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  1. Sarah_Jane

    *Question for eventer's!*

    Ring BE but my understanding is they will accept all entries and not ballot.
  2. Sarah_Jane

    Aston-Le-Walls Or Moreton BE100open?

    Course pictures for both last seasons events
  3. Sarah_Jane

    Eventing after hip replacement/resurfacing

    I smashed my hip up 5 years ago and had to have major surgery. I have since had resurfacing done and have subsequently made it back to intermediate eventing. Sadly there was a catch and that horse was then a bit wide for me and I have had to sell her. However I have some narrower horses I am...
  4. Sarah_Jane

    Tips for first visit to Goresbridge!
  5. Sarah_Jane

    Fractured ankle!! Begging for Success stories please :)

    I broke mine about 10-12 years ago now and was about 12 weeks before I was riding again. It is pretty trouble free now although probably a good 20% less mobile and I ride with odd stirrup length however it doesn't effect my riding much. Agree physio is key even if you end up paying privately.
  6. Sarah_Jane

    Best website for advertising horses

    Depends on the price, higher price always Horsequest lower price I would look at more local site or at least sites that can be searched by location easily.
  7. Sarah_Jane

    Arc Equine Advice please.

    I have used on about 6 different horses with no side effects. There was talk that some horses had a reaction to the leg gel but they changed the formula for this.
  8. Sarah_Jane

    Where is best to do your first BE Intermediate in the South West

    It depends what suits your horse. I thing Gatcombe is one of the nicest but Wilton and Aston are worth some consideration although Aston's courses can vary from softer to more difficult. I have quite a few of them on my website with course pictures
  9. Sarah_Jane

    What do you want from a sponsor?

    It should be a totally two way process. When choosing a sponsor it is about products / value of support but also for example it can often be about knowledge. So if you are providing a type of product how it can help certain situations and improve performance and then allow the rider to feedback...
  10. Sarah_Jane

    Skipton BE novice

    The course pics from last year are here if any help.
  11. Sarah_Jane

    The 2014 Arcequine Thread

    It is not just horses and humans. Here is Smartie using it to help with healing a major wound that required surgery.
  12. Sarah_Jane


    BE100 pics are here if anyone wants a look. If anyone has any of the other courses let me know.
  13. Sarah_Jane

    Warwick Hall BE roll call....

    Looking for help with course pictures if anyone can help post here if you are on FB, reply here if not just easier to co-ordinate on FB!
  14. Sarah_Jane

    Poplar Role Call

    Sorry didn't see this earlier. If you do get a chance for any courses let me know. There is someone else that can help so let me know what if anything you can do.
  15. Sarah_Jane

    Poplar Role Call

    Good luck everyone. If anyone gets a chance to hep with course pictures it would be appreciated.
  16. Sarah_Jane

    freelance instructor in north cornwall

    Where abouts in north cornwall?
  17. Sarah_Jane

    Who is best to use for horse insurance?

    I find Amtrust v competitively priced and they have paid out a number of claims no quibble and v fast. Money in within a few days of claim being made.
  18. Sarah_Jane

    At last a competition report (or 2) and an introduction

    Regulars will be aware I have been struggling with an old hip injury and subsequent back problems which meant riding was becoming more and more painful. I had a hip arthroscopy in January and riding for 6 weeks after was difficult and I was confined to gentle hacking. With a combination of...
  19. Sarah_Jane

    Weekend plans

    Finally can say something after nearly 4months out doing things again this weekend! As usual not taking things easy! Have an affiliated dressage test tomorrow and then on Sunday going to Bicton to do a BS class and have a XC school!
  20. Sarah_Jane

    Warmbloods and XC

    Yes my girl in pics below was successful to advanced level although she lacked a bit of gallop my current warmblood has plenty of gallop so as others have said don't worry.
  21. Sarah_Jane

    Budget for Nov Eventer

    So many factors to consider. I must admit I am having difficulties from the other end trying to value my Novice / Intermediate eventer. Age is against her (12) but decent record schoolmaster at Novice ability to go on and a sensible horse and ability to do pure dressage. I have asked a number of...
  22. Sarah_Jane


    How annoying but at least at this stage in the season plenty of other days. Hope he is ok in a few days.
  23. Sarah_Jane

    Incredible Isleham!

    What an eventful day. Sounds like some real positives, hope you are ok and enjoy the fence judging today.
  24. Sarah_Jane

    Isleham BE90 course photos

    Becky would I be able to copy them for the course pictures section on my website?
  25. Sarah_Jane

    First Ever Go - Intro B - any tips?

    There are a few tips in this article I wrote. The main thing though is enjoy it :)
  26. Sarah_Jane

    Isleham BE Roll Call!

    Good luck everyone. I am going to butt in with my usual request, can anyone help with course pictures?
  27. Sarah_Jane

    British Eventing! Help please :)

    Have a look at for a wide range of course pictures. Should hopefully give you an idea of what to expect.
  28. Sarah_Jane

    Clinic report :)

    Sounds very positive well done :)
  29. Sarah_Jane

    Buying from goresbridge sales

    Yes you can return them if not as advertised. A friend at the last sale returned one, however there can be high transport costs etc.
  30. Sarah_Jane

    What classes would my horse be eligible for?

    A picture would be good. You can do cob classes at local level plaited so don't rule it out totally. There are lots of classes you can do otherwise, Best Combination, Riding club horse (usually have to jump a small jump) etc. Have a good look at the schedules and see what you fancy. That is just...