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    Feel embarassed & defeated

    Bless you. Falling off is horrid. Ive been riding for over 50 years and still fall off, it hurts a lot more these days! I went for a, newly joined/didn't know anyone, riding club lesson on my TB and I got on him and he threw me straight back off, he was on high alert due to somewhere different...
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    Would you consider buying this horse?

    Oh my word! Anyone who has spent months trawling the country looking for a new horse, and I have, will say get vetted and buy. You have been able to try him out and by the sound of your post he sounds lovely. If someone turned up today and bought him how would you feel? That will tell you if...
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    Sketchers slip-ons, comfy with out socks and easy to get on and off. I have three pairs in various stages of disrepair. Not expensive to buy.
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    guy wearing riding tights

    Not sure what to make of this thread, but in case anyone in the future is on here after googling men in riding tights (!!) there is a company called EquestriMan which do good mens riding stuff and specialise in Mens jods/breeches!
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    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    26 34 36 24 23
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    Washing legs? Hose them off everyday?

    I use an empty carrot sack to wipe the worst off when they come in at night and then brush it off in the morning when it's dry. Only wash the legs when the farrier is coming.
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    Massage pad or heat pad?

    I have the Epiony, bought one as I got fed up fiddling around filling hot water bottles. What I love about it is you can pretty much strap it anywhere, I it use on neck, shoulder and back area. Also used on humans! Horse physio recommended it and I've been very pleased with it.
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    Hello Dolly....

    Just watch the Insta videos, lovely to watch and beautifully ridden! Just popping those big XC fences, in and out the water, up and down the banks etc. they make it look absolutely effortless, always a sign of a great rider and horse combo. Also so nice to see a post where pony/rider works out...
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    Bringing an old horse back into work 😳

    In my teens I was given/permanently loaned, as you say these days, a similar aged horse, he'd been retired as had no rider, the people that owned him had a young family, they had money but no time for him, I had time but no money, so ideal all round. I was thrilled to have him, he was kind and...
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    Tredstep long boots

    I'm looking to replace my Donatello boots in brown, ( I can find them in black), and ideally would like the same again. I can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know if there's been a break in production maybe due to Covid or have they stopped making them? Thank you
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    How long is your average schooling session?

    Usually between 35 and 50 mins. I do a long walk warm up and cool down though. We finish when something has gone well. If this doesn't happen I just change it up to do something he knows and finds very easy, then we finish, or a little bit of in hand stuff or a little hack out round the fields...
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    Range Rover - talk me out of it

    Have a look at Toyota Landcruisers too!
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    England COVID restrictions update

    Thank you, we had left it until December at the minute, but will follow to see if there is any clarification. Seemed to have missed so much this year, would be nice to still be able to go but only if allowed.
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    England COVID restrictions update

    So reading all through BHS guidelines, I can still travel to have a lesson with my trainer? At the weekend we were unsure, so I decided not to go until December, but reading that I can go.
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    Best grooming tool for removing dried mud in mane - sensitive pony

    I use mane and tail conditioning spray, spray all along mane and tail lifting a bit to get as much coverage as possible, gently massage into hair, groom rest of horse, go back and brush with a mane and tail brush, (one with a handle). If I'm doing a sensitive horse or doing forelock, I spray the...
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    TB/Connie - how much did your youngsters......

    My Connie x TB is 15.1. He was 15hh at 4, he's more like a traditional Connie than TB, very easy, he also looks more like a Connie just slightly finer. A lot of people have asked if he's a Connie but no one has ever asked if he was a TB!
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    Sound silly but... when to use my stable?

    My children's ponys had this option and we only used the stable when the weather was bad, sometime all winter, sometimes in a mild winter hardly at all. Otherwise they lived out with shelter. The ponies were never bothered by a flexible routine at all. Nice to have all options I think. X
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    Show Treka Living - Hints and Tips

    I had a showtrekka for a few years and frequently stayed away in it. When sleeping in it on my own I used the back cushion you use for the top bunk on the bottom as well, so basically double up the mattress. Then sleeping bag and blankets. Put food and plates, utensils etc in plastic storage...
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    Front zip long boots

    Hi, thank you for the replies, she already uses boot pulls but even these are getting difficult. Solo equestrian, shame she a size 7, but a good idea Milliepops to look secondhand. I will start a search, no rush as shes wearing short boots for the summer. Thanks x
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    Front zip long boots

    My friend has arthritis in her joints and would like to purchase some smart long boots with a front zip. I have found some but they are very expensive and out of her price range. Is there such a thing out there for less than £250? Thanks
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    Judges Funny Comments

    A few years a go I took our old TB x to a Charity show, after being rung up by a friend who was running it and in a panic about lack of entries. I looked at the schedule and he didn't really fit in any of the classes and then saw Riding Club Horse. Perfect - he's a horse and we do Riding Club...
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    Hope you like them! I have reins with stoppers on as well, as I have circulation problems and lose the feeling in my fingers. They are great for making sure your reins are the same length as well as helping with reins slipping through. x
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    Competing with no facilities at home

    I have no school, but use the fields in the summer, we also have fab hacking here. I box up every week for my lesson, twice a week in the winter. Plus any clinics I can get to. I think the water problem would be more of an issue for me. x
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    The value of walk

    A few years ago I had a few lessons with a very good pro dressage rider, every lesson we did started with 20 mins of walk work. All kinds of stuff - lateral, circles, squares, halts. The trot work afterwards was so much better for it. She moved away from the area but I have held on to the walk...
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    Build a bridle?

    I had the same problem, cob bridle but needs a full broadband and noseband. I bought a Dever one, it was sold in separate parts at the local tack shop. Not massively expensive. Ive had it 4 or so years and still good. x
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    Equilibrium massage pad - buying

    My friend has an Equilibrium massage pad, paid a lot of money for it, but now never uses it. I have a Epiony heat pad and used it loads until the weather warmed up but will be back in use in the autumn. I use it on myself as well!! Great for a stiff back!
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    Running out of Grass

    I usually fence off half my field in the summer but we have left it open this year, doesn't look like theres much grass on it but they come in at night and all of them are only eating half their hay. They are a good weight as well, but some rain would be welcome.
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    Long boots for showing

    I've been away from my laptop for a couple of days so thank you for replying, will have a look at Hoys photos, good idea !
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    Long boots for showing

    Hi all, We are planning to do some showing shows, which are a slightly higher level than our usual outings which are low key events. I am in desperate need of some new boots and after having a look at what's available I need some advice! Do my boots need to be completely plain or are the ones...
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    Things from the past

    String girths! still have one in the old barn somewhere, they must have pinch the poor ponies. Also when I was about 10 a girl I knew, family had loads of money, alway rode in a yellow roll neck jumper with matching yellow knitted gloves. I always wanted to look like that!