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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    Second comment sorry. Mallenders And salenders cream helps with the scabs. Google it!
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    Due to his age ( plenty of life to go, my mare is 21 and loves a gallop) it might be worth getting his hormone levels checked as mild laminitis without any obvious triggers could be an indicator of cushings. My pony who had had previous bouts of laminitis and was kept on a strict diet would go...
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    Dog owner being sued for £5m after rider was thrown from horse

    My welsh mountain pony was spooked by a doberman that came rushing out on to the road as my husband walked her past in hand. The following week the dog did the same thing but the pony was ready for it and gave it both barrels, never saw the dog again.
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    Badminton XC thread

    Will the young lady ( Molly?) whose horse stopped at the water and then proceeded to wallop it three times before putting it at the jump again get reprimanded for It. It was clearly dished out as punishment rather than as encouragement. The horse refused again.
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    Laminitis and Ventipulmin (with a side of box rest ideas?)

    Do you soak your hay or just spray it with a hose. We jus used to damp it but our vet recommended soaking for 20 minutes for dust/ spores and over half an hour to reduce sugars. We have two that have breathing issues and a fat one so have to work on timings.
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    Shod to barefoot photos

    We have a mare whose front feet were described in her vetting as not a pair! Our farrier has done a wonderful job, only problem we have had was when he was ill and another farrier did them and tried to make them match which made the horse lame.
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    A little rant!

    As someone who is a chronic asthmatic, coughing/ moving away to avoid a massive coughing fit, I can tell you isn’t always avoidable and not very pleasant at the best of times. Although I would have turned away. My daughter had the situation of a building being demolished just outside the arena...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    We have a local woman who claims to rescue horses and is looking for various donations, she sells on the rescues, leaves colts running with the mares and has a clause in her sales contracts that if the mare is pregnant she still owns it and needs it returning after weaning. There is also a...
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    Have you ever disliked a horse based purely on 'vibes' when it wasn't doing anything actually wrong (or not worse than a horse you do like)?

    I had a buckskin, who had a blue streak through one eye, you could only see it with the sun on. He was lovely
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    Have you ever disliked a horse based purely on 'vibes' when it wasn't doing anything actually wrong (or not worse than a horse you do like)?

    Wonder whether it was a gelding/mare thing in this case. Horses do have opinions about people, my old gelding who I bought from the riding school where I kept a pony, really disliked the guy who had been riding him regularly whereas he was fine with everyone else. I think that this particular...
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    Riding and the Menopause

    .If you are on Facebook can I recommend joining Menopause warriors. Lots of women sharing their different situations, other people who have the same issues offering advice. We also have a lot of useful advice pinned to the top of the page, might not help with the riding to start with ( I was...
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    Muck heap

    Have you got any local allotments. They might be interested and can usually rustle up a trailer and a few volunteers to load it.
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    Buy my first? (after 30 years)

    Lots of people manage children and horses but it is important that you don’t underestimate the pressure on your other half, they can get very resentful about the third party in your relationship, if the horse is perfect but the timing not quite right, perhaps you could get someone to share your...
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    Oh, look, a treeless saddle thread

    Can you put up your findings if possible. We have a 4 year old that are saddle fitter looked at when we were having the other two having a refit,she said we would have an issue getting a treed saddle to fit, we have backed and worked her in a treeless saddle that is more saddle pad than saddle...
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    Minor Irritations

    My husband was walking our welsh mountain pony out in hand for exercise and as he passed the first house past the yard a Doberman came out and had a go at her. The following week she was ready for it and gave it both barrels. Never saw it again.
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    Heat in hoof advice please?

    Does it smell? Sounds gross but the best indicator!
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    Heat in hoof advice please?

    It is quite possible the abcess hasn’t cleared. We have a mare that was a little prone to them. Vet came out and dug out an area, we poulticed it started to go clear, Appeared to be ok horse sound, then it erupted elsewhere It took eight weeks to clear up. I would recommend involving your...
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    Riding and the Menopause

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    Any ideas what this might have been?

    The comments about heart failure match what happened to my lad .He was 19 and still in work. Out in the field and was galloping about because we were moving other horses fields. He stopped looked like he he had gone lame in his back leg, then it looked like it might be both legs walked down to...
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    Cost of 5 stage vetting

    Looking at the threads on her regarding horses lameness issues, it is steep but could save you a fortune in the long run, to avoid buying other people’s problems!
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    Any chance of riding something first where there is no pressure on, not sure if riding schools are open but I went for a couple of lessons before buying my horse to get back in the swing.
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    Aggressive off lead dogs - wwyd?

    Both incidents we have had recently with small dogs one was a jack russell attacking our lab ( the owner was ‘walking’ her three dogs by having them run behind her land rover as she drove down a green lane) the other more recently a shihztu that grabbed our dogs back leg. Both situations were...
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    Not fitting in at livery

    This is your hobby which you should be able to enjoy, if you are not happy consider moving yards. We were at one yard for several years ( we were DIY) on a mixed yard with a lot of competition horses but were still part of the group. One new livery who was friends with another existing livery...
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    Irrational annoyances...

    I had somebody on work experience borrow my 11.3 ponys new headcollar and rope to go after a large horse that had escaped and then dropped the headcollar and rope somewhere in the fields!
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    I have a mare that reacts badly and breaks out in hives, one occasion we had her tacked up ready to jump, my daughter had walked the course when the lumps started appearing and we had to get the vet out to the show( fortunately we were local) for a steroid shot. we have had reactions to being...
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    I have a 3.5 year old filly who has had a few issues about being handy with her feet. When we bought her last year as she turned two, the people we bought her from had to sedate her or the farrier. We have got through this, our experienced farrier told her off and as she has been as good as gold...
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    My pony didn’t make his predicted height..

    There are published research reports that suggest a horses skeleton is not fully formed until they are seven. Some breeds are notorious for being slower to develop, I think Irish draughts fall into this category. My Irish cob was 14.3 on his passport at the age of 4 but was definitely hit 15.2.
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    Would this be frowned upon?

    It is lovely to hear people being sporting. HC is a good idea. As someone who has struggled in the dressage area( I don’t like being observed so tense up) I act as the groom now and intro is exactly as its name suggests. My daughter has competed at Trailblazers and getting beaten in prelim by a...
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    Mini Shetland advice please (long one, I'm afraid)

    Have you got a local riding club as they are always good for contacts. Alternatively one of the horse charities who might be able to help in these circumstances.