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  1. Nickijem

    Twitching when sleeping

    Both my spaniels dream - twitching, wagging tails and woofing! You have to watch this - my little Holly fast asleep ...
  2. Nickijem

    BHS gold membership

    I cancelled my membership because of the trouble I had when I needed to make a claim on the insurance. As far as I understood, I was covered for third party liability, however when my horse got spooked and ran through his electric fence, he got into a neighbour's garden and trashed it...
  3. Nickijem

    Riding Club Camp report

    Looks fab - you certainly don't look as though you have any confidence issues! Well done.
  4. Nickijem

    Puppy! *pics - essential viewing.

    Ooh that has made me broody! I'd love another springer baby. But will settle with my two for now.
  5. Nickijem

    Hello from an oldie-newbie (or newbie-oldie!)

    Sorry - meant to post this in the club house!! DOH!!!
  6. Nickijem

    Hello from an oldie-newbie (or newbie-oldie!)

    Hi - I first joined HHO in 2007 but haven't been here for a while. However I have been logging on in the last few weeks and have been reading your posts so I thought I'd just say hi. I used to post fairly regularly but last year I lost my husband quite suddenly to cancer. Some of you sent the...
  7. Nickijem

    Camping With Dogs

    I love going camping with my two spaniels. They know to stay near the tent but I do have a corkscrew stake and/or a lunge line that they are tied to when necessary. They both sleep on my double air bed with me to keep me warm - you can't beat two hot water spaniels for warmth! Since my husband...
  8. Nickijem

    Tell us why your dog is your hero...

    Thanks H. Yes it has been a bit of a rubbish year, so much has changed since I last saw you! I would definitely love to meet up for a walk - I'll message you on facebook. My girls would love to see yours again although they are busy at the moment going shooting on Saturdays. x
  9. Nickijem

    Tell us why your dog is your hero...

    Thank you RK! They are completely the best thing we could have right now and they continue to be real heroes. My husband is home now but quite poorly so spends his day lying on the sofa. His two girls curl up next to him and stay there with him all day without moving (which in itself can be a...
  10. Nickijem

    RIP Sweep

    Have been thinking of you today Slinks. Sweep was such a special little character. I know that no words can help at this moment but I hope your pain soon turns to happy memories. Much love x
  11. Nickijem

    St Sweep

    Oh Slinks - I haven't been on HHO for a while, but when I saw this thread I was very apprehensive opening it, I was dreading reading this. I am so sorry and I know that no words can make this any easier for you. He has had a fab life of fun and happiness so doing the kindest thing for him only...
  12. Nickijem

    Tell us why your dog is your hero...

    My 2 springers have been my heroes this last month. My husband has had a lengthy stay in hospital after being diagnosed with cancer. My friends have been very supportive and have said they feel sorry for me going home to an empty house after visiting time. Except - it isn't an empty house, I...
  13. Nickijem

    Happiness is back in my life - as promised

    Am SO pleased for you Cas. I know that Joey would definitely approve too! When I lost my first dog, I had so much trouble coming to terms it, but I spoke to my doctor and he just said without hesitation, 'get another dog'. It was the best thing I ever did. I knew I couldn't replace Sykes but I...
  14. Nickijem

    Best place to sell a western saddle??

    I sold mine on ebay - got twice as much as I thought I'd get! Used citylink to post it from the midlands to the north of scotland for less than £15.
  15. Nickijem

    What calms your dogs?

    A real fire. As soon as my mad springers go into a room with an open fire, they will calm down and curl up in front of it.
  16. Nickijem

    Ifor Williams trailers

    I have a 510 which comfortably takes my 17.1 and my friend's 16hh. A great trailer that is 10 years old now and still in great condition.
  17. Nickijem

    I say good bye to Joey

    Cas - I hope you are coping alright. I know it is hard to keep busy but it might help. You say you wished you cuddled him more - I am sure you gave him loads of cuddles. You need to try to remember that. Don't expect there to be light at the end of the tunnel yet. But there will be one day...
  18. Nickijem

    People taking pictures.

    One of the hacks I go on goes through quite a touristy village so have had several pics taken as I ride through the village square. Once though I had only just left the yard when a car overtook me then stopped and the passenger got out and asked if she could take picture of me and my horse. I...
  19. Nickijem

    I say good bye to Joey

    I am so so sorry. When ever we take on an animal we know that there is going to be a time when we will have to lose them. Until that time we should make the most of our time with them and give them the best life we can. You did that for Joey then you allowed him a peaceful and dignified death...
  20. Nickijem

    The things non-horsey people say......

    Stoopid phone.... "12" I replied. "Oh so he is quite big then!" said my mum!
  21. Nickijem

    The things non-horsey people say......

    My mum when I bought Jerry: "How old is he ?" I replied "12
  22. Nickijem

    not infront of the children!

    One of the perks of being a primary school teacher is reading the children's accounts of what they have done at the weekend! A lot include daddy or mummy drinking too much. Once we were talking in the class about the birds we might see in the garden. I showed the children a picture of a...
  23. Nickijem

    Are you or have you ever been a BHS member? Why – or why not?

    Ah but Boolavogue - remember that you get what you pay for. As I stated in my post, I went through a real ordeal trying to claim on the pl insurance through the BHS. Both my friend's horse and mine got out of their field and damaged a third party's property. My friend was insured with the NFU...
  24. Nickijem

    Are you or have you ever been a BHS member? Why – or why not?

    I was a gold member for a few years mainly for the pl insurance. However last year I had to make a claim as my horse damaged a third party's property. Unfortunately the process I had to go through to settle the claim was so stressful and cost me so much in time making phone calls as my claim was...
  25. Nickijem

    Great way to spend Friday night-not!

    How scary. So glad it had a happy ending.
  26. Nickijem

    Wow! That was one loooong winter!

    So lovely to actually feel some warmth in the sunshine at last. It has certainly been the longest winter I can remember. It was 7 months ago when the gritters first went out - that gives some idea about how long it has been. Coupled with the fact that my horse had a recurring abscess over the...
  27. Nickijem

    Vibes for our springer please, and some advice needed...

    She is beautiful and I wish her well! X
  28. Nickijem

    Any other horse owning teachers out there?

    I have a horse on DIY and teach full-time. I get up at 5.30am to do the stable before work. I try to leave school by 5pm on 2 nights a week so I can ride - I get changed at school and go straight to the yard. I usually do my planning and marking in the evening when I sit down about 8.30pm but...
  29. Nickijem

    leicestershire riding buddies

    Hi - where in leics are you? I have a 17yr old gelding who I am trying to get fit but have been hampered by the weather! I am trying to hack out as much as possible as I don't have a school.
  30. Nickijem

    Very proud of myself first solo hack

    Well done you solo hackers! I did my first solo hack in 6 months a few weeks ago. I am determined to keep going out on my own this year as I know our confidence will improve. Keep it up and good luck!