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  1. Pippity

    Shopping help - stirrup leathers with t-bars both ends

    I'm looking for leathers that I can pop on my Christ Lammfelle bareback pad occasionally. (Yes, I know. As I said, occasionally.) Unfortunately, the stirrup bar is a solid ring, so standard t-bars won't work. I've tried normal leathers but they feel really bulky and, with it being a bareback...
  2. Pippity

    People who use hoofboots...

    Do you use overreach boots on top? I've recently bought a pair of Renegade Vipers. I love them for hacking but, when schooling, I've heard a few clonks. I haven't had eyes on the ground to confirm it's just Blue overreaching but, knowing her movement, I suspect that's the case. Are they likely...
  3. Pippity

    Shopping help - treat bag!

    What I'm looking for is a bag big enough for a handful of horse treats that I can clip to a D-ring on my saddle. Come summer, I won't have pockets to keep treats in, and I find them very useful rewards/distractions when riding. I'm sure I can bodge something together if necessary, but I'd...
  4. Pippity

    Where to start with liberty work?

    With my horse recently confirmed PSSM1, I'm looking for ways to up her daily exercise when hacking is out of the question. I don't want to spend too much time schooling or lunging (hock arthritis) so think liberty work could be fun - more varied movement than lunging and without my additional...
  5. Pippity

    Renegade Vipers?

    After a lot of photos and videos and advice, it's looking like the Renegade Vipers are going to be the best-fitting hoof boot for my cob. However... They look REALLY fiddly to adjust the cable tension, and I'm a bit concerned about all the velcro considering how muddy our hacking is. Any input...
  6. Pippity

    New Year's Resolutions?

    For me - stop buying bloody matchy-matchy! She only wears it for schooling, and we spend most of our time hacking, where she's in a basic Weatherbeeta pad (because it wicks sweat amazingly well), which is covered up by all our hi-viz anyway. So, 2022 will be the year of No New Saddlepads...
  7. Pippity

    Hock boots for arthritis?

    Have people found hock boots generally helpful for arthritis? My cob seems to be feeling her hocks a little bit, with the weather getting cold and wet, and I was wondering if hock boots when she's stabled overnight would help. If so, what brands are likely to fit very short, very wide legs?
  8. Pippity

    Towing vehicle yet again, I'm so sorry...

    I'd been idly thinking about getting a cheap (<£7k) 4x4 to use as a towing vehicle (which would live at the yard, alongside the hypothetical trailer I haven't bought yet) and continuing to run my beloved Golf as my main car. However, my Golf has started to have a few contrary moments and random...
  9. Pippity

    Clipping different lengths?

    For winter, I normally leave my cob's legs and head hairy and clip the rest of her out with 2.5mm blades. However, she's still getting sweaty at the moment with it being pretty warm. I'm reluctant to take her down to 1mm all over because I'm pretty sure that would be overkill. How ridiculous...
  10. Pippity

    Eating rape bedding

    My horse appears to have started to eat her chopped rape bedding. I'm switching her to shavings but do I need to worry about anything happening to her innards from the rape? Googling came up with some very disturbing sites and I don't want to investigate further! (I'd like to point out that she...
  11. Pippity

    Minor pleasures

    As a counterpoint to the minor irritations thread! - On a recent hack, every motorist was lovely. They waited a safe distance behind until it was safe to pass, then did so quietly and leaving a good two metres. A man with a rattly van was especially careful going past. - On the same hack...
  12. Pippity

    Ridden walk/trot showing

    In a fit of misguided enthusiasm, I've entered for the ridden walk/trot showing at my local show, and just realised I have no idea what to do for the personal show. I'll probably be far enough down the line-up to watch other people but it would be good to have a vague idea. I'm thinking walk...
  13. Pippity

    Price advice for horsebox?

    I'm looking to sell my van conversion because my sodding horse won't load, but I've got no idea what to ask. I've looked for similar for sale but everything has been much older and/or coach-built so not much of a guideline. It's a 66 plate, 105k mileage, converted last year to my order by...
  14. Pippity

    Shortening boots

    I've picked up a bargain pair of proper, straight-top riding boots, complete with garter strap. They fit beautifully, apart from being maybe an inch too long. I can cope with them this length, but is it plausible to get them shortened, or should I just keep wearing them and hope they drop with age?
  15. Pippity

    Easter weekend plans

    Starting the thread a bit early, because my plans have been cancelled so I want to know what everyone else is up to! I was meant to be heading off to Kelsall farm ride with some friends but Blue's arthritis has flared up so I'm not going. She's only showing 1/10th lame on her off hind, but it's...
  16. Pippity

    Stable mirrors

    Where's a good place to get a stable-type mirror? I'd rather not get one marketed as a stable mirror, on the grounds that the price generally gets quadrupled as soon as the word 'horse' is mentioned.
  17. Pippity

    Attaching breastplate to Prolite girth

    I've just ordered a Prolite girth, and am trying to figure out the best way of attaching my hi-viz/LED breasplates. The breastplates just have webbing loops which I've previously run the girth through but I obviously don't want to do that with the Prolite. Equally, the little buckle strap looks...
  18. Pippity

    What are your horses' good/bad habits?

    Hopefully a fun thread! Blue's bad habits are minimal: - She saves up all her poo for her stable. Never poos under saddle. Minimal poo in her field. As soon as she walks into her stable - splat! - She likes to lurk at the far end of her field, thus making me walk through the massive puddle that...
  19. Pippity

    Shopping help - bridle cheekpieces

    I have a Horsemanship Saddlery Orion bridle that I love. Unfortunately, it gets very little wear because the cheekpieces are too long for the bit I use when hacking. I've contacted HS for shorter cheekpieces but, because the bridle's no longer made, they don't have any. Normally, just buying...
  20. Pippity

    Feeding for a bit more energy

    Blue's definitely been flagging a bit lately, so I'm looking for suggestions to perk her up a bit. She manages 15 mins or so of activity and then it's like riding with the handbrake on! She's a 15hh HW cob, 8yo. I'm happy with her current weight but want her to build more muscle. She's in light...
  21. Pippity

    Share your tiny happinesses

    Let's have a thread of the small things that have made you happy lately. The first time I had Blue clipped, two years ago, she had to be sedated. Today, I clipped her loose in her stable with just a haynet to keep her still. (I mean, the clip's a mess, but that's down to me, not her!)
  22. Pippity

    Lockdown has got me looking at bling...

    Help me overcome this. A hogged cob with a common as muck head needs a plain, fat hunter bridle. She'd look ridiculous in bling, right? This is not a head that can carry off sparkly orange sh!t.
  23. Pippity

    Horse breathing fast, bucking, looking at stomach

    I went up to ride Blue on Tuesday, and she was acting odd - breathing fast and heavy, flared nostrils, stress lines on her muzzle. I'd have been worried about colic except she was definitely pooing well and had plenty of gut noises! I opted not to ride because she just seemed so out of sorts...
  24. Pippity

    Bridle alterations

    I'd like to get the cheekpieces shortened on one of my bridles. Does anyone have recommendations for someone in the Lymm/Warrington/Altrincham area?
  25. Pippity

    Guess the height!

    Blue was sold to me as 15hh, but she's definitely shorter. I've just invested in a measuring stick, so tonight I'm going to find out just how short she actually is. As a bit of fun in the meantime, what are your guesses? I'm 5'1" and a sparrowfart, for guidance. (I'm hoping she's at least...
  26. Pippity

    Sizing on Woof Wear over reach boots

    I generally use Shires Arma over reach boots in XL or XXL, but I'm looking for something a bit classier and less inclined to flop around (and, I admit, that would matchy-matchy with her brushing boots). Are the Woof Wear XL actually XL, or more of a large medium? This is Arma XXL with XL on...
  27. Pippity

    Snotty nose

    This evening, Blue put her head down for her bridle and we got a river of snot dripping out of one nostril and onto the floor. It was very runny, clear/white, no smell to it. She wasn't having any trouble breathing, and she was her usual self when being ridden. I'll be keeping an eye on her...
  28. Pippity

    Sidesaddle fitting

    A friend is emigrating and has offered me her sidesaddle at a bargain price, which is just the spur I need to consider taking up sidesaddle! Can anyone recommend a sidesaddle fitter in the Cheshire/Greater Manchester area? Preferably somebody who'd be able to help with selling it on if it...
  29. Pippity

    Matchy Horsey

    Serves me right for ordering from a company with such a stupid name, but they were the only place who claimed to have what I wanted in stock. The first order, I had to chase them for delivery, but everything eventually arrived. The second order, placed nearly three months ago, is dead in the...
  30. Pippity

    Food for sensitive cat stomachs

    Poppy's decided to celebrate her 10th Gotcha Day by puking pretty much every time she eats. I'm fairly sure it's just a result of wolfing her wet food (Felix) so I'm currently restricting her to mostly dry food (Iams) and giving her tiny amounts of wet food every hour or so. Does anyone have...