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    Need help and advice

    Post deleted as can't post the video
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    horse insurance which is a good one

    I'm looking to insure my horse and have been looking around at a few. SEIB have come up with the best quote and KBIS a few pounds behind. I have heard of both but just wondered if anyone has insurance with them? if you have had to claim ? where they ok ? are they good to deal with ? Any...
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    Combination / lever noseband

    After some issues with brakes on my horse someone has suggested using a combination noseband. Not ever using one before (I know how they work and all that) I just need to know how it should be fitted correctly. ie: loosely or tight
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    Advice on horse with Parrot mouth

    My boy has a really bad parrot mouth, which does not effect him in anyway IE: eating When ever we are out competing/hunting he can pull and he bites his tongue and we end up with loads of blood around his mouth. I have him in a Grackle nose band as he does like to open his mouth. My...
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    Head camera

    I'm looking to buy a head camera but have no idea how many GB I will need, I don't want to go and spend a fortune on one with loads if I don't need it. My question is: Anyone with a head cam how many GB do you have. I only want to record my XC's so don't need it to record for hours but in the...
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    Loaner owing money

    Please does any body know where I stand. I loaned my horse out but she is sending him back as can't afford to keep him, which i'm not worried about (well I am but nothing I can do about it) My question is she owes the livery yard she is on some money and she has just told me they won't let...
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    Sheepskin Nosebands

    Never used one before so not really sure what the rules are on them, but can you use a sheepskin nose band for unaffiliated cross country.
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    Staying away over night

    I'm doing MK 3DE next month. Does anyone know where I could find a good list of things I need to take or things not to be without. Thanks
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    Road and Tracks

    I'm doing Milton Kynes 3DE next month and would like some advice on the road and tracks faze. There is an optimum time I know for A and C parts but how does that work. Is it like XC and it's better to come under that as someone told me you should just go over it. Any help or advice would...
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    Horse with parrot mouth

    I'm thinking about buying a new horse. I have seen some thing I like but it has a over shot jaw. The currant owner says he is fine with it and is fat so def no probs with him eating. I haven't seen him yet, going at the weekend so not sure how bad it is yet. I have never come across this...
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    Help and Advice please

    I have a little pony that has started jumping out of his field, for no other reason that he just can. He is becoming a real little s*** for it now and I really need to stop him ASAP as other people are getting feed up with him. tethering him is not an option as I have other horses turned out...
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    Oil for horsebox

    I have got a DAF 45 could anyone please tell me what engine oil I need for it. Trying to look it up but not having much luck
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    Stifle problem

    My little 4yr old mare has just started to have a stifle problem. Not really knowing much about it or ever having a horse before with the problem I need some advice please. They seem to be locking. Is it something more connected to weakness or can any horse get it ? Would corterflex help or...
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    stifle problem

    My little 4yr old mare has just started to have a stifle problem. Not really knowing much about it or ever having a horse before with the problem I need some advice please. They seem to be locking. Is it something more connected to weakness or can any horse get it ? Would corterflex help or...
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    Putting new hedge in. Advice needed

    I have a few houses back gardens that back onto my field and i want to put a hedge up as one of thems fencing is so bad my horses could put their heads in the garden and the other one hates the horses, so I thought i would put a nice hedge up (both are happy for me to do this by the way)...
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    Freeze Marking

    I am having my horse freeze marked on the 29th Sept. Don't know if anyone was in the Ely Cambs Area who wanted their horse/horses done at the same time. Please let me know as I have to confirm numbers ASAP.
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    Hound exercise

    I have been hunting but never been on the hound exercising. What is it ? are you just trotting round roads or are you on grass ? do you jump any thing ? Sorry if I sound very dim but never done it before and I would like to take my youngster out to she what shes like with it all. Thanks in...
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    Consumer rights help please

    Say if you buy an item and you get it home and it's not quite what you want or you changed your mind and don't want it (so nothing wrong with it) what are your consumer right if any on taking it back and getting a refund. Please don't jump on me it's not me I just heard something today and I...
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    showing advice

    I am doing my first in-hand showing show in a few weeks. I have a navy show jacket and a tweed one, which is the best one to wear and also what coloured gloves should i wear for the navy and for tweed.
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    Showing advice

    I'm taking my TB to a local showing show which part of it is just for TB's. Some of the classes say blemishes and knocks not taken into account, so does that mean the other classes they have to be perfect ? I was thinking at doing the best all-rounder class. What would the judges be looking...
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    Naming new horse

    I have just bought a new horse and hate her name now (Bella) I want to give her a fancy but classy show name and can't think of any. Don't know her breeding and she is cob x TB This is a picture of her. Sorry can only post link as don't know how to put a picture on the post...
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    New a show name for my horse

    Trying to think of a nice show name for my new horse. She is a mare and her name is Bella Can anyone come up with some nice names please.
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    Horses and ponies for loan

    I'm trying to find a loan home for my little 13hh pony. I have him advertised on local facebook horsey pages, local papers and tack shops. I'm not having much luck, Is he too small for people of are loan horse just not shifting very well the same as for sale ponies.
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    Advice Re: failed vetting

    I am looking for a new horse and a friend of a friend has one for sale. It was up for big bucks but failed its vetting on the flexion test so Hench buyer did not buy it. She is looking for a good home for it now and is asking not a lot for it (needs to make room) It has never shown any signs...
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    Could I please be cheeky and ask for a favour

    Could I please ask a Favour and if you would please, please click on the links and like my photo's :)!/photo.php?fbid=375393215840999&set=a.375387319174922.81566.254167931296862&type=1&theater...
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    Badminton advice

    I'm off to Badminton for the very first time so please bear with me if this seams a stupid question. Have I got this right, do I have to pay to park the car and then on top of that pay to get in. Thanks
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    Generators please help

    I'm looking for a generator to put in my horsebox to power a tv (for when the kids get bored) I know I can have a 1kv but have no idea which ones are any good, plus are digital ones better. Are cheap one a no, no. I don't want to spend loads on one but also don't want one that only going to...
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    Endurance help and advice needed

    Someone is borrowing my little horse to do an Endurance comp in 2 weeks time a 32k (pony is fairly fit, has been team chasing). I have offered to crew for the day, but I have never done Endurance before so have no idea what I have to do or exactly what my horse has to do. I know it has to...
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    Advice needed on ponies mouth

    My lad rode out our little pony today (first time in a while) and she was not happy with her mouth. She is only ridden in a snaffle. Anyway when I got back to the yard she had blood in her mouth and down both sides of her tongue she had what looked like bruising about 1" to an 1 1/2". I've not...
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    Any Farriers please, I need advice

    My stud tap has broke off in the stud hole. I have broke the end off so it is now flush with the shoe, but will it cause a problem. Can't ask my farrier as they are away but if I need to get the shoe of I can get an emergency farrier out.