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    Some people are sick.

    Just heard about a awful video doing the rounds on Facebook of a poor donkey being pushed off a cliff. I really cannot understand why people would do such a horrendous act. I know there is a huge amound of cruelty, abuse and neglect in the world. But to do such a needless act and film it and to...
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    Sharers, how much do you ask as a contribution?

    I need to find a sharer and I really don't know how much owners ask as a contribution. They will get to ride 3/4 a week over the weekdays. For those who do share how much do you ask ? :S
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    Stallion killed in cornwall....

    Please be aware, a stallion belong to a friend was sedated in his field last night and was savaged with a knife, his teeth were smashed, had his mane, tail, testicles and eyes cut out, he was then left and reported to of died from his injuries Police are warning all police owners to be...
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    Pessoa saddle opinions...

    Hello, i have decided that it is time the cow horse had a new shiny saddle as he had filled out alot since i got him and the temp saddle had done its job. I have been looking at the Pessoa saddles, could you tell me how you find them and your opinions on them, many thanks! :)
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    horse rescue in cornwall!

    Had a exciting morning yesterday, after friends mums cob, went through the fence and fell into adit and was in 5ft of water we think she was like that since 3 in the morning, we had had a really bad thunderstorm which we think caused her to go through the fence. She is fine and only had a...
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    dischargey stuff?

    at the yard i work at we have 2 mares in foal, both scanned, one due in the next few months, sorry cant remember due date, and the other is a ?? any way, both the mares have a very dark dischargey stuff which is crusted on the hind legs, it is very very crusty and near impossibe to get off, it...
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    would you buy a headshaker?

    unfortunately my new chap hasnt worked out, which i am very sad about:( but hey ho, it wasn't to be , so went to view a horse today, he seem nice but was told that he does headshake, only at certain times of the year, june and october are the only times, and it is managed by a nose net, so would...
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    woops i fell off toay!

    went my 3rd hack on the new one toay, he has been amazing, very scary poly tunnel that ha been ripped to shreds by the gales and he did not even care, but had just had a wonderful canter and was walking along, and we got about 2 strides away from a entrance to a farm, and 2 spaniels came running...
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    sooo excited!

    I have now had the new boy for a month, and tomorrow weather permitting we will go for our first hack!...i no its been ages but all i got with him was himself! , saddle got ok'd today, new bridle is ready to go, soooo yey!!! sorry silly little post but iam excited!
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    follow on from yesterdays colic post...

    thank you everyone for the hho vibes , he was fine all night and was a happy chappy this morning i got my winny on arrival and pretty much got dragged down to the field , iam a happy mummy
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    could my new boy have some vibes for the night pleasy!

    Got to the yard this morning and there was no head out the stable door and no winny he was stood and the back of his stable looking very sorry for him self, no intrest in food, rang the vet and took him for a walk vet rang back to say he would be with me about 12.30 and to stick him back in his...
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    look what i found stuck in one of our hedges!

    she had not been there long as had looked up the field as we walked through to another one 10 mins before, saw her on the way back through, the people who own or rent the field last spring had built up the hedge as there horses had got over a couple of times last winter, by tipping earth on to...
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    had a scare earlier!!!!

    i was in my yard earlier and the pony who is owned by a girl in the village had a bee up his bum, i could here him tearing around the field and wandered over to see what he was up to...he stopped right up against the gate( not a little gate either), and the silly bugger tried leaping it... i...
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    irish pony stud register+change of!

    hello i have a friend who has a pony who is registered with the irish pony societ/irish pony stud register and are stuck as they cannot find out how to change the owner details....the address listed on the transfer certificates page does not exist anymore , friend said she rung the BHS and they...
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    opinions on horsey please.....

    ive been toying with the idea of getting another for ages, and i have stumble on this chap...please let me know if you think he is worth a look or even inquiring about, thanks and cake in advance
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    dubarry owners.........

    My lovely lovely hubby bought me some dubarrys for my birthday and i was wondering how everyone looks after theirs! thanks and birthday cake in advance
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    does anyone know this horse????

    Iam trying to get some breeding info on my gelding and was wondering if anyone had heard of his sire, ive had no luck on the web. All i know is that he is/was called Lar and i was told that was a point to pointer!
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    saw this....

    made me laugh, ponio does not look amused!|240%3A1318
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    Hello all newbie here!

    Hi everyone *waves*, ive been a lurker for a while finding some really useful posts and iam totally addicted! so i thought id say hi so Hello! ive never joined a forum before so this is very new to this, but everyone seems really nice (and not scary)! if theres anything you would like to no...