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    Woolsey mark 1 clippers

    Does anybody have any woolsey swift mark one clippers they no longer need , do not have to be working as i only need a cog please
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    Philip Roechet (oxon)

    Dos any body know him? good or bad?
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    risbrough show

    Ive been told its cancelled ? anyone know different?
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    crupper t bar

    does anybody here know where i can find a crupper t bar from apparantly there a peice of leather that you can use to attacch on to a saddle that has no d ring for a crupper?????
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    Dealers? Abingdon road Oxford

    Has anyone had any dealings with a couple called Corrine and DEan good or bad please,A friend of mine has beem seriously stittched up by these two any wondered if anyone else has she brought a horse from them and it was totally unsuitable and returned it , she cannont get her money back or the...
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    castana (irish draught)

    irish draught liver chestnut stallion standing in ireland! would love to see a picture and or any other information please
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    yearlings (how big?)

    Can i ask what size your yearlings are? and what size do you think they will be please?
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    pregnancy tests

    I believe you can test dung samples anybody know who does this please?
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    phoenix ryans fancy

    Im trying to find out the past of this pony? 13.2hh bay gelding.12 years, irish sport pony, any info wanted
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    pregnancy test

    Have a mare who if is in foal will be 90 days can you still do a dung or urine test?
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    cross country

    Does anybody know of any cross country course you can hire in Bucks/oxfordshire please
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    how big?

    my foal is 6 months old how big do you think he will be?
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    hann x welsh cob

    I have a foal who is Hann x tb does anyone else have one would love to see an older one
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    lollipop 16

    trying to trace this mare, branded hanoverian mare from germany believed to have showjumped possibly abroad
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    robert smiths lucky sky

    registered in the anglo european studbook can anyone tell me his breeding please
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    Livery question

    We run a small livery yard and charge per week but when it comes to paying most people only pay for 4 weeks, how do you people get round this?
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    bbc inside out

    did anybody video bbc inside out tonight a mare we now own was on there i would love to see it
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    south oxon sponsered ride

    can anyone tell me if this is on please
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    horse names please

    I am looking for horse names begining with T if possible including the name sky please
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    penffos william

    I am trying to tracePenffos William reg sectionD bay gelding who is now in a new home with me
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    hanoverian brand

    we have a hanoverian mare who is branded on her neck how do i trace her breeding?
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    robert smiths lucky sky

    i am trying to find any information on this grey anglo arab stallion if possible a picture he would be about 20 years old but robert smith jumped him in 2003