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    Strangles in Nottinghamshire?

    keep hearing a rumor that there is a lot of strangles about in nottinghamshire.... newark area, anyone know if this is true?! x
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    thought on my new boy....

    hoping to show him... although im very tall and hes a winky :) and use him for stud. xx
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    thought on my new boy....

    not so clean this week!! haha so much mud!! :(
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    thought on my new boy....

    haha he is a cutie isn't he!! :)
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    thought on my new boy....

    what do you think peeps?! hes a 14.2 cob stallion and hes such a sweetie pie! :) xx
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    this weeks horse and hound...

    thanks hun i will take a peek at them, i am riding this very pretty andalusion at work and taking her to some shows soon, i want one for her x
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    this weeks horse and hound...

    anyone have theres to hand that would please take a peek at who makes the brow band with bling!? i'm at a friends and dont have mine with me, can soem nice person plaese tell me who makes the one that just a srting of diamonties, without the leather bit! thanks xxx
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    flying visit!

    HHO is such a life line!! when its taken away its hard!! when you have had a rotten day you have to moan at yourself about it, and thats just no fun at all!!
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    flying visit!

    hey everyone! i have been having a fab time in surrey! just come home for the day and have jumped straight on here! i dont really like the yard i have been working at so am also looking for another job. i have missed coming on here soooo much!! x
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    a sad good bye!

    but next season you could come down and out for a hint with us there!! x
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    My *newish* Fat Arab!!

    she is very pretty. i bet she had a pretty baby!!
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    a sad good bye!

    good idea i will have to!! then as soon as i can afford a lap top im laughing!!! i will have big time withdrawal symptoms!!
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    a sad good bye!

    as i have said already i am moving to surrey tomorrow and wont have a pc for quite a while! i would like to say a big thank you to all of you, you are all angels... helping each other through difficult times and offering support and advice when needed! i will miss this very much! if anybody...
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    RIP my lovely

    sending big hugs to you x
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    How intelligent is your horse?

    all mine know not to move when my niece is near by. they just stop and watch her until she potters off then they carry on!
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    teaching pony

    i personally only ever had one that use to bite.... i got him gelded!!
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    teaching pony

    my friend skwirts her mini monster with water on his nose when he bites and he has stopped it in a few days! she had water in an old fairy liquid bottle and had it in her hand whenever she was doing stuff with him!
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    Strange Things Your Horse Eats

    billy my welsh a loves water melon and grapes!
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    Following on from the how much you paid for your horse(s) posts...

    i think archie was (although i paid a good amount) a bargin, i couldnt ask for more in a horse. he is my perfect partner!
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    do you...

    i cant sell archie so we are stuck with each other!! signed a contract when i bought him off the army! he is mine forever yey!!
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    I've got a Wonkey Donkey

    oh bless her give her big kisses from me and archie!! xxx
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    think i'm going to have bad dreams about this! time for me to go to bed! good night every one! pleasant dreams!!!
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    why do they do that? you are so right she is a witch!
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    please tell me it was dead before they drain the blood ... that has made me feel ill!
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    Thought I'd found a body

    a few years ago i was hacking in some woods, this woman was walking towards me on and when she saw me she dived face down in some ferny things, i was on a big horse that use to be in emmerdale farm so he was very well behaved i said "i'm very sorry i didnt mean to startle you are you ok?" and...
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    freaky.... i will find out what it name was!! think it was cindy but not 100%!!
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    Do special shampoos for grey horses work?

    i use grey horse shampoo on my boys white legs, brings them up really clean! red rum is the one i normally go for!
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    oh my god my friend had a mare the kicked a sheep to death and then chewed its ears off!! it was horrid and she was told by the landowner it had to go! it also use to go mad if you rode near the field that had the sheep in thankfully it was only on trial so sent it back! just adding this was a...
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    good vibes please.......first 'proper' show tomorrow

    good luck! once your in the ring you'll be fine!!