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  1. hayinamanger

    Retained Testicle

    Drove 200 miles yesterday to see a 3 month old colt foal. He was exactly what l am looking for BUT as I examined him I discover that he has a retained testicle. The owner was aware of this but had not told me, ok I should have asked if both were decended. I know that the testicle may possibly...
  2. hayinamanger

    Trekker Saddle issue

    I have just bought a Trekker ?Classic, the large knee rolls are like deflated balloons as the foam type filling has degraded and is falling out through the girth strap slit, any idea what it would cost to get this stuff out and reflock, the knee rolls are similar to those on a dressage saddle...
  3. hayinamanger

    Getting bute into a fussy eater.

    Hi, my horse will eat Danilon but bute is very difficult to get down him. I have tried cinnamon, apple sauce, syringing but this is very messy. Help needed please :)
  4. hayinamanger

    Solution Energist/Ansur Classic how stable are they?

    Experiences please on lateral stability, thanks.
  5. hayinamanger

    Solution Freestyle or Barefoot Cheyenne?

    Opinions on lateral stability please.
  6. hayinamanger

    Solutions V Treefree Exmoor?

    Hi, I have given up trying to find treed saddles for 2 of my horses, it's nearly bankrupted me. So looking for opinions/experiences on these 2 saddles please. 14 hand cob, very short back, croup high and a 15 hand Dales x with a flat back and absolutely no wither. I am 5'7". TIA
  7. hayinamanger

    HSL Saddles

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard of these saddles?
  8. hayinamanger

    Peter England, Bath

    Has anyone had any dealings with this yard, please?
  9. hayinamanger

    Selling a 4yo, broken or unbroken?

    4yo to possibly sell, do l get him started or not? Do people prefer unbroken so they start with a blank canvas, or backed and ridden away? I'd be grateful for some input/experiences, thank you.
  10. hayinamanger

    Planning for ship/storage containers

    Thinking of buying a container for secure storage, a lot of people seem to have them. Before l consult the planning dept, does anyone on here know if there are restrictions on the siting of them? Thanks.
  11. hayinamanger

    Sales Livery, how does it work?

    Costs, pros and cons please.
  12. hayinamanger

    Advice needed on canine welfare

    I need advice from members who have experience in this field, please, opinions are no help. Adult dog, living in a locked concrete building on a 6ft chain, some straw, has water and is fed every day. Taken out for a poo and pee for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day, any poo done inside is...
  13. hayinamanger

    Anyone use an auto 4x4 off road?

    Vehicle hunting, replacing our L200, going to see a Terrano and a swb Shogun, both are automatic. Me and OH have zero experience driving an auto, our concerns are re driving off road in muddy, steep ground, in a vehicle that has a mind of it's own. We've had pick ups for over 25 years and OH...
  14. hayinamanger

    Cal Mag v Mag Ox

    I am just coming to the end of a huge bag of Calcined Magnesite, it was recommended to be by a well known hoof guru and has lasted years. Do I replace it or use Mag Ox? Which is best?
  15. hayinamanger

    Any ideas hows to fake a forelock?

    Local show coming up, I'd like to show my PB Dales in the M&M class, but his forelock is really quite short, it never seems to grow beyond the length it's at (about 4") I was wondering how I could attach/plait in some hair from his tail, have any of you done this? Thanks in advance.
  16. hayinamanger

    Carriage drivers, which harness do you use?

    I would be very interested to know which make of harness you use and why. Buying harness is a bit of a minefield, I would love a set of English leather, but can't justify the expense for rattling around the fields. I have a set of Zilco Classic (single), I didn't think it was flexible enough...
  17. hayinamanger

    Any goat owners on here? Advice needed please

    I have recently ventured into goat owning, and somehow have managed to end up with 6. Some are particularly challenging, I have two with horns and they know how to use them, two others are lovely, very people orientated, you can take them out for a walk, no lead required as they just walk...
  18. hayinamanger

    Starting young horses in N Devon, recommendations please

    Not sent one away for quite a few years, so looking for your personal experiences. Cob, rising 4, quiet, but with attitude. Thanks in advance :)
  19. hayinamanger

    Freezemarking, are your horses done?

    One or two recent threads have made me seriously consider freezemarking my horses. I am curious to know how many of you have done your horses and, also, if freezemarked stolen horses are more easily recovered.
  20. hayinamanger

    Re-waxing a Barbour jacket

    I have a 30+ year old Barbour, as you'd expect it has seen better days (like myself), but I am attached to it and don't want to throw it out. It had been hanging up in the tack room, unworn, for a few years, so filthy, and I know your not supposed to, but I put it in the washing machine...with...
  21. hayinamanger

    Panacur Guard....when did they change it?

    It's probably about 10 years since I used Panacur Guard, it used to be flavoured with apple and (I think) cinnamon, and it came with a measuring cup. Just opened my Hyperdrug parcel and there's no flavouring and no measure or marks on the bottle. Wish I hadn't bought so much of the stuff. :(
  22. hayinamanger

    Best bedding for a box walker?

    Horse on rubber mats, currently on straw, horrid mess in the morning. Thanks.
  23. hayinamanger

    WB x Shire yearling.... cc invited

    He is now 16 months old, stands at approx 15.2. Pictures are not great, but I'd be interested in your opinions. Sorry if they're huge.:o
  24. hayinamanger

    Creating a bridlepath...anyone done this?

    We are in an utterly hopeless hacking area. Single track lane on sat nav route between two towns, huge lorries of every type, fast cars, few passing places, high hedges, sharp bends. You could put up with this to a point if there was any decent riding accessible from this lane, but there is...
  25. hayinamanger

    Anyone riding after a hip replacement?

    A friend, in her late fifties, has had a recent hip replacement, she had the other one done 7 years ago. She has not ridden for several years and would very much like to. She has an appointment with the surgeon this week and will be asking his opinion. Meanwhile I thought I would ask if...
  26. hayinamanger

    Stable door guards

    One of my stables is very hot and stuffy, so I have bought a rubber covered stable door guard to try. Once a horse is used to them, would/do you leave him unattended for any length of time, daytime only? Depends on the horse? I worked on a yard years ago that used chains across the doors of...
  27. hayinamanger

    Anyone north of Chelmsford?

    Just a tentative question as quite a big ask. I am interested in a saddle currently on Ebay. I have not bid on it yet. The seller does not have a box so wants collection only. I am in Devon. Would anyone be willing to collect it, pack it and allow me to arrange a courier to collect? More...
  28. hayinamanger

    Thorowgood T4 or Saddle Company?

    I'd be grateful for your opinions on these saddles as I need a lightweight saddle for my 13.3 driving cob, mainly to give him another job checking the sheep to help maintain his current trim figure.
  29. hayinamanger

    Wintec sizing is huuuge

    I'm doing a spot of pony squishing and wanted a lightweight saddle, had a T4 before and really didn't like it, so bought a new model 17" Wintec 2000 AP on Ebay. It's labelled 17" but is really big, actually measures 17.5. Why? :(
  30. hayinamanger

    5'8'' rider/short backed cob/what size saddle?

    I am 5'8'', weigh 12 stone and a have short backed 14.2 cob. I have always ridden bigger horses and used 18'' saddles, but this is not an option on this horse. So, for those of you with a similar combination, like JFTD, what size saddle do you ride in?