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    Cut on knee/arthroscopy healing time

    Hi all, may lad got kicked on the outside of his knee at the end of November last year, small yet deep, piercing the joint fluid sac and resulting in an emergency arthroscopy and joint flush. He was in hospital 2.5 weeks then home on box rest since. We are doing twice weekly dressing changes to...
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    Knee arthroscopy info

    Hi everyone, my boy has just had to have an emergency knee arthroscopy after a kick injury. What are your experiences regarding recovery, aftercare and also costs incurred? Many thanks!
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    Knee arthroscopy info

    Hi everyone, my boy has just had to have an emergency knee arthroscopy after a kick injury. What are your experiences regarding recovery, aftercare and also costs incurred? Many thanks!
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    Hello Copra feeders - question, do you feed wet or dry? Have you found it beneficial to your horses? Thanks x
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    Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming

    Hi everyone I'm thinking of rehoming and ex racer. Cheveral House Racehorse Rehoming is fairly local to me - does anyone have a Cheveral House ex racer and what are your opinions/experiences of the yard? How has it gone with your horse? Be great to hear some stories, be it good or bad! Thanks...
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    WOW Saddles and youngster

    My youngster is 3, I will possibly be backing her this year, but most probably leaving her till next year now. She's WB x TB/Shire, currently around 16.1 but bum high, and with quite a lot of filling out left to do. I looked at WOW's at this years Badminton, have to say I didn't really know much...
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    Bitless - insurance situation?

    I'll be starting my youngster soon, and want to initially get her going bitless. I'd like to be able to eventually ride her either bitless or bitted (as I'm planning to compete and obviously some rules only allow bitted). My question is does anyone know what insurance issues there could be if...
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    Farrier recommendations South Yorks East Mids

    As above really, I am looking for a quality farrier capable of remedial work and who is reliable (!!!). Thanks all x
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    Chris Adams farrier south yorks

    Does anyone use him? Thanks x
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    The mathematics of poo picking!

    So I've recently moved my three onto fresh grazing and I'm determined to keep it poo free. Now I hate poo picking so in order to have a daily target instead of aimlessly wandering with the barrow feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amount of poo they can produce, I've applied some maths...
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    unusual energiser problem any ideas??!!

    I've got a pretty high powered electric fence energiser, an hotshock a50. Its amazing as an energiser, particularly for a big bold 2 year old who used to think running through the fence every day was a right laugh (not any more ha ha!) Anyway, that problem is I also have solar lighting, and when...
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    BHS gold membership insurance question

    Hi all I am thinking of changing insurance for my 3, as it's just so expensive to cover three for vets bills etc. I plan to put money away each month for vets bills rather than have it on my insurance. My question is, if I take out BHS gold membership, does the public liability and personal...
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    How horsey is your area?

    A few weeks ago I was in the Lake District for a short holiday. I was really surprised at how few horses I saw up there. I was there for a week and didn't see a single person out riding, and bearing in mind I was out walking every day often on bridleways I thought this was quite odd? And very...
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    Olympia tickets help!

    Hello all I have made a right **** up, booked my train and hotel for olympia on Thursday 18th but when I went to book tickets for the evening performance there are none available! To compound this my hotel is non refundable!! So I Am checking up if anyone has any tickets they want too sell. I...
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    Horse sitters Derbyshire / South Yorkshire

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I am going away for a week and my usual sitter isn't available - don't have my horses on a yard so no-one else to help out. Thanks in advance.
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    Lice Help - Coopers not available

    Hi all - think a new pony in my field has brought lice and now my boy is itching - has anyone been able to get Coopers anywhere recently? If not what do you recommend I use instead? A real pain as i've used Coopers before and its fantastic. Thanks for your help all x
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    Jobs - who works in the equestrian industry?

    Hi all - thinking of maybe having a complete career change - need some fulfilment from my work life and feel that the equestrian industry may do this for me. Only v tentative at the mo - so those of you who work in the equestrian world what do you do, does it make you a decent living and most...
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    Funny memories from the past...

    Was just moonlighting on the your horse website and saw an interesting thing they had done about your memories from the past 30 years of being around horses. Brought back loads of funny things that we use to do and don't do anymore!! For instance riding the ponies bare back to the field only in...
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    Renting land

    Hi I am hoping to find some land to rent for my horses, I want to be able to do my own thing and look after the kand etc myself. Who does or has done this? I wondered how much you pay and for how much land ie not per horse I mean an actual rental / lease agreement. Have you been allowed to put a...
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    New youngster advice & experiences please...

    I brought my new yearling filly home at the weekend.she travelled fantastically and was pretty calm when we got hr home too so was over the moon with her. Also the day before another new mare arrived after my boys current companion went home so hes had some upheaval too, but does seem to have...
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    Alvescot horses

    Hi - looking at a horse from Alvescot stud - it's full siblings are Touch Paper, Magic Moon and Moonraker (Paper Moon x Sherry). Do any of you own or know of these horses - just wondered how they had turned out as they are 1/4 shire and I wondered how chunky they had got? Thanks....
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    Warmblood or Irish help!!

    Hello all I'm new on here and after your opinions / advice please! I'm looking for a new youngster to bring on as me next riding horse when my boy retires. He's 21 this year and although still fit and healthy obviously will start to slow down over the next few year and I want to let him grow old...