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    So bl00dy mad

    My horses were in NSW Australia at a reputable stud. I left them there in capable hands (or so I thought) until the foal was big enough to make the 5 day journey by road to Perth. Well they arrived today, looking worse for wear. But what horrorfied me was the adult round worm hanging from my...
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    My 3 month old filly. Luidam x Ramiro

    My girl is going to be a right bruiser eek. This is her at 3 months old. I think my mare has been giving her anabolics We are in the middle of wnter here, hence the wooly mammoth.
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    My alleged warmblood filly....

    They must have got the semen mixed up, because my little warmblood is resembling a welsh mountain pony. We are going into winter here, so not overly worried about her weight, though she is on the porky side.
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    Tiff foaled a little filly.... Pic overload

    Here are the pic's of my lovely mare Tiff (Amiro M) and her filly foal (Luidam) who foaled early hours of this morning. The foal who's stable name is Sookie is so brave. Mum is a little foal proud though, but this is her 1st so can be expected. What do you think?
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    Colt or Filly, bit of fun

    There were taken today. Tiff is 10.5 months now, and a maiden. I read that some experienced breeders can have a pretty good guesstimate at the sex by the way the mare is carrying. Can all you breeders have a guess at the sex.
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    Equestrian clothing wholesalers

    Can anyone point me in the direction of wholesalers that deal with Pikeur/Eurostar/Eskadron etc. I am having real difficulty locating said wholesaler. ETA European ones preferred.
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    Tiff 9.5 months pregnant (pic)

    I am really pleased with how she looks, I bought her to Australia with me in foal. Here she is at 9.5. I am realy pleased with her conditon. She is happy and still managing to run about. This is her 1st.
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    How long did your mare go?

    My maiden mare has 8 weeks until she is 320 days. I was just wondering how long your first timers went? Getting excited now.
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    Anyone else having probs selling their horsebox?

    My lovely HB has been for sale for H&H, horsedeals etc. I have dropped the price and now practically giving it away...argh. I move to Australia in 3 weeks.... Anyone else having trouble?
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    Ooh, who knows the answer to this....

    My 4 month pregnant warmblood is intermittently standing in a very peculiar way. She is standing like a Welsh show horse, with back legs outstretched, but not squatting as if urinating. Just like a show horse would. Weird. This is her 1st pregnancy, and she does not appear to be in discomfort...
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    Illuminata 5 today....

    *H&H mods, I have asked the showground photography if I could post these pics. They have given their permission and you are welcome to call if any probs. Ok that out of the way, this is my last home bred youngster. He is 5 today. He is by Luidam, out of a hanovarian (a line) x welsh mare...
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    Can anyone put my mind at rest?

    Or is my life going rapidly to sh!t? Supposed to move to Oz in 5 weeks, but house sale has fallen through at the 11th hour. (supposed to exchange 6 weeks ago) Flights booked, mare ready to go into quarantine etc Taking my 2 month pregnant mare with. Yesterday, noticed mare pass a yellow urine...
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    International racehorse transporters (IRT)

    I have to say, I am sooo impressed with this company I thought I should post. I am taking my mare to Australia in August. She is 40 days pregnant now. I have been so impressed with the service and information etc received by IRT. In a world where customer service is non existent, I have...
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    Hi and a wee update.

    How is everybody? I have not been on for a while. Two weeks ago I come back from the US. I spent 2 months there preparing for my final equine dentistry exams....and am pleased to say I am now a certified equine dentist. i found this self gratifying bit of news on the net...
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    I sold my baby

    After MUCH deliberation, and soul searching, I sold my (Luidam) youngster Forrest to a pro rider that has been schooling him whislt I was away. After various offers from this lady, all of which I refused because he was so special. I decided to sell as I cannot give him the opportunity's which he...
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    This is what I have registered my 4 1/2 year old for his 1st BSJA comp in the next 2 weeks. I am thrilled with his progress. Anyway, when speaking to the BSJA I noticed they didn't have any Illuminata(s) registered. So presumed I had the name. But I got the name back, with a II at the end. So...
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    Wales and West need to get their house in order...rant!

    Got a threatening letter this morning. W&W stating that they have tried to contact me numerous times by phone and letter to recover £202.50 in outstanding show fee's from July. Cheeky gits. I didn't even attend the show in July. They have also sent me a copy of a letter they are sending to...
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    For the young performance horse experts among you.

    Question, I have been schooling my youngster, popping him over jumps/flat work/hacking etc. Anyway, although I know my youngster is careful and bold...I wasn't sure if he had the x factor required for top level jumping. However today, I put up a 3ft x poll, and I swear to god, the power and...
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    Anyone lost a Beagle???

    Found one today in Essex. Informed the police, he has been micro chipped, but the Phone number is out of use. Hopefully the owners will call us today.
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    Am I too late for BYEH

    My god, I didn't ever think I'd be writing this.... My youngster has only just turned 4. But by god he is brave, and careful. Popped him over a ditch, down a small drop fence and down a derby bank yesterday....No fuss or any hesitation. I have lightly SJ him too, and I can honestly say he...
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    Am I too late for BYEH

    My god, I didn't ever think I'd be writing this.... My youngster has only just turned 4. But by god he is brave, and careful. Popped him over a ditch, down a small drop fence and down a derby bank yesterday....No fuss or any hesitation. I have lightly SJ him too, and I can honestly say he...
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    Do you think I should charge or not?

    I have been to the US learning dentistry. I am in the middle of my study's, and havent qualified yet. I have a Speculum/gag, and hand rasps, (no power tools) I work within my limitations and I do a nice job. I have been taking the sharp edges off of friends horses, and it takes me about 30...
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    Anyone going to RIHS (Jumping)

    Sent entries off, just wondering if anyone else jumping at the show.
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    I'm selling up... and moving on.

    This is the first time i'm saying it out loud. But since my trip to the U.S, I really had a life changing experience. It was superb, and the dentistry was unbelievable. We are moving to Australia next year, and after speaking to an Aussie dentist who works 7 days a week and travels up to 500km a...
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    Anyone ever...........

    Tried horsey treats. I tried a respiratory lickit the other day. (New I hasten to add.) Was walking to my young un's box, lickit in hand and thought ummmm. Anyway, had a few licks (praying no one would see me) and thought this aint half bad (even thought of getting myself one for home and then...
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    What to do with my horse when I move

    Dont know if this is in the right place... But as she is a competition horse I thought perhaps. Next year if all goes to plan, we are moving to Australia. I want to take Tiff, but been looking at the journey and wondering if it will be too much for her. The cost is also very steep, at about...
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    I rode like a total Tw*t in the collecting ring today.

    In the collecting ring only thank god. I dont know what was wrong.... I jumped a man putting up a jump. I was coming to a big oxer, and made my intentions clear, about 3 strides away, he bent down to arrange ground pole.....resulting in me jumping him and the oxer. I have never been so pleased...
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    How old do I have to be?

    I have decided, I may have to find recognition as a veteran rider. How many years have I got to accomplish this. Casey wishing her life away.
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    What a crappy day yesterday. BSJA report

    Took both my girls to Lordsbridge yesterday. Firstly got up an hour late, forgot about the clocks. Get there, and there were only 4 left to jump in the BN. So, threw tack on, didn't have time to take breastplate off or refine the tack....Rushed in, obviously hadn't walked the course, had to...
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    Ok..Anyone off to Towerlands amateur nations cup

    In April. Thought i'd go there instead of Windsor on the 7/8th. Cos its too early in the year for studs. Plus I dont want to pay the farrier £80 to change the shoes early.