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    secondhand wow saddle parts?

    I need some more panels and a headplate : )
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    secondhand wow saddle parts?

    I have been searching for a while now for some secondhand parts for my saddle, does anyone know of any saddler's, website's other than ebay, or the wow website which sell wow parts? Thanks
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    Better the devil you know?

    We all have good and bad times with our horses and you have certainly had your fair share of bad times! but look at how he is going now and what feeling he is giving you, we would all like to have it easy when riding horses but how do you know that just because this other horse is smaller you...
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    I need a made to order bridle, can anyone help?

    Why don't you give the guy at Mend it a call, he will make you up what ever you want and his prices are quite reasonable to. He made Bella a fat head bridle and also shortened Ted's. Def worth a chat
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    Sprenger Dynamic bit.

    I have this bit in a loose ring and use it both for my mare who is really fussy in her mouth and for my youngster. My mare is lovely to ride in it, is more consistant with the contact and rides alot lighter, the filly mouths the bit beautifully, just need to save up to get them 1 each now rather...
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    Paper Shortage

    Persephone - Where did you buy it from? I'm in Dorset and have no trouble getting paper at all
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    snuggy hood vrs dress circle

    I love my dress circle body suit I use it the night before a show, leave's a lovely shine to the coat, keeps plaits looking great, never move and fit well
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    Girths/ Girth sleeves for thin/ sensitive skin

    I either use a sheepskin girth sleeve or the professional choice girths, they never seem to rub
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    anyone elses horse allergic to certain wormers?

    Liz came out in bumps the 1st time she had Equest as a youngster, i have given it to her since and she's been fine!
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    Field fencing?

    That would be an idea, just be a pain in the backside to have to go through two gateways of fencing to get horses out, but something to think about, thanks
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    Field fencing?

    What is the best type of fencing to fence a field in two? At the moment it has been divided with wooden posts and two strands of poly rope to keep mares and geldings apart, this is fine but when the filly is in season and flirting with the gelding they tend to strike out at each other catching...
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    Depression in horses?

    Thank you Divasmum and wafarerwitch That is very interesting FrodoBeutlin, i just hope i can get my girlie feeling better again
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    Depression in horses?

    Do horses suffer with depression? My girlie Lizzie lost her pair bond April last year, she seemed ok at first but then went very quiet, un interested in anything going on around her and was just 'lost' She had no interest in the other horses in her field and was often seen stood in the field on...
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    Horsing Around

    I've used them, haven't really had a problem with them but that is probably because i went in to collect the saddles myself, the only thing i did find is they can be abit pushy! so not much help
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    How LONG is your horse?

    Lizzie is 15.1hh and takes a 6'3" Rug Bella is 16.1hh and takes a 6'9" And Teddy the Shetland takes a 4'3" rug
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    combination Hackamore??

    My mare could also get a little onward bound when in an english hackamore, changed her over to a myler short shank combination and it's perfect for her, steering is good too!
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    am i right in thinking...

    Could it be because the hanging cheek has fixed cheeks and the 3 ring gag has a loose ring cheek?
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    Biggest (((((vibes))))) being sent to such a lovely mare and huge (((((((((hugs))))))))))) to her owners.
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    Barnsby Saddles, Any good, who has one !!!

    i have a new barnsby omega, lovely comfortable saddle, def recommend
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    Bone chips in horses? Also in Vet

    My mare had a bone chip in her stifle area and she was extremely lame, she had 12 weeks on box rest then we had to start building her up again. I would say if it was a bone chip he would be quite lame all the time, hopefully it's just a sprain/twist and rest will sort him out. Is he the grey in...
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    Do you remember William the really sick foal?

    Wow, he looks great, you must be so pleased
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    Ainsley saddles?

    Does anyone have one of these saddles or know anything about them? I have just picked up an Ainsley vanguard optima dressage saddle from my local saddlery, it has an adjustable front on it with you can change by using a key and has made in Walsall England stamped on it. Have search the net but...
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    Saddles Direct - have they moved/closed down? Phone no won't work!

    I rang them yesterday as had sent them an email with no response. They answered and said the boss has been away for a few days hence why no email reply so am expecting a reply in the next couple of days.
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    Albion Selecta saddles - any experience?

    I have one and love it, changing the knee rolls is really easy and i find it very comfy, looks smart too! Sadly i now have mine for sale as it no longer fits
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    How to stop bolting feed?

    A friends horse did this and ended up choking, now she feeds the feed really sloppy, loads of water so the food is almost swimming, it has stopped her bolting and choking
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    Raaaaant. about reins. Well, bridles in general actually....

    Have you looked at Barnsby? i brought a bridle from them when they came to fit my saddle, they also gave me a choice of reins, the gummi reins are nice as although they are still rubber they feel like really well used plain reins but with a bit extra grip
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    Can I pick your brains - regarding bits

    I know it probably dosen't help now seeing what the owner has said, but i usually ride my mare in the myler combination, for dressage competitions i put her in a JP french link hanging cheek, it holds the bit higher in her mouth like with the mylers and also has a curved mouthpiece to be...
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    My old pony has died. Not sure what to do, now.

    RIP little B, If it helps, i found my lovely heavyweight cob dead in his stable a couple of days after a RTA, i also found a small amount of blood on the wall but could not find an injury on him at all. The results of a post mortem were that he had a heart attack so his death was very quick...
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    Race Safe Body protectors

    I've always had a problem finding a comfortable body protector as i'm top heavy, brought a racesafe at olympia, wore it for the first time last Saturday at a SJ clinic and totally forgot i was wearing it, most comfortable body protector so far and i have tried a few
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    Cat behaving strangely - Any ideas?

    Agree with the above post, the yard cat is under a yearr old and has been crying and crawling along the floor, yard owner took her in yesterday for neutering