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  1. sarahann1

    Competing at the GYS

    After much humming and haaaing, I’ve decided to take the baby boy to the GYS for the PB CB class and Hunter Breeding 2yr old class. I’m aware we’ll likely be hopelessly outclassed, but I’m willing to spend the money to come last (and it’s an excuse for me to buy a new better fitting tweed, don’t...
  2. sarahann1

    Equine residential rehabilitation services Scotland

    Has anyone made use of/have any recommendations for a residential rehabilitation service in Scotland? I’ve got one with a fractured tibia and another about to have a second op for recurrent abscesses. Pondering the best options for all us to best manage their needs and my sanity. Ta
  3. sarahann1

    Leigh animal rescue

    Am curious, does anyone know anything about this place? Currently selling off colts at 8weeks old up to 4months purchased from an unnamed breeder for £600. They’re calling themselves a charity, but not on the charity register.
  4. sarahann1

    Sanity check please, trip to the beach?

    I’m slowly losing the will to live. Now 2 and half years on the abscess merry go round and I really want to get off it! Very long story short - my mare has had recurring abscesses, last year she was operated on to debride her pedal bone to remove the septic area we thought would be the route...
  5. sarahann1

    Bringing a horse back into work after months off.

    I’m curious to know what others approaches are when bringing a horse who’s been on box rest for 4+ months, with another 3 months on field rest, back into work? My mares been off after a procedure to sort septic pedal osteitis. She’s sound now, her hoof has grown in nicely and she’s coping very...
  6. sarahann1

    Septic Pedal Osteitis

    Does anyone have any experience of this? I’m wondering roughly how long box rest is likely to be needed for after the debridement? Did you use shavings rather than straw? How did you keep your horse entertained whilst on box rest? Ta :)
  7. sarahann1

    Freedom of Access

    I’ve recently moved my horse to a place which in theory has really good hacking, but I’m finding there are a significant number of areas we’re “not allowed” by the farmers to go along. These are not cropped fields, but tracks, lanes or field margins. Not sure what I’m looking for advice wise...
  8. sarahann1

    Clever small tack storage

    Since I’m still barred from seeing my horse (4 weeks tomorrow since I’ve seen her :( ) it’s given me some time to think. My storage is somewhat higgldypiggildy, I need to have a clear up and tidy up when I eventually get back. So, I’ve scoured Pinterest and all the usual sources, but I’m...
  9. sarahann1

    Livery yards being closed, banned from seeing our horses

    Beyond upset/angry. We’re not even allowed to be at the fence line, let alone in the fields! Even for medical care! Anyone else in the same boat?
  10. sarahann1

    Existing dog not accepting new rescue dog

    How long realistically should it take for an existing dog (he’s 7yrs) to get along with a new dog in the house (she’s approx 5mths). He’s playing away fine with her at the park, but hating having her in the house, growling and showing his teeth. We’ll have had her two weeks tomorrow and...
  11. sarahann1

    Parson Russell owners?

    We’re very tentatively considering getting a second dog. We both like JRTs, our current dog is a JRTx, my OH is particularly keen on Parson types, my question is, are they more or less energetic/prey driven than your average JRT? We have a cat we really don’t want to get eaten! Thanks!
  12. sarahann1

    Ragwort - us horsey types are just hysterical apparently

    Le sigh....
  13. sarahann1

    Working Hunter without a groom?

    Hints and tips required for going to a WH comp on your own required pretty please? We have a local show which includes a WH which is, unusually, for any type of horse and has a lovely line saying 'no scary fillers' for the tiny classes, so I'm thinking of giving it a go, but I'll be on my...
  14. sarahann1

    Leaky nose query, riders not horses.

    So, I'll start with saying, please excuse the vileness of the topic first thing in the morning... How do you all deal with your leaky noses when you're riding??? I've gone and acquired myself a summer cold, and with that comes a nose that has decided a constant flow of, well, snot, is a...
  15. sarahann1

    Lessons and the things instructors say to you....

    Last nights stand out statement from a new instructor "I can see why you chose to be a librarian over horses".....with a "whaaaa?" look on my face I responded with "yeah, I know my riding is not really up to it" he tried to get out of it by saying "you know, because of working outside in all...
  16. sarahann1

    Where do you keep your keys??

    Hello all, random, probably very daft question but I'll ask it anyway... I'm now lucky enough to be able to go out competing, but I'll mainly be on my own. Where do folk keep their car keys? Mine are to chunky to fit neatly in a show jacket pocket? Today I basically left everything open...
  17. sarahann1, yay or nae?

    Just wondering if anyone has ordered from them? They have my most favourite boots for sale and no one else has stock left, do I put the order through? Ta!
  18. sarahann1

    Clipping services Scotland

    Hello, just wondering for those of you who have paid for your horses to be clipped, how much you've paid and for what type of clip? I'm trying to gauge what's a fair price. Thanks folks :)
  19. sarahann1

    Horses can use symbols to talk to us!

    This is really quite cool. I wish I had the skills to be able to teach my horse this. Full research article here.
  20. sarahann1

    Micklem bridle - do you ride differently?

    I started using a Micklem on my mare a couple of weeks ago. To my novice mind, she's accepting the bit/contact better and working up and into an outline from behind better, it could be coincidence or it might not be, either way, so far so good as far as I'm concerned. However, I had a lesson...
  21. sarahann1

    I'm at the *best* yard.

    With the best, most supportive people. I've had a pretty crappy summer losing both my old lads nearly two months to the day apart, they've both been at the yard for almost 6yrs and I've had them/known them for nearly 12. I got to the yard tonight to find a card saying 'here's a hug' signed...
  22. sarahann1

    Question for ROG please

    Am I correct in saying if the GVW of my car is 2505kg the maximum weight of the trailer could only be 995kg if I wanted to tow on a B licence passed in 1999? I'd convinced myself the GVW weight was only 2080kg, but my car is an EU4, whatever the hell that means! I think that's right, in...
  23. sarahann1

    Sweet Itch rugs which don't rub manes?

    After thinking my wee coblet wouldn't make it into the show ring, my instructor informed me tonight that she'd do well in the gypsy vanner classes, and he judges cob classes so knows what he's talking about, it's high praise indeed! But, and it's a big but, she has sweet itch and this year...
  24. sarahann1

    Duck, duck, duckity, duck

    Replace the Ds of that title with an F and it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. I lost my old lad Smartie on Tuesday, this is the first one of my own I've had to make the decision for and to be honest I've run out of tears and have moved into numb denial. Yesterday morning, I...
  25. sarahann1

    The final goodbye :(

    Said my final goodbye to my oldest lad today. Went away on Friday for a long weekend, he was fine when I left, fine all weekend by all accounts, got to the yard on Monday to a hopping lame horse. First thought was abscess, but called vet anyway to double check, no obvious signs of trauma...
  26. sarahann1

    Stock tie colour - dressage

    Hello, I'm pondering making my own stock ties and I can't decide which colours to go with. My jacket is a blue tweed and shirt is cream. I don't like white ties, though I know they are popular. I've checked the BD rule book and it looks like anything goes so long as it's muted and not...
  27. sarahann1

    Love my wee coblet!

    Pointless happy post. Rode her for the first time in 3wks, I've hardly sat on her since I bought her at the start of October for one reason and another, she was ace!! They've been wanting to harrow the arena for a while and needed to get it done this morning before the rain came. While I...
  28. sarahann1

    Remember to have your contact details findable

    Hiya, A wee plea/reminder. I was at a competition where it was unfortunately required to get in touch with next of kin and organise getting a horse home without the rider/driver of the box. Please anyone who goes out and competes, even if it's with a mate, have your emergency contact...
  29. sarahann1

    UKCC level 1, has anyone on here done it?

    Hello folks, Finally getting myself in gear to get a teaching qualification, application form is filled out for a course starting in June. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has done it and if so do you have any words of wisdom? How did you find it? Thanks :)
  30. sarahann1

    Slight incontinence in older gelding

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of slightly incontinent veteran geldings? Basically, the horse is fine within himself, eating, drinking, not colicy, cantered off up the field as fine as a creaky 27/28yearish horse can, he's just a tad leaky when it's all hanging...