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    tootle out for the Midget.....

    Me too!!! I was riding a white grey Connie x
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    tootle out for the Midget.....

    I’d competed there the day before! Which classes did you do?
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    Pictures Producing 5/6yr olds

    Aaah, this thread is lovely! It’s so refreshing to see all the different stages your horses are at rather than feeling the pressure that my 6yo should be doing XYZ We’ve done two dressage outings - one outdoor and one indoor. Ribbons at the first & last at the second show - horses hey!! She’s...
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    Horse Sport Ireland chooses not to send a team to Tokyo this is really interesting!
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    Instructor advice north west

    Probably too far from Fran. I’m a good 40 mins North of Fran and it would be another 40 mins to Blackrod. Lottie Flinn teaches in that area I think!
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    Horse Shopping in Ireland

    Hi! I did, I bought a rising 5yo mare from her who was everything she said she was and more. Finola was super easy to deal with, literally arranged everything and the pony has been brilliant. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from her again.
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    Irish horse imports - experiences?

    I bought a pony, seen, in Ireland Dec 2020. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I flew in, saw a few private sales, a few at a yard, picked my pony and flew home. Generally, they’re a bit greener than you’d expect here for the same descriptions - for example backed and ridden away means exactly...
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    Tense and anxious after canter

    Mine can do this where she’s anticipating going again: especially on the rein she finds harder. I find just quietly riding her round and asking her to soften the neck down and almost ignoring the bouncing etc helped, as does cantering then repeating an exercise from earlier in the session in...
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    Irish Sport Horse Breeders/Dealers

    Heslin Sport Horses are fab.
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    Re backing a supposedly unbacked horse :(

    I had a 4yo a bit like this. Was a dream to lightly back but then suddenly started randomly standing up in the school. She has stifle issues, we turned her out to mature a bit more bit when she came back in to work it quickly got to the point my ass touched the saddle and off she went...
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    PS of Sweden saddle pads

    I love them - there super quality and wash up far better than some of the other big brands. I use full size on a chunky 14.2 Connie but don’t find cob super small; the older colours are a bit less deep though so if she’s porky we start looking a bit mini skirt 😂 PS and Eq Stockholm are similar...
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    Ongoing subtle lameness, suggestions for next steps welcomed!

    Having been where you are now twice before, save yourself the heartache. I spent 4 years back and forth to one of the best lameness vets in the country - did everything we could but ultimately she had too many conflicting pathologies to manage and as soon as we fixed one thing, we unearthed...
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    "New" trainer for Ludo

    Thank you
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    "New" trainer for Ludo

    He looks super sweet. Who do you train with out of interest?
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    Andy Thomas tTest riding clinic

    I did them in the kitchen this morning making a cup of tea... long may it continue. I’m really keen to go back in 3 or 6 months and see what’s changed with us both.
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    Andy Thomas tTest riding clinic

    Almost wish I’d never said I’d come back and share my thoughts now. Pancake is my 5yo Connie; fresh in Jan from Ireland and has done a sterling job of building my confidence after a terrible run of riding woes. She’s the sanest baby pony I’ve ever met, but balances it with being a responsive...
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    Andy Thomas tTest riding clinic

    I’m going to one today; utterly terrified but quite excited to see what he makes of my weirdness. If nothing else - it’s a bloody expensive trot round a new arena for PancakePony. If anyone’s interested I’ll throw some thoughts together afterwards
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    Weekend Plans

    Crispy finally has a saddle that fits and she likes - don’t ask! just in time as we are going to a Samantha Wood dressage clinic up the road for a bit of a new arena and a laugh. I don’t know what she’s like, anyone been taught by her?
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    Person to school horse suggestions in north west

    Levi Critchlow does a good job. If you’re near Arley, sounds like you’re local to me. I’m stabled in Lymm.
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    Saddles with same tree shape as Ideal Jessica?

    The Suzannah ‘off the peg’ comes on a deeper panel which made me feel a hundred miles from the pony. The Jessica had a slimmer panel, but didn’t sit as nicely on the pony. I preferred the closeness of the Jessica. We compromised and built a Suzannah on the same panel as the Jessica.
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    Jo Titterton Clinic - North-West

    Ahh, Jo Wright Graham!
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    Saddles with same tree shape as Ideal Jessica?

    I’ve got a susannah build on a h&C tree on a Jessica panel... so basically a Jessica with more room for the rider. it’s for sale as doesn’t fit my pony
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    Jo Titterton Clinic - North-West

    i didn’t realise she was still teaching! I had a couple of fab lessons with her years ago
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    Jo Titterton Clinic - North-West

    She does another weekend clinic in Cheshire once a month. its advertised in FB - Camps and Clinics North West organise it
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    Dressage instructors in Cheshire?

    She does; not sure how far etc but worth messaging
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    Dressage instructors in Cheshire?

    sorry - as above, Fran Turner, she’s on fb and also has a page with her sister - diamonds in the rough dressage
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    Jai Johnson

    The guy evidently has some kind of ego/power trip thing going on. There was a video a while ago of him on a young horse, chestnut if I remember rightly - turning itself inside out on a concrete yard whilst he clung on. That’s not normal horse behaviour and needs investigating rather than some...
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    Bold Heath Arena "eventing" format

    YeY! You must be local to me if you’re going to Bold Heath. I haven’t jumped in years so nothing useful to add but wanted to say hello!