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    Appaloosa Breeding - coat pattern change - long!!

    Mucking out tools... check He has his own horseball in the stable but yup. Water buckets... grabs heacollars... chases the dogs out of the field... oops!? Oh and regularly upends the water trough... and trashes electric fencing if its not switched on... takes his rug off before you can...
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    Appaloosa Breeding - coat pattern change - long!!

    Asti went a very dark liver chestnut as a foal, nearly black, so yes, happens with solids too. He is getting a few more spots further up, so he won't turn out leopard like his Dad then? He has so many spots and freckles on his face he's almost chestnut! Asti was out of a chestnut mare, by...
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    Appaloosa Breeding - coat pattern change - long!!

    His face is currently going darker again, every few months he looks different, its really interesting! I didn't breed for spots, but I knew a lady who owned an Appy stallion that was a good all rounder and that I was hearing really good things about, so I went to see him. He has BD points...
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    Appaloosa Breeding - coat pattern change - long!!

    1. Not for sale, he is my little troll. 2. Not a 2010 baby 3. Isn't he a strange colour now??? chestnut with a white blanket at birth Then went liver chestnut at about 4 months, but still white blanket 6 months 8 months, going back chestnut 10 months - going roan Just over a year...
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    feeding advice, not sure I agree with the nutritionist

    I'd agree with SN/ MFH Mine had suregrow, though he did get chaff, but the dry readigrass type, and speedi beet as he got older. The suregrow is great for not having to feed a lot but covering vits and mins. Mine was 2 this summer, and the grass has done him so well, he's had nothing...
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    Rug fitting a yearling..for winter rugs!!

    I used Amigo's on mine at that age, the pony sizes are small enough up front so 3 or 6 inches at the back isn't a problem. Other than that, other makes and bigger sizes, you can get away with the 6" if you put a few stitches in the front and raise/tighten the shoulders then let the stitches...
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    Spotty foal born

    Absolutely gorgeous, well done all! Oh and I had exactly the same, home bred mare sneaking out a spotty when my back was turned - early... Glad he's safe on the ground though!!
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    Seeing as I've not been on in ages... spotty "baby" says hello!

    Yes, he's the daddy! He's been getting lighter with each coat shedding. I think, but as you know there are never any guarantees with this spotty horrors, he might go pretty much white all over with leopard spots, but not quite as many as his Dad, who is all mad freckles and spots at the front!
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    Seeing as I've not been on in ages... spotty "baby" says hello!

    He is a real character, very naughty, he's bottom of the pecking order in the geldings field but still manages to get some flying back feet in when the big boys start. Mostly they play with him when they think no-one is looking. She did him really well and at weaning she'd lost a lot of...
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    Seeing as I've not been on in ages... spotty "baby" says hello!

    He's maybe changed a bit since I've posted on here last... With Mum (usually in a different field as he is weaned properly!) Pink pony Tired out... (Mum is 15hh, he's not 2 until July as he was a late one, so we think he'll make 16hh... OMG!!! That was so not the plan!!
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    TheresaW's foal

    I rarely come on here any more but heard about poor you and Dolly, and had to come and say I'm thinking of you. I worried myself to bits breeding off Asti as she's a once in a lifetime mare for me and I bred her too, so it wasn't a light decision to take, but I know how gutted I'd be if I...
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    US man dies after being attacked by stallion

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Native Dancer was descended from St Simon . . . . . [/ QUOTE ] Most modern TB's are, he was hugely influential and credited with his sire Galopin for giving the modern TB its shape. He was inbred upon a lot in future generations because of the talent he passed on...
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    Can i see pics of your 18month-2yr olds please?

    Baby Finn Yearling 18 months Dad is 16.1 British Appaloosa, Mum is 15hh 3/4TB. He's standing croup high, 15hh bum, 14.2 at the withers.
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    Scottish stud sell off...?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I went to the office to look at the papers - most of them had a standard passport with no breeding info and had an irish issuing authority. The ones i looked at had all been issued within the last 6mo or so. Disappointing given the breeding involved. Assume buyers will...
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    Ages for being fertile - help please - AP about???

    Ah well, I guess we'll be waiting to see what happens in February! If they mention it again I'll tell them if they really think she's in foal they'd better get her scanned to make sure otherwise they may come down one morning to a dead filly and foal... because lets face it, at 12hh and very...
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    Pedal bone rotation and worse - what does it look like?

    Does anyone have a picture, or links to pictures on welfare or veterinary sites, as to what you are looking for in changes to the sole of a foot if the pedal bones have rotated and are dropping through. Given I've always watched mine like a hawk with possible lammi to prevent it - I need to...
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    Ages for being fertile - help please - AP about???

    [ QUOTE ] they could counter claim for damage and loss of use, extra feed and associated vet costs [/ QUOTE ] They could try She's out, never seen a vet, and does nothing... and doesn't get fed. You'd think if they seriously thought she was, that they'd scan her just in case - what if...
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    hay bars

    [ QUOTE ] I've just bought one for Sunny. He was endoscoped on Weds following a long and worsening summer cough. His respiratory system is totally clogged with disgusting thick sticky yellow mucus that he can't shift by coughing. One of the changes I'm making in his environment - as recommended...
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    Ages for being fertile - help please - AP about???

    He was on the small size at that age, he wasn't getting cresty and mature. I know some people do leave them longer to be cut for just that reason but Finn was still a very gangly baby at that point. The pair of them used to play fight all the time, biting legs and necks and racing about...
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    Ages for being fertile - help please - AP about???

    As I say I just think the pony is grossly overweight, which for a 2yo little welshy is not at all nice for her. If they really do think she's been "got at" - wouldn't you think they'd get her scanned to make sure? I mean, IF and a big IF she was - a 12hh pony mare in foal to a 16hh appie? How...
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    Forestry Commission Consultation--object to paying for Access

    We've got a form to send back from our yard about this. I absolutely will not pay it and have refused to since I was about 14! I used to regularly get stopped on the pony, and back then, I didn't have insurance or anything (we're talking 23 years ago ) and the FC officers knew me by name...
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    Ages for being fertile - help please - AP about???

    What is the youngest you have known a colt be to sire a foal? Not just hearsay but honestly known a colt manage to cover and impregnate a mare. If a colt was gelded in March at 8 months, with only 1 ball down, one in the canal, both about the size of walnuts, and not at all developed - would...
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    Richmond Photos Are Up

    He's a mummy's boy and loves his kisses!!! I still love the one where he's hanging over my shoulder trying to get a good look at his rosettes... Think Kev took that one though... £150 camera does good!!!
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    Richmond Photos Are Up

    I can vouch that LZT took some excellent ones (hmmm wonder where the last 2 in my sig came from?), though I think I may order one of the professional ones too... Finn link
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    Finn does Futurity (Richmond)

    Well he's out 24/7 now, nice and dusty, curly mane back straight. I've promised him it was his last party and he can now revert to being a field kept mud-monster. Now going to concentrate on getting his mum fit for a few charity and endurance rides. No more plaiting til next year!!!
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    Futurity Reserve Champion

    Have just put some pics up! He's changed loads, given the pics in my sig are a few months old, he's totally different!
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    Finn does Futurity (Richmond)

    Laura Barber Riley (LZT on HHO) took some pics and has let me use them... how about this for a cracker? As a one off breeder I'm pleased with his scores, got an 8 for Vet/conformation, and mainly 8's and 7.5's for everything. Main comment was he lacked sparkle on the day, but this is the...
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    Futurity Reserve Champion

    Can you post on here if you hear? I was wondering as I found out today mine got Champion in his endurance section, I was fairly unmissable as I bet I had the only spotty there! Though he looks nothing like my sig pics now, really must change them! V impatient for piccies too but LZT took some...
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    Treliver D'Amour at 2 months

    Naaaaw! She's lovely, will need regular updates to see how that colour changes!!! Was that bay mare x decanter then to get a buckskin? Looks like she moves well too. Dammit makes me all broody for more foals... Finn is The Final Edition for a reason!!! *unless I win the lottery!*
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    Carpus Valgus surgery before and after pics....

    [ QUOTE ] Cost £196 just to have the screw removed, and all that involved was a bit of local anaesthetic and a screwdriver, took all of 10 mins and I travelled her to the surgery. She has to be the most expensive foal, just as well she was always going to be staying. [/ QUOTE ] Do you feel...