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    Hay suppliers in South Yorkshire/North East Derbyshire

    After many years using a really good farmer l've just found out that he's sold up & retired. It's my own fault for not approaching him soon but waited until after harvest time & returned from holiday. Does anyone know of anyone in the South Yorkshire/North East Derbyshire area who sells good...
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    Just a quick post for those of you who have sycamore near your grazing to be on your guard as l've picked up lots of seedlings this afternoon think the sun shining has helped them germinate.
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    Warning for all Nissan Navaras owners

    Just a warning for people who own a nissan navara particularly the years between 2005 and 2007. There are reports of their chassis' snapping due to corrosion. I wouldn't like anyone who has one towing their horse trailer or caravan etc have to experience their chasis snapping. Any owners...