anyone knew how they come up compaired to the Amigo. Do not want to get the 7ft and drown her if I don't need to...
  19. Chavhorse

    Following on from carthorse's thread

    10 Tubes of KY Jelly and a box of latex gloves from a Cypriot Chemist when I was living in Cyprus! I could not bring myself to explain after I had received the wink and an awed "ahhh" My local village chemist here actually suggests stuff to me as she is horsey as well and apprantly the...
  20. Chavhorse

    Reputable Dealers

    Google Epona Stars lots of information about Kent based dealers on there.
  21. Chavhorse

    You Can Get Your Confidence Back - But It Can Take Time

    From one who has spent the last 18 months watching other people riding my beautiful boy as I was too scared to ride him myself. You can get your confidence back but sadly you can not rush the process! Things that have worked for me; If you can look after your horse yourself, I moved mine from...
  22. Chavhorse

    Share agreements

    BHS have a sample loan agreement that you can download from their web site. Just put everything down so you cover yourself. As for insurance suggest that your loaner (or make it a condition on the loan agreement) that they join the BHS as a gold member this will give them third party...
  23. Chavhorse

    Dentist in the South East Area?

    Nat Heal Superb dentist and very very calm and quiet really impressed with how he handled my never seen a dentist in her life before 7 year old Irish Cob. Very informative loves his job and loves explaining it all to you. My WB who has always been a mouthy so and so is 100% improved since...
  24. Chavhorse

    Physio or Chiro

    Chris Caden-Parker is a Vetinary Physiotherapist and is fantastic, She covers Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Essex 01732 700912 07957 856143 Highly recommended and always provides good advice for follow up.
  25. Chavhorse

    Show jump trainers Kent

    Alex Hudson BHSI (Regd.) Assessor & examiner, BE Accred coach. She is based near Faversham Kent
  26. Chavhorse

    Getting cold feet about my horse.. What should I do ? Is it too late?

    From one who has just managed to extracate themselves from a bad loan experience and who really wishes she had listenend to her gut feelings can I just say if you feel like this now DO NOT sign any contract and just move on. If you feel this uneasy about the girl then just do not do it end of.
  27. Chavhorse

    Wish I had had a camera!

    My two horrors decided that there was not enough grass in the field for their liking so made an escape bid last night (jury is currently out as to whether it was 5 bar gate jumping or limbo!) and spent the night maurauding about, investigating the hay barn and grazing the lawn! They were...
  28. Chavhorse

    You know its hot when....

    Yep my cob mare stood lip drooping grunting as I hosed her down and shampooed her, even stood still and did not raise the obligatory hind leg in warning as I washed her teats and my chap who normally if you turn a hose on him reacts as if you have poured acid over him only tried to climb the...
  29. Chavhorse

    6 months angry and upset.

    What she said x 3. OP he looks happier already please keep us updated and thank for the salutory reminder that once you sell you loose all kudos on you for buying him back xx