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  1. Elle123

    Pixel Retrieved! So happy! :D

    Seems like a little thing but for us its cause for much excitement! After so so long of trying, it seems to have finally clicked! We are getting a consistent retrieve (with out the well if you threw it, you go get it look) and when she can't wok out where its gone, she has learnt to such for it...
  2. Elle123

    Not sure what to think...

    Just found out that Pixel's sister is having a litter, when the breeder knows full well the risk there could be to a puppy being the same as Pixel. The specialist said that there was a much higher risk as though it might not be directly genetic, the potential for the mutation to occur again is...
  3. Elle123

    Is it normal? Bitches teats descended

    Hi there all, It might be completely normal but I have only ever had dogs so this is new to me!!! Since Pixel had her first season her teats furthest to the back have become large and hang down. Is this normal? She is being spade in a few weeks. They are not sore so don't think she has...
  4. Elle123

    This is so amazing! Dog saves another dog! How amazing is this, may have made me a little teary! :')
  5. Elle123

    "My little Doggie!"

    The dog is wearing eyelashes! Anyone else think they look genuinely ashamed!!! :( Elle
  6. Elle123

    Pixel just came into season...

    ...and is sulking because she has to wear her equafleece shorts!!! (now being called her 'Knickers'!!!!) Question really. Was out of the blue, within a day her bits went swollen, her teats didnt get tender at all! She is spotting blood, will she then go clear then back to spotting? also is it...
  7. Elle123

    Do you remember Miss Pixel? :D *Pics*

    Hi All! Haven't posted on here for quite a while. Combination of Major surgery, moving house and full time work!!! Time just flew!! Well as some of you will remember we discovered little Pixel was only partially sighted when she was only 3 months old. Some people have said she couldn't be a...
  8. Elle123

    Pixel's 6 months!!! (Spangle Overload!!!!)

    Hi all!!!!, Ickle Pixel is now 6 months all. Can't believe how quickly the time has gone! For those that don't know Pix, she is only partically sighted (can see shadows and lights) but it doesn't affect her and though its taken a lot of hard work (and tears!!!!) to get to this point, we have...
  9. Elle123

    Was this the right thing to do?

    Hello everyone, just a question about something that happened this morning. Pixel is a 5 month old show type cocker puppy. She is almost completely blind but been working really hard to give her the most normal life possible and she is such an amazing puppy dog. Anyway we were out on our...
  10. Elle123

    Best Partially sighted puppy's barking, recall & light sensitivity (PICCIES TOO!)

    Hello, *ignore the best in the title!* just to update anyone that hasn't read about Pixel before: She is a 4 month old blue roan show type cocker spaniel puppy. Recently got confirmed by the vet as being partially sighted due to: - Bilateral Micropthalmia - Optic Nerve Hypoplasia The Bilateral...
  11. Elle123

    Update - Is my cocker puppy partially sighted? (PICS)

    Hello everyone, Apologies for the delay in giving you an update, have been in hospital having parts of guts ripped out! Original Post We went to the vet that Monday and got referred to a specialist at Seadown, Southampton...
  12. Elle123

    Is my cocker puppy partially sighted?

    Hello, Thanks in advance for any replies, going out of my mind about this. I have a 13week old blue roan cocker spaniel puppy called Pixel. From reputable breeder, both parents optigen tested etc. Got her at 8 weeks. I finding some of her behaviour quite concerning, a concern which was also...
  13. Elle123

    Anyone Have a Samoyed?

    Out of interest really In the future me and OH are hoping to get one. Have done loads of research etc and am experienced with gundogs, but never had a breed like this. Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience and piccies! Thanx in advance Elle x
  14. Elle123

    Too much saliva causing headshaking?

    Hello, Just wondering what you thought of this and if anyone had any ideas. My warmblood mare (in my sig) Beanie started head shaking last year which i personally was triggered by a particular incident but i wont go into that. She headshakes not in the usual manner but in a very violent head...
  15. Elle123

    Bandages that shavings dont stick to?

    Hello, Just wondering ... do these exist?? hehe I'm really struggle with my health and energy so would be great if there was! Also dont want the sharper bits going on her legs...shes a sensitive soul hehe thanx for any help in advance Elle x
  16. Elle123

    names on passports and BJSA/BD/BE names

    hello, might sound like a silly question hehe but i know some people have problems with affilated names being different to passport names. Am planning on registering beans BSJA in the next few months then BE after xmas. the question is basically, there are so many 'DRAMA QUEEN' s in both...
  17. Elle123

    spot the schnuazer!

    As the title says...can you spot ollie! lol! Luv Elle x
  18. Elle123

    What labradors do best

    I am so chuffed with this picture i got of Mac yesterday. Mac is going to be 9 in September and had a full hip replacement 2 years ago. he is like a born again puppy. I am so proud of how he has recovered. We weren't sure if he would make it this long to be honest before his op. Luv Elle x