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    Happy retirement Millie - a retrospective ;)

    What a fab post, very inspiring, Happy Retirement Millie xx
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    How long did it take you to get used to your horse?

    It took me 2 years to get used to my horse Toby and not get so nervous when I first got on, he was (in hindsight) a big step up for me from my first horse Chumley who was a very steady happy hack type. Toby was the opposite, spooky and fairly sharp, but loves work and he is without doubt my...
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    Wits end with anorexic horse, ideas please.

    Mine have always eaten meds better in a balancer rather than a mix or mash type product - don't know why but it works..? I have used Baileys Lo Cal and Top Spec Comprehensive. Can post a sample of the Top Spec if needed. Good luck xx
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    Sprinter Sacre

    Absolutely stunning horse in the flesh, hope he is happy whatever he decides suits him for the future, would love to see him out and about again.
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    Eventing, showing, engagements, horse lorries... its a long one!

    Lovely post and pics - congratulations to you all!!
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    Body protector recommendations please

    Badminton would be a good place to go and try all different makes on and see what suits you best. I have a Kanteq and love it.
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    Tricky saddle fit help please!

    Have a look at Farrington saddles, they seem to suit native crosses with similar build to yours?
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    The brutally honest confo thread!

    Thank you xxxxx
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    The brutally honest confo thread!

    Hehe small but inperfectly formed... I've changed my album setting now so can anyone see it or shall I just get my coat ����
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    Rubbing ears, itchy shetland? Causes?

    My first thought was lice, my mini Shetlands sometimes gets them, especially as it gets milder x
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    The brutally honest confo thread!

    This thread is so interesting, I'm learning so much, thank you to everyone replying. This is the only side on photo of my boy sorry, is it enough to critique? I'm intrigued to what you think of his type, it says on his passport TBx?? On an early vetting I have a copy of it says TB x Sec D...
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    Wobbleberry new to eventing - fitness plan/training schedule?

    Great advice from others. I also recommend doing some Combined Training or Eventer Challenge type competitions over the winter, good for getting used to doing different phases on same day. Good luck and most of all have fun xx
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    First ever BE80 Saturday...advice please on what to expect?

    Same as others, allow yourself plenty of time etc. Do the BE80T accompanied course walk if you can, very informative and will help with confidence. Write your times on your hand for quick reference. Keep number bib in obvious place so you don't forget to put on for every phase... Good luck and...
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    BE - day tickets??

    I would email BE just to make sure, presume they can amend it if you have bought the wrong pass.
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    BE - day tickets??

    Not sure what height you are doing, hope this helps, part of an email I received from BE when trying to work out how to enter a BE80T on a day ticket: 'In order to compete at BE events you need either a Full membership or a Day Pass membership. If you choose the Day Pass membership you will...
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    Help Searching for a new horse, where to look? WWYD? Any ideas?

    A lot of Riding Clubs have facebook pages and websites so might be worth looking on there. Also let your local instructors, farriers, physios etc know what you are looking for as they often hear of horses coming up for sale before advertised. Good luck in your search xx
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    Coping with competition nerves

    Not sure where you are but is there anywhere locally that has the warm up jumps in the actual SJ arena and they give you a few minutes to warm up on your own before doing your round? They do this for Combined Training at Allens Hill in Pershore, Worcs and I know I personally find this less...
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    Can anyone tell me why my horse does this travelling

    Agree with them needing a wee but not wanting to do it on the lorry (even if bedding in there). I have trained my gelding that after a competition / lesson I stand him on long grass to encourage him to have a wee before going back on lorry, massive difference in the way he travels back home now.
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    First long arena test

    I've done a couple of unaff long arena tests and yes that first centre line takes forever (especially on a 14.2) but I love the extra time and space. Also harder work for the horse than you think. I too struggle with the sizing of the 15m circles and intend to hire a long arena to practice...
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    Small Competition horses . . .

    This is my 14.2 'competition horse' on his way to winning a unaff 80cm ODE, fab little man who can more than hold his own against the big boys though he doesn't have the longest stride so we have to work hard on fitness to make the time XC.. Easily jump bigger with a smaller jockey. Competing...
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    Heavyweight turnout for fine welshie!?

    Bucas a similar fit to Amigos on my old boy
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    Being a horsey person in a public place

    I was in the queue at local supermarket in town and a young couple were giggling stood behind me in my riding gear. Ignored them but it wasn't until later I realised I had my tee-shirt on from a riding camp I had recently attended that said in big letters on the back 'ADULT CAMP' so guess their...
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    ODE- what have i done?!

    Haha this is spot on... I usually wear tweed with stock for dressage and sj. Enjoy your ode ☺
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    lesson ideas please - midlands area

    Have heard good reviews of schoolmaster lessons with Sam Twyman
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    Bespoke Cross Country tops in technical/wicking material??

    Just been on Custom XC website, it's great, will get in touch with them as want to see about logos etc. Thanks for recommendation!!