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    Travelling to the sunshine tour

    Thank you. It's good to have hotel names. Having a nightmare trying to get flights to any of them tho since we are in scotland.
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    Travelling to the sunshine tour

    Hi I'm looking for tips. I'm going to try to fly over to the sunshine tour for a couple of days next week. Seems to be a nightmare getting flights though. Has anyone did this? Where did you fly in to and stay etc?
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    How do you move round bales?

    Yep two or three of us can manage it but it's a pita - just looking to make life easier. There's a gap in the market I think
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    How do you move round bales?

    Looking for suggestions on how to easily move round bales... I have no access to a tractor or quad. Trying to get enough people together to roll a bale of haylege across the yard can be difficult and also I feel bad asking when I need one every 2 weeks. It's quite a distance with a few turns...
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    TB event stallion recommendations?

    My friend has a one more tiger who's not particularly big (dam 16-16.2) and just backed as a 3 year old. He's been really easy
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    Calling all ladies with short wide calves!

    I have the shires country boots and they are actually a little wide. :-) I tried on the shires norfolks for getting for Xmas and they are a good fit too in the short xxl
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    Cushings - expériences and advice please

    My 29 year old was tested a few weeks ago, mainly because it was free. I did have a hunch that her coat hadn't came out as well as it should have. Her count was well over 200. She's started on medication and already she is eating better, and has a shiny coat. We have trouble keeping weight on...
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    Need your help horse shopping please - at my wits end!

    Have pm'd you about one, but there are others that could be seen
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    Inhand questions.

    Personally... I would say no to schooling whip. Hat is fine, I prefer to wear one (youngsters). No need to salute judge in hand but be polite eg good morning sir, and thank you. Depends on what ridden you are doing but I would expect you to salute at the end of your individual show.
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    Products to help a mane and tail grow?

    Supreme products moisturise and condition is fab. You spray it on and rub it in and it foams up. I've used it for dry tails and on a scurvy coat. The next day all the dead stuff came away and left lovely shiny coat underneath. My friend used it on her mares mane who had sweet itch and she's...
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    Accondy stallion offspring

    My first filly was lovely and such as sweetie. She was an all round nice person. The colt was a bit pig headed and still is. Can be a bit nappy but jumps for fun. Accondy in the flesh had the wow factor. He had a gorgeous silver shimmer. Very much a stallion in his handling.
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    Ridden sport horse. Please help! Hope this helps...rules are last couple of pages
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    Ridden sport horse. Please help!

    I would think it would depend on the show. I would personally dress as previously described. Is it a flat ridden? The ridden sports horses at the royal highland show had a mix of tweed and very much show jumping outfits. The class did include about 4 jumps. But then in scotland we show in...
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    Moving older horses

    I moved my two a couple of months ago. I was really worried about the oldie who is 29 and had been at last yard for 11/12 years. She settled immediately which totally shocked me, and is actually eating better. The only problem was travelling. In her competition days she went all over the place...
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    The most useless horsy item you have ever bought?

    Field safe headcollar. What's the point? Can't lead in it and still need to get another headcollar on top of it. If horse does one it would just rip off in your hand. Why didn't I think this before I bought it.
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    Promoting tail to grow :/

    Try a tail bag. I've known this to work on appys
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    The Royal Highland Show-Whos' Going?

    Just spectating this year! Things didn't go to plan and so instead of entering my mare for ridden sports horses, she's in the middle of being broken. Fingers crossed for next year! There to watch/help friends on thurs fri and sun. Will prob go sat for shopping! :-)
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    hay in abundance!??... Really!???

    I'm in Scotland and can't get any for loving or money!
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    Does anyone here use Equine America Cortaflex?

    I use naf super flex for this reason and always had good results, on more than one horse
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    Confidence issues and hypnotherapy

    Google EFT - emotional freedom technique. It's really good, especially anxiety related issues. I work in mental health in the NHS and we use it loads!
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    Equine vets operating in Dollar, Fife area

    Struthers and Scott seconded x
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    The price is right!

    I think they got confused with holsteiner
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    Ideas for safe portable homemade jumps?

    Traffic cones! Square bales (haha! Like if u could get any u would use them as jumps!)
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    What's your horses show name?

    Mya is officially Evian. Had to begin with e and couldn't find anything alcoholic starting with e which is the usual theme. Wasn't calling her ethanol!! Have had Amarulla Arniston bay Cointreau
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    bsja only riding weekends?

    Can you not try to ride before work? It's getting light at half 5, and do chores after work.
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    Do you go to shows alone?

    I remember going to shows with a girl on the yard when I was an early teenager as a groom. Even though it was Bsja and I didn't jump, I loved her horse and loved going to shows! I remember her giving me a fiver for it, and I really didn't want it, the day out itself was brill!
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    Best falls- off horse

    Thanks. Yeah I'm ok, just sore. Tall dark and poor said this morning if u are riding horses again u better get insured. When he learned I'd had a fall said "don't tell me" and "you better get an electric wheelchair when you are paralysed cos I'm not pushing you". Hehe, lesson learned. Lie in...
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    Best falls- off horse

    Lol. Have prob rode once a year at least through that and have still had horses. I'm absolutely fine on a schoolmaster but a green horse sure showed me my shortcomings! At least there were no witnesses :-)
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    Best falls- off horse

    Fell off today, first time in 16 years. Balance is rubbish after not really riding for 10 years. On a friends green horse..asked for canter, I was obv unbalanced, horse said eh Cheerio novice...buck buck buck....sail through the ears. Glad it's over and done with now but annoyed I've let...