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    Kentucky 5*

    Where is it please?
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    Kentucky 5*

    Lots of very poor XC riding. Scary to watch.
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    Premier Equine Rugs and Neck Covers

    Well the rug set I want comes with a neck already and is £160, there is not an option without neck. It would then cost me a further £50 to buy a larger neck.....
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    Premier Equine Rugs and Neck Covers

    I've been a customer of Premier Equine for 15 odd years now. One of the reasons I liked their rugs is that they would let me swap the standard size neck cover that comes with all the 6"6/6"3 rugs for a large one when I ordered. No matter what size of horse I had, the standard neck was too...
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    How to build a secure tack room, help!

    Thank you so much for all your comments, really helpful.
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    How to build a secure tack room, help!

    We have just bought a place that has a small steel framed barn. I would like somewhere secure to leave my tack, I am thinking of having a breeze block tack room with a flat roof built in the interior of it. Has anyone done something like this or have a better suggestion? I just want somewhere...
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    Tendring Beach riding Ban - Petition for signing

    Here's a link to to support the riders who are trying to overturn the ban on riders using the beach. Please help your equestrian friends:
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    So how do you know if you horse has a balanced diet?

    Get your vet to do a full blood panel. If you have a free call out day even better. For £60 you can work from a factual basis rather than guess work.
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    Tough turnout rug for rug ripper.

    Love them or hate them, I have had a rug ripper and bought Premier Equine Titans as they are 1680 D, the rug ripper couldn't rip it!! I have never bought one full price in the 8/9 years of using them, I wait for a sale (ideally Black Friday.....)
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    Any way to definitively tell if something is a bridleway or not?

    My favourite go-to guide,
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    Equitrek bubbling panels.

    I spent time looking over an Equitrek 3.5 lorry on display at Burghley this year. I was surprised at how poor the finish was on it - as Red-1 said above. I would have thought that the demonstrator they had for high footfall sales traffic would have been absolutely immaculate on principle. If...
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    Best turn out pen

    Thank you, that was one of my concerns. They are really expensive to buy and then find out horse is even worse in it.
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    Best turn out pen

    Thank you, I don't know the website and it does look interesting.
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    Best turn out pen

    Horse is hard to keep in the field as he jumps out and has consequently injured himself badly making a partial escape. Need him in a high sided prison to aid recovery and quite possibly on an ongoing basis as he won't stay in a field.
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    Best turn out pen

    I'm looking at getting a turn out pen for a recovering horse. Looking online at the different manufacurers they all seem much of a muchness. Would appreciate any feedback about best type and any issues you have had with them.
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    My first time driving 3.5T box + horse smashed partition! Help!

    Looking back to your original question... what could have caused the partition to break and how can I address this. I genuinely believe that a well built horse box with a correctly fitted partition should be able to withstand the weight of a horse leaning against it. I would say that even if...
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    My first time driving 3.5T box + horse smashed partition! Help!

    Sorry to hear this, you must have found it terrifying. Do you know which conversion it was? I have heard of all sorts of incidents with 3.5t's but never where a horse has destroyed the partition. Interested to know the make of the horsebox.
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    West Wilts Ballot process??

    At the last competition, I put my entry in before the ballot date, on the ballot date no ballot was made. A week before the competition (well after the ballot date) the sections were made up and I was shown as balloted. Therefore, I am unclear this time whether I will be balloted or not...
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    West Wilts Ballot process??

    Thank you for your response, last time I was balloted but thought I was in - it did show my entry on the left! It currently shows my entry as card authorised, neither in nor out! I understand they want to run full days but is it fair to ballot a week before the competition rather than on the...
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    West Wilts Ballot process??

    Wondering what's going on with the ballot process at West Wilts horse trials? The ballot date was last Friday but only half the classes were closed and a waitlist set up for the closed classes. The rest of the classes were left open, they have then been closed today and are showing as waitlist...
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    Grafenstolz offspring

    I must admit I don't have a great opinion. I have seen lots of youngstock by him but none of them seem to have achieved much. Considering the number around you would expect to see one or two on the leader board at events.
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    Trackers on horseboxes

    As per cold_feet, I have just insured a new lorry with SEIB, they gave the best quote and just asked whether it had a factory fitted immobiliser. If you are a member of BE you can get a further discount with SEIB. I missed out on the discount as I didn't realise until I'd agreed on the...
  23. P are in administration

    Just phoned again to chase my refund, spoke to a nice lady from KPMG who confirmed they are in administration and has taken my name and details to see if I can get any money back......
  24. P have they gone out of business?

    I have used them for years with no problems..... Earlier this month I bought a pair of Ariat boots in the sale that arrived in good time, they didn't fit so sent them back. I was waiting to see if they had a return in my size but that wasn't to be. I phoned them a few weeks ago and asked for a...
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    Badminton Red Button Recording

    Thank you! Channel 980 good to go for 2017 coverage 😊
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    Paragan Horseboxes

    I saw a few of them when I lived in Denmark, they are a Czech company Compared to other boxes they were relatively cheap, can't really comment on the build quality etc. Try going to then put PARAGAN MODELY in the search bar. Then google...
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    RER/ERS - have you had a horse diagnosed with this?

    Do you know what the levels were? Were they significantly out of the range?
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    RER/ERS - have you had a horse diagnosed with this?

    Was wondering if anyone has had a solid diagnosis from a vet for ERS/RER? If so what tests did the vet do to reach this conclusion?
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    ERS/RER diagnosis - have you had one?

    Thank you, will do.
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    Shires Westropp Knee Brushing Boots

    I have a set in Cob and Full size, still in packaging and as new. I just couldn't get on with them. PM if you are interested in buying!