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  1. Yeomans

    What's your nervous riding song?

    Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly and All I want is a room somewhere.
  2. Yeomans

    Saddle help

    I think Louisa Cuomo does saddles for Spanish horses. She is a lovely lady and travels all over England. Give her a call and have a chat.
  3. Yeomans

    Livery Yards East Sussex

    Try Kent Equestrian Grapevine
  4. Yeomans

    Sweetitch products - best ones out there

    I use Weleda Sulfur 30C and give one twice a day in feed. You can get it on EBAY or Amazon.
  5. Yeomans

    Sweetitch products - best ones out there

    I have used Sulphur tablets for years, just one twice a day, very cheap about £9 for 100 tablets. Doesnt work for everyone but fortunately does for my connie and warmblood.
  6. Yeomans

    CUOMO saddles? Any experience?

    Good news, let me know how you get on. Louisa is in Dubai at the moment having a well earned rest, she just doesnt stop. Lovely lady.
  7. Yeomans

    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - Legs Like Jelly!

    Great post as usual. So glad you are back.
  8. Yeomans

    CUOMO saddles? Any experience?

    My GP basic saddle was £1650 and the visit was £90.
  9. Yeomans

    CUOMO saddles? Any experience?

    I have a Louisa Cuomo saddle. My connie was flat backed and quite big on the shoulders and wasnt really moving forward so I got Louisa out and tried one of her GP saddles and what a difference in the horse. He can now freely move his shoulders and go forward. The saddle is very comfortable...
  10. Yeomans

    Flexineb - is it worth investing?

    My horse was diagnosed with COPD one year ago and I invested in a Nebuliser, it was the best thing I ever done. Works almost immediately because the drugs get straight in. I havent had to use it much this year but knowing it is there is a godsend. If you had insurance for your horse when...
  11. Yeomans

    Weekend plans, 3rd weekend of February

    Was going to dressage competition tomorrow but its just been cancelled
  12. Yeomans

    Weekend Plans

    Dressage competition on Saturday, dressing up as a snowman and little elf, should be fun.
  13. Yeomans

    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - It's Been A While!

    Great read as usual, can you do a Christmas one later on in December and tell us what you do at the yard for Christmas,, ie do the horses get pressies, do you still work them over Christmas? and how is Dum Dum?
  14. Yeomans

    Jason Day (Australian not the dealer)

    Jason is a neighbour of mine and is very patient, friendly and always gives good advice. Dont think he is taking any more in until November 2022! Give him a ring, he is very nice.
  15. Yeomans

    Jump saddle for Connie types! Kent and masters pony jump saddles or John Whittaker?

    Have you tried Louisa Cuomo, have recently had a saddle off her for my flat backed connie and it has changed the way that he goes, much more freer.
  16. Yeomans

    Need a cuddle and someone much braver than I to tell me what to expect/do

    Really sorry that this has happened but as already been said you are doing the right thing for your horse and yourself. I am on the Kent and Sussex borders and am more than willing to come and give you moral support on the day if you would like. Be kind to yourself.
  17. Yeomans

    Pics of your Connies!

    Here is my connie Spud. He has the most lovable nature and can be a little devil at times but wouldnt change him for the world.
  18. Yeomans

    Equine asthma - HELP

    Have you tried the salt therapy? My connie Spud went for 3 consecutive days and hasnt coughed since. I appreciate it doesnt work for everyone but may be worth considering.
  19. Yeomans

    Weekend plans :D

    I am at a local charity show with my connie Spud. Just hope that the weather will be nice.
  20. Yeomans

    Showing Mare and foal showing

    Hopefully Elf on a Shelf should be along, she has taken her mare and youngster to some shows recently.
  21. Yeomans

    Shetland Showing At A Welsh Show

    Congratulations, Dum Dum is looking a bit grown up now but still looks a cheeky chappie.
  22. Yeomans

    Western riding East Sussex

    Sterling Quarter Horses at Bodiam. Very nice place and friendly people.
  23. Yeomans

    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - The Horses Are Coming Back In!

    Great write up again El. I am knackered just reading it all, you must be very fit. Still think of Big Bad Boris.
  24. Yeomans

    Tuesday Showing!

    Gosh he has grown quite a bit, looks lovely and a very cheeky chappie. Remember when you posted when he came into this world, what a transformation in a year. Go Dum Dum.
  25. Yeomans

    Early july weekend plans

    I have had Jason a few times (he lives opposite me) and he is a lovely man, patient and explains everything. Really helped me out on a few occasions when I had problems. Good luck and I hope it goes well.
  26. Yeomans


    I have been using it for around 2 months now and have found it very good. Still a bit of rubbing but I would say 95% better. I did contact the company and ask for a sample first just to see if my horse would eat it and they were very helpful and did send a sample. Maybe give them a ring and...
  27. Yeomans

    Mid June Weekend Thread

    I had a great day showing in hand, came home with 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd, then postponed Yard Christmas Party which was really good with plenty of beer, wine and food and dancing. Just see who turns up today!! Going to be a few hangovers.
  28. Yeomans

    Mid June Weekend Thread

    Since I cannot ride for another 3 weeks (emergency appendicis) I have decided to go to a inhand show with Spud tomorrow. Just hope that I can run:D
  29. Yeomans

    A Very Sad Day In The Life Of A Work Rider 😭

    So sorry Elf, you will never have one the same as Boris, that is what makes them unique. His antics kept us all entertained and I can see that you really loved him. Treasure the memories. Be kind to yourself.