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    Professionals Choice Girth

    After seeing one of these lovely girths I have just treated one of our horses to a professionals choice VenTech SMX English girth. Well, it has arrived missing the D ring attachement. I'm confused, am I missing something here? Friend has recently purchased also and hers has the D ring ! Much...
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    Horsebox Rescue - Horses on board being towed

    Apologies as I'm sure this had mentioned a 100 times before. Just renewed insurance to include breakdown and my blood has ran cold after reading the small print. My lorry (if mechanically safe), will be towed with the horses on board. If I refuse this option roadside I have to make my own...
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    Detachable Tow Bars

    Your views on detachable tow bars please? Changing vehicle and the prospective new vehicle already has one fitted. I'm looking at a Mercedes ML. I'm not keen to say the least! Any feedback would be welcomed. Many thanks.
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    Having the Wool Pulled? - Muck Heap Disposal

    Views please on muck heap disposal please. Someone I know is having to pay to have their muck heap taken away. It's not been removed for at least 2 years to my knowledge, so up until now has just been gradually increasing in size. Apparently no-one wants 'it', as it is mainly made up of wood...
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    Anyone Having Trouble Getting Hold of Liverpool Wood Pellets?

    As title suggests. Been trying to ring them all morning to chase a delivery of pellets. Not boding well .....! :-(
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    Could Magnetic Boots Have Caused This?

    Long story so I'll give the brief version. Horse had a very deep puncture wound to outside of hock area just over 3 weeks ago. Very very slow to heal but certainly making good progress. Not lame (was for the first 48 hrs, but now fine). Only in the last few days are we seeing the wound...
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    Help! Weeds, Herbicide Help Needed!

    Currently at livery and I'm pulling my hair out with sheer frustration at my YO. I'm a very fussy individual and do my very best for my horses but of late I am really struggling to communicate with YO. I have a field of approx 2.5/3.00 acres and have invested a lot of time and money in fencing...
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    Fly Rug Recommendations ! Mine are Rubbish

    I'm at my wits end with flipping fly rugs. Both my horses need to wear them and currently they are both wearing the same 'Loveson Combo' (the white cotton ones with navy stitching), and they are proper rubbish. They move all over the place, the neck falls down and they are cut really badly...
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    Summer / Lightweight Breeches

    After some new breeches (must be breeches, hate jodhpurs!), for the cooler months. Would say 'summer' but I'm afraid to tempt fate! Currently got Mark Todd Euro Seat which are the updated version of the old Gisborne. They are not so nice since the update and keep falling down at the crotch! Also...
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    Livery Life - Do you get your fields maintained?

    Stuck at DIY livery yard for the moment. Not all honey, but not that bad either, so will refrain from moaning too much. I have erected 5 semi permanent paddocks within my allocated field, (I'm lucky enough not to share a field), for my 2 horses. While 3 of the paddocks are not too bad the...
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    Saracen Shape Up - Reviews please?

    My horses are now turned out 24/7, all hard feed has been dropped and they are living off the land. They only have a measured amount of balancer at the moment to ensure they are receiving the right amount of vits and mins. I have used Spillers Lite for a while and have no complaints other than...
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    Body Protector, Airowear Outlyne, Help for Big Boobs !

    Just purchased my first BP after constant nagging from husband and daughter about jumping my rather excitable ISH and nearly coming a cropper. I am hoping many of you will read and reply to this as I am at my wits end with the dam thing. I had it fitted professionally and although the fitter...
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    Public Liability Only

    As the title suggests, I am looking to hear your stories. I am looking for public liability insurance only for 2 horses. I have spoken with NFU (first choice), and they can only offer PL with built in loss of use. As you can imagine this bumps up the premium. I have heard good reports about BHS...
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    Tracing - 'The Queenslander', AKA 'Mouse'

    I'm desperately trying to piece together a history of an Irish Sports Horse called 'The Queenslander.' He was born in 2001. Bay Gelding, 16.1hh. He was born in Co. Mayo, then went to someone in Co.Galway. I don't know anymore history until he came to reside in Kent, in I think 2012. He left Kent...
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    Blue Ribbon or Verdo?

    As the title suggests really. I've been using Blue Ribbon pellets all winter for my 2 horses and cannot praise them enough. I'm running low and was offered a dozen Verdo bags from a friend. My boy is a dirty wotsit in his stable and where before I was topping him up with just 2 bags of BR a...
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    Diy livery - pricing structure

    Just interested to know how DIY livery prices are structured if you have more than one horse. Are you paying double the price of one horse or do you get a reduction for having two or more on the same yard? I'm currently at livery (groan), and I'm lucky enough to have my 'own' field with just my...
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    Livery Woes !

    Give me your opinions - please, before I go mad! Currently have my 2 beautiful horses at a livery yard. Not perfect, but owners are lovely and so are most of the people. BUT, there is a person who grates on me, to the point that I'm seriously holding my tongue. The person stables the horses when...
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    Ariat bromonts - another thread !

    Please help ! The most beautiful pair of Ariat Bromont Insulated boots arrived this morning and I'm deliberating about the fit and need your help. I'm only 5ft 4" - size 5 feet with calves measuring 15 1/4 ish. Pretty standard legs but obviously not overly long! I ordered my boots after...
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    Can you advertise bits for sale on here?

    Just a quick question before I go ahead and get shouted at! But what has happened to the HH Bit Forum? I've got 2 Myler Bits to sell and not sure where to advertise them! Many thanks peeps! :)
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    Does haylage send your horse nuts??!!

    I've already posted this thread in 'tack room' which was probably not the best place. Pls would you give me your views on feeding hay then changing to haylage? I've recently changed two of our horses from hay to haylage (live in mornings only then turned out), and they have changed...
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    Haylage 'v' hay - my tb has gone proper nuts !

    Comments! Please! Had new horse 14 weeks now. 7/8ths TB, lovely chap, laid back, calm, manners to die for and love him to death. Whilst waiting for my hay delivery to come (arrived last night), I thought I'd buy a bag of MVF Haylage for him to munch on whilst he is stabled part of the day. Our...
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    Clipper Quandary! Help! Liveryman or Lister???

    Thanks to the people who gave advice recently. I guess I should have picked up the old thread and continued from there but I'm quite new to this forum and didn't know how, so hence new post! (Sorry, before anyone wants to tell me off!) I need a new pair of clippers and after much research and...
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    What sort of Clippers?

    Taking the plunge and buying a new pair of clippers! Been looking at the Lister Liberty. I have 2 horses that will both need regular clipping over the winter. Don't want anything mega heavy or too noisy. What are you all using out there? I'd like to hear your stories both good and bad! Many...
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    Making a Saddle Wider

    I'll try and keep it brief and just give you the key points! New horse purchased last November. Old story of trying various saddles until we finally found the perfect 'one', which was probably a narrow, medium narrow fitting. All fitted by a reputable fitter. Now some 7/8 months on the mare...
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    Safe Weedkillers! Picked with Gigantic Nasties!

    Only a brief post. I rotation graze very effectively throughout the year but at the moment a few paddocks are absolutely picked with huge thistles, docks & weeds etc. Can anyone recommend anything that is a safe weedkiller and easy to apply and obviously reasonable cost effective? Many thanks :)
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    Stallion Baldhu Cavalier - any information?

    We have a lovely mare by the TB sire Baldhu Cavalier. I understand he was a very successful P2P horse. Apart from this small piece of information I know very little else. Does anyone know any more, or possibly have any of his off spring? Any info at all would be much appreciated, thanks !
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    Harbridge Training Reins

    I'm currently working our mare in Harbridge Training Reins. So far so good and I'm delighted with the progress. We do our flat work with them and also use them for trotting poles and cavaletti. I'm sure it would be fine to jump in them but only probably up to a max. height of 2ft 6". What...
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    Whilst changing rugs this morning I somehow managed to give a horse an electric shock. It frightened us both. I touched the ground with my hands (to break the current) before I went to sooth the horse and upon touching her it happened again, this time with sparks flying. Very distressing and...
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    I've recently purchased another horse for my daughter. Super little mare, 15hh, TB x Cob, 7yrs old. Sweet horse who is very willing with a lovely temperment. She came to us with an 'inverted' / 'upside down neck'. Not a major problem as I know with the correct schooling and time and patience...
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    Hay Bar fitting problems?

    Just took delivery of a 'Hay Bar' today. Husband very kindly offered to fit it ..... Got to the yard armed with all the necessary tools, and OMG, did we have problems. The hay bar fits to the wall with 4, yes only 4 fixings. I thought this was going to be a doddle. How wrong was I? :( An hour...