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  1. telerimist

    Help with a fat dog!

    Our average sized beagle that we got from rescue, after a year of having him and large amounts of walking and running. He will not lose the weight! He's on two small meals of chappie a day which he was on before we got him. He does an hour walk once a day during the week, comes for a 8 mile run...
  2. telerimist

    Suggetions/Exercises for a rider with uneven seat.

    I tend to sit to the left in my saddle, which results in my horse being heavier in the right hand. Tried no stirrups and being on the lunge without stirrups etc. Saddle was checked in January and refitted so that's fine. Any exercise to help with this as I presume it's a core strength issue...
  3. telerimist

    Hunts in South Beds/Herts/Bucks area?

    New to hunting but wanting to take my mare, she's finally fit enough after all the bad weather but was wondering if there were any in beds/herts/bucks area that haven't finished their season just yet?
  4. telerimist

    To keep trying or to depart from my best friend

    I've had my wonderful mare for the past 7 years, my first horse that I've brought on from scratch since a 6yo and who is my best friend. We've been and done a bit of everything to which she was always very keen and enjoying herself with good results (well for an amateur that we got above 60% or...
  5. telerimist

    Schooling help/advice - canter work!

    Hi all, not posted for a while! Just having an odd problem with my horse, owned for 7 years broken by myself! She works well in a nice light outline in walk and trot but over the last few months she's being very stiff in her neck in canter and along her back, but floats along in trot and it is...
  6. telerimist

    Unaff Dressage, C&T Champs!

    I've started to focus my mare on dressage rather than just doing a bit of everything. I've decided to start on the unaff circuit and purchased a Chiltern & Thames Summer Dressage card last Sunday evening and went to our first dressage on Wednesday, we actually qualified in a prelim class! It was...
  7. telerimist

    Breaking breed stereotypes

    Had a lady rant at a show over how she'd never own a warmblood, due to how expensive they are to keep over 'normal' horses, apparently with the amount of extra shoeing as according to her they can never go barefoot and are useless at keeping shoes on! More hard feed than other horses due to...
  8. telerimist

    That time of year agan...

    homemade fly spray/repellent? Can never remember the recipes! Thanks in advance
  9. telerimist

    Is your horse picky between cubes/mix?

    It may be me and my crazy brain but my mare is on a herbal mix and it is for fussy eaters and she's always been on mix and on occasion with conditioning cubes during winter or if she needs some more muscle but when she comes off them after looking a bit too well (a bit too chubby!) she gives one...
  10. telerimist

    Boots v Bandages

    Had a little debate at the yard the other evening. I have a big mare (17hh) and splashing out on extra large boots all the time is quiet expensive as she does have a habit of breaking them somehow! Now we don't jump much and mainly just school and hack so I use eskadron bandage pads and...
  11. telerimist

    Lower leg position

    Dressage lesson last week brought to light that my lower leg sits too far forward, and I need to do some exercises to help strengthen my lower leg to help keep it in place. Any ideas, exercises or tips?!
  12. telerimist

    Problems with Sharer

    Thankfully now ex-sharer. I advertised my mare to part share (due to uni exams) 3 days a week with a long trial due to her being sensitive and very sharp and NOT a novice ride but very safe and not silly and I also made clear she needed a confident rider who could school to a good level as my...
  13. telerimist

    Drop Noseband - correct fitting

    Will be trying one in the next few days, seen so many pictures of how it is supposed to be 'correctly' fitted but they all look so different. I know it needs to be fairly loose to prevent blocking the nostrils. Advice please.
  14. telerimist

    Show Hunter Classes

    I have done lots of research in correct turnout for a middle weight show hunter but I am very confused. I have an 12yo 16.3hh warmblood mare with about 9" of bone. She's dapple/flea bitten grey with good manners and great paces and is suited to the class, but concerning turnout I am confused...