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    Dog owner being sued for £5m after rider was thrown from horse

    I’ll be interested in the outcome of this case too. We’ve noticed a big uptick in the number of off lead dogs around us when hacking - sometimes nearly a field away from their owners and clearly not under control. I wonder if a lot of inexperienced people bought puppies over lockdown and now...
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    What do people use to pull an arena leveller?

    We use the ride on mower and a custom leveller that is a bit smaller and lighter (and cheaper!) than the arenamate. To be fair, it’s probably on the cusp of being too much for the mower, but we don’t have a quad so we manage!
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    Could You Gel With A Grumpy Horse?

    I would describe my fabulous old boy as a bit of a grumpy old man, but it’s more that he has clear opinions on what he does and does not like (grooming is a no unless shedding or a soft mitt on his face, clipping is tolerated but we have a deal not to do the tickly armpits etc) and I respect...
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    me too, depending on length of hack it might start at a multiple of 10!
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    Is he spooky or just normal for a horse

    Our new boy can be a bit like that, definitely worse on spring grass. Bizarrely he’s fine with traffic, tractors etc, but nature in any form usually sets him off 🙈 he has good days and bad days, usually related to how anxious about life he is feeling…
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    Comfiest horses ever?

    My old boy is just the comfiest - everyone remarks upon it! 15hh, unknown breeding. Supposedly part connie but I just don’t see it. I’d guess some TB in there, maybe some welsh. He’s just like an armchair or a rocking horse!
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    Indulgent horsey purchase, but so worth it 😁 - haynet filler

    I’ve been looking at something like this as like @milliepops, if I never had to fill a haynet again I’d be a happy person! Is it a faff to get the haynet onto it? That’s been the only thing putting me off…
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    Pictures Finn’s first show report.

    Oh isn’t he gorgeous! Well done both of you xx
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    Riding Tights Recommendations

    Blackfort equestrian are my favourites, they’ve lasted well and are super comfy.
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    Bareback Footwear - Piaffe boots?

    I’ve got the Phoenix pair from the same company. Mine were stiff at first but have softened over time and are super comfortable now. I’ve also had the rear zip replaced by then and had excellent service. 🤞 you break yours in soon!
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    What temperature would you bath and not bath your horse with cold water

    I have two greys and don’t really bother with full body baths any more unless it’s high summer and they’re really sweaty. Manes and tails I wash year round in hot water (I’m lucky they’re at home so I can just fill buckets from the utility room!) Otherwise I just spot clean the dirty bits with...
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    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    He is utterly gorgeous in this pic!
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    Addington Equestrian - anyone know what's going on?

    I do remember trying to warm up for the sj phase of some combined training at quainton in a narrow strip of the outdoor they’d roped off - not great for those of us of a delicate constitution when there were children whizzing under your feet on their ponies! That said, I still really liked it...
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    One year on - “not so new” boy update

    I know! He was 12 when we bought him so I was hopeful they’d last, but alas not 😔 I’m biased of course, but I think he is ☺️ The sweetest bit is he genuinely hasn’t got a clue, he’s the kindest, most Labrador-like horse I’ve ever come across. In stark contrast to my older boy, who is gorgeous...
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    One year on - “not so new” boy update

    Our not so new boy has been with us a year now and is really settling in. I did a little then and now photo comparison to remind me how far we’ve come and was pretty chuffed! In my friend’s words “in some ways he is twice the horse you bought, and in one particular way, half 😂” The only sad...
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    Addington Equestrian - anyone know what's going on?

    Ooh yes, quainton was a favourite when I first started with my pony, the outdoor was just lovely.
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    Addington Equestrian - anyone know what's going on?

    I just saw that and was going to post! Addington is only 20 minutes down the road from us and was my favourite place to compete, so I’m delighted.
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    Dairy free baking?

    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions, really looking forward to having a couple of practice runs now! (And I am SO up for trying peanut butter icing!)
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    Dairy free baking?

    I’ve been asked to bake some dairy free cupcakes for a friend. I’m a pretty experienced baker, but for some reason I’ve never been asked to do dairy free before! I’ve checked and it’s definitely just dairy free, not vegan, so eggs are ok. I was thinking either going for a naturally dairy free...
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    Greys and their darn ability to stain easily!

    Is he clipped? Sometimes I’ve found you just have to wait for the winter coat to shed and the nice clean summer coat to come through!
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    Sweetitch products - best ones out there

    I’ve been trying the shires highlander and although I thought it fitted nicely and looked comfortable, the belly flap is too long for my gelding and I found it full of pee yesterday 🤢 back to the drawing board!
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    Ad - lib Hay

    Neither of mine have ever reached self-regulation, as much as I would love them to. Both have to be carefully managed, particularly our more recent addition as he had several bouts of laminitis in his previous home. Interestingly our young Shetland is probably the closest to self-regulation -...
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    Bringing in three

    I bring my two horses and Shetland in together - two in one hand, one in the other. I leave all but the field gate wide open to make it easier. Otherwise Shetland waits at the gate and I come back for him. The other two might call on the yard for him but they cope just fine 😀
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    Berks/ Oxon Bitting Specialist recommendations

    I don’t know how far she travels, but Olivia Turner was fabulous with me and my boy x
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    I’m so sorry. I think all horse owners live in fear of going through what you’re going through right now. My thoughts are with you x
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    Back of saddle pad rubbing

    Thanks all, I’m off to Google! @ycbm I do agree and am very careful with saddle fit. I think this is more as a result of the sheer thickness of his coat and a cotton saddle pad just creating a ridge in the hair as it sticks rather than moves with the hair as he moves, plus he is starting to...
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    Back of saddle pad rubbing

    The back of my horse’s saddle pad appears to be rubbing. He’s got a super thick coat (blanket clipped) and it seems to be creating a ‘ridge’ in the deep coat that doesn’t disappear with brushing. No issues with saddle fit (checked very recently). Does anyone have any recommendations for a...
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    Hi-Viz exercise sheet

    I’ve got mark Todd and shires - both fit very well and have lasted so far!
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    Bitting clinic - experiences ?

    I had a great session with Olivia Turner. She spent time getting to know my horse, his history, asked all the right questions about tack checks, teeth etc, examined his mouth conformation and talked about what I wanted to improve. She then watched me ride in my (then) current bit, before trying...
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    Turnout rugs without leg straps

    My Rambo has a fillet string with a handy clear plastic cover that stops the poo sticking to it. Google tells me you can buy them separately and just clip them on. Have to admit I prefer leg straps myself but we have a very windy field and they seem to hold rugs down better!