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  1. Crackerz

    I need new foal passport name ideas!

    I've just bought what feels like my millionth New Forest colt to join my crew, and i get to pick his name. Thinking possibly heatwave related...?? So.. Buckland ????
  2. Crackerz

    Dirt Boot Wellies - Anyone tried them?

    Generic question for this time of year! My budget is sub £100 and I need wellies with adjustable side. Stumbled across Dirt Boots and they looks rather substantial! Marketed at men out shooting/fishing but wellies are wellies after all. Has anyone bought some and like them?
  3. Crackerz

    Girl Hitting Grey Pony

    I'm sure most people have seen the video on FB by now, lets hope she gets caught and done!! Vile vile girl!!
  4. Crackerz

    Cricklands End of Season Show

    Is anyone going? I'm umming and aaahhing, haven't been out much this year and the prices seem really good, is it worth it? Both my classes would be the Saturday so no stable required :)
  5. Crackerz

    Perpetual Trophies - Deposits?

    I am part of a committee that runs a fair sized local show, we have 60+ classes all with perpetual trophies. Currently we have never asked for a deposit for them, but we are starting to think that we should to encourage people to return them faster (if at all!) Some of our trophies have...
  6. Crackerz

    Insurance for 'sharer'

    I advertised my NF on Preloved as I need to spend some extra time on my Sec D. I just wanted someone to come ride him a few times a week - no money exchanging hands either way. I weeded through the school holiday kid replies and have found the perfect rider. She's relocated to my town for...
  7. Crackerz

    Workers Debut - Opps!

    So this year Alfie is having a year off the flat classes, i think he was finding it a little tedious. He did well though considering, with a highest place of 3rd in HOYS quals. This means i get a year off driving all over the Country chasing qualifiers and good judges! (saves money!) So...
  8. Crackerz

    Renting Woes

    Sigh.... I'm sure it's getting as complicated as getting a mortgage! OH & I rent a 1 bed through a well known agency. We need more space so started looking at 2 beds as we had a letter from our current agency saying we would get a discount on the admin fees if we moved to a house they were...
  9. Crackerz

    What Next? - Bad Traveller

    So last week i ordered some Confidence EQ to take the edge off one of my boys whilst travelling. Yesterday I used both gels, to make sure i got him covered, i applied it 30 mins before loading, making sure to keep him calm at all times, which he was. He loaded ok, but calmer had zero effect. We...
  10. Crackerz

    Calmer for travelling

    I have a pony who loads fine, but doesn't travel well. He is anxious and the nerves come out in double barreling.... He's like this in a 7.5t as well as my 3.5t. I have the partition on the widest setting, he has plenty of room. I cross tie too which he seems to prefer. I can't take the...
  11. Crackerz

    Premier Equine - Is It Worth Complaining?

    About 18months ago i invested in a light weight PE with the idea of buying the liners when needed. In the first 24 hours it ripped on a seam on a pony who never rips rugs - the rug was fitted correctly and no other marks on it. PE dismissed it, saying it was ponies fault. Fair enough, mum...
  12. Crackerz

    Running a horse show is...

    a thankless task! I've been part of running a local show for a number of years now, firstly as showing coordinator, now as secretary. The costs are through the roof, nobody wants to help but all moan when local shows fold. So many times i want to sack it all in, but then remember that...
  13. Crackerz

    Reactions To Vaccinations

    One of mine had his flu/tet booster at 4:30pm on Wednesday last week. On Thursday he seemed off colour but he was eating and drinking so just assumed he was just a little off due to the vaccination. Friday morning i went to put him out and he was so quiet and so unsteady on his feet -...
  14. Crackerz

    Launching in to canter

    Just after some tips for exercises to help calm one of my boys on his canter transition. He's a big 5yold 15hh big moving Sec D, on asking to canter, he has a tendency to tense, and often launch in to a massive canter. I understand that a good canter comes from a good balanced trot etc. I...