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    Horsebox stolen from Stebbing, Great Dunmow, Essex early this morning 24 February, it is a blue lorry with red and white stripes, used to be green, Oakley Supreme on an Iveco body carries 3/4 horses reg is 2 HYS this is the second time in 4 months this lorry has been stolen. Any info contact...
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    cheap electric fencing

    Nick at Farmcare UK you order today should be with you tomorrow, i use him for lots of things always very efficient.
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    Equine Back & Teeth specialist in Essex??

    Stuart Garrard for teeth he was one of the first UK qualified EDT's his number can be found on the BAEDT website. I have been using him for 10 years.
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    Livery Yards, Horse Welfare and the Law

    Do what I do keep a photocopy of the registration, markings and vaccinations pages.
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    Nameplates on headcollars?

    This is the lady who did mine
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    Top SJ trainers - midlands

    Stephen Smith is in Lemington Spa. Heres the link to the BS website
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    Naomi V PTS

    Oh my god my heart goes out to Helen she works so hard with her horses, RIP Naomi xxx
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    Won a clinic with Wayne Garrick!

    Congratulations a friend of mine has just brought a horse from him that he was riding for one of his owners, she says he is a really lovely guy. Let us know how you get on and lots of pictures.
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    Is there a breed of horse you really hate?!

    Arabs, shetlands and Haflingers.
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    calming a potty ID Gelding for jumping

    I use the NAF Instant Magic on my IDxWarmblood and it works wonders, but then oxyshot works on my hanovarian mare, each to their own. Sorry to hear about your tumble xx
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    Towerlands Park closing down :(

    Tom Hunnable will be turning in his grave he set up this centre in 1979 and it was subsequently sold to the Gredleys a few years ago. The centre always says it cant make money but no one seems to understand why, Charley and her team have made a good success of this over the summer months, it is...
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    how long do lorry batteries last

    My lorries has two batteries and i am just renewing them now after 7 years. I permanetly keep the fuse for the tacho out as my speedo works without the fuse and yes this has helped to make the batteries last longer. I managed to get two new batteries off of ebay with a 3 year guarantee so it...
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    Equilibrium magnetic back pad

    Its like anything it works for some horses and not for others, i can honestly say it made a lot of difference to my 3 horses and they were all different ages.
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    Aside from Equiport- show rugs etc

    This company are good and they are a bit cheaper than equiport.
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    Horsebox and driver hire Bristol/Cambridge

    I would speak to the horse transporter companies around newmarket as they are likely to have a space on their lorries going up and down the country as they do all the time.
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    tips on scarcoids please

    Try NAF Echinacea liquid.
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    Equilibrium magnetic back pad

    I have the Equilibrium Massage pad as well as a FMB Magnetic rug I use the Massage pad at least once a week on my horses and have been doing so for the last year, in that time I have not had to have any work done on them by the back lady and she has actually remarked on how good their muscle...
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    When do you do your first clip?...

    My horses are already rugged as its so cold and damp down here in Essex, but at least the grass is growing will clip last weekend in September.
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    Anyone excited for Martin Clunes Horsepower??

    Have seen the adverts so will sky+ it so I dont miss it.
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    Livery Yard management...and your horror stories.

    I could write a whole book on this subject but I think the worst was we had a man who kept his horse with us, he had some very weird ideas about horse management, his horse was so obese the vets refused to treat it until he put it on a specialised diet to loose around 150kg. He used to walk his...
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    Tim Stockdale's a winner!!

    And very well deserved, the atmosphere there was absolutely amazing as normal, I didn't mind who won out of Robert, Tim and Will but am really pleased that Tim won he rode an amazing round, his groom burst into tears as Tim landed over the last fence when she realised he had won the class, as...
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    Are there any buyers out there??

    I had my boy on Horsemart for a 10 days he is a 16hh 16yr old schoolmaster and sold him for the asking price. A friend had her horse on for 3 weeks and has sold her 8 year old TB as well, both horses in Essex.
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    Anyone used NAF EnerG Individual Syringes?

    I am using the NAF EnerG supplement on one of my horses and it has not sent him loopy just made him a bit less hard work to ride and more forward going. He is an IDxWarmblood.
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    Casper and I are in Horse magazine

    Me too as I product tested some boots for them.
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    Hickstead Who Won?????

    Will Funnell came equal 3rd on 4 faults on his other horse with Robert Smith, Billy Toomey, Douglas Duffin cant remember the others but it was absolutely fabulous and the atmospher there was electric when Guy won and he shed a few tears, a very well deserved win and did manage to catch up with...
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    Naming and shaming...

    There are good dealers and there are the bad dealers, some buyers go into dealers yards and totally over horse themselves and blame the dealers, some people go into dealers yards fall in love with a horse, buy it and can't ride it. In my opinion in this scenario it is the buyers fault. For...
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    Stud holes?

    I make it a bit moist then stuff it in with a tiny screw driver until the hole is full then rub vaseline on top.
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    Stud holes?

    I use tightly compacted cotton wool never managed to ge them rubber things to stay in any or mine.
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    Why lie?!

    I posted this on another forum, it was most interesting the replies that i got.
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    How would you deal with biting?

    I am prepared to be shot down for this, but I was taught when they bite you, you bite them back, its always worked for me, they have only ever bitten me once.