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  1. Spellbound13

    Dressage attire

    Hi everyone this year im going to do beginners dressage on my very young cob, i only started breaking her last october, and our trot and walk work is really coming along, we havnt tried the dreaded canter just yet hehe, but we are going to tackle the Intro walk and trot tests just as practice...
  2. Spellbound13

    Fatty needs to go on a diet

    hi everyone I have an extreamly overweight 4 year old gypsy cob mare. she doesnt eat feed and hardly eats hay, but this summer she has just pilled on the weight, she is on restricted grazing and is currently being broken in so is lunged for about 30-40 mins about 4 or 5 days a week. Just...
  3. Spellbound13

    Euthanasia, be there while it happens?

    hey guys sorry for the morbid subject, but my 11 year old new forrest has been a suffer of recurring laminitis for about 5 years now since he was poisoned and went into liver failour, anyway he is a very poorly boy, the bute seems to no longer give him relife and the spark in his eyes have gone...