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    Juvenille Hock arthritus

    My boy was diagnosed two years ago almost at the age of 6yrs with juvenille arthritus in his hocks. He has now had two cortisone injections and Tildren drip both times also. Hes on a joint supplement and devils claw. Did your horses hocks fuse? If so how long roughly did it take? Did it help...
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    Hock arthritus

    Hock arthritus?? Today i found out my pony had juvenille arthritus ( hes only just 6 yrs old ). I took the choice to cortisone them but was told to think about surgery. They fuse the bone together which makes it pain free. Has anyone had this done? Are the results worth it? How was after...
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    My pony is refusing to canter, leaps, skips and if you push him he bucks. Teeth reg done, saddle fine and had physio and chiropractor. Not tracking up Properly behind. A few people have mention stomach ulcers but other then bucking he don’t show any other signs. Just wondered what people’s...
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    Lesson on the black Limo ( Ellie my Friesian )

    Built for comfort not speed! :biglaughA: Its our 2nd lesson with new instructor ( had to miss one due to her rib popping out ). Shes feeling fab, though today was bloody hard work in 23 degrees. So here are a few pics,
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    Stud placement wanted

    My daughter has done her training at The ational stud, and from there was put on a placement in Newmarket, But sadly the stud cannot afford to keep her on anymore, so between us and the national stud we are trying to find another placement for her. She has brilliant references and is a bright...
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    Potential friesian buyers BEWARE!!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a news letter from the FHAGBI.. In the past few months the popularity of friesians in the uk has soared and there has been an ever increasing number of friesian horses available for purchase. -However, FHAGBIis...
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    Refining the canter aid....How?

    We,ve been a bit here and there with riding laterly with the crap weather, We,ve not cantered in an enclosed area yet but have in a field on a large circle and out hacking, we,ve just started hiring the local school again and im re starting my lessons in march. Sometimes when i ask for canter i...
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    Livery yards 10 mile radious of Letchworth?

    Im testing the water for livery yards (with good hacking/manage) within 10 mile radious of Letchworth
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    Student placement questions??

    My daughter is starting at her placement on 5th jan 09, She will be getting under 16 min wage £3.53, i think i worked it out as £141 a week 7.30am to 4.30pm. The lady is taking £80 out of that for food and bills....I find that rather steep for a child her age on that wage...or am i wrong. She...
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    Yeeeaaahhhhh Mastiff has a homeeeeeeee!!!!!

    Well after a whole day almost of trying to sort a home out for the mastiff,we just met a fab young couple who are taking crying im so pleased!! They are going to stay in touch and update with piccies etc. Im sooo pleased
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    Urgent plea.Bullmastiff needs home by tomorrow

    Our local pound has a 2/3 yr old brindle mastiff bitch who will be pts tomorrow unless rehomed,as she has so many more dogs coming in and has no where for them to go,This bitch is an unclaimed rescue so has no history but is very friendly and obedient. Also she has a 2yr old german shepherd boy...
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    My dogs Monty Bear x Fifi

    Thought id post a few pics
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    Sharer wanted / Herts

    Im looking for an exp confident rider to help exercise my 16 1/4hh mare 2 or 3 times a week,shes rising 5yrs,hacks alone and in company but needs a rider who will push her on if shes unsure. The person is welcome to compete if they wish.Shes a very level headed mare,not silly or spooky.
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    Our 1st dressage

    We done our 1st dressage test a few weeks ago, Lots to work on but it was a good experience and she was a good girl,
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    Middleton Stud...Newmarket?

    Has anyone used this stud before ? Any info good or bad
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    German shepherd rescue

    Im not a volunteer for the gsr, if anyone is after a gsd and can offer a good permanent home please pm me
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    What dogs do you have?

    Hi im new and being a nosey person wondered what dogs everyone has? I have two German Shepherds Monty is 5 yrs and bear is 11 mths and a chinese crested x yorkie
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    Pictures of my Friesian Mare

    Here are a few pics of my friesian mare Ellie
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    Pictures of my Friesian Mare

    Here are a few pics of my friesian mare Ellie
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    Pictures of my Friesian Mare

    Here are a few pics of my friesian mare Ellie...
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    Hello im new

    Hello everyone in new to Horse x Hound forum,Im have a 4 yr old friesian mare called Ellie,shes a tiouch under 16.1hh Hello