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    Tack for local showing?

    Hi all, I haven't posted for a while but feel compelled to this evening. I have been out watching my friends showing locally today and was slightly bemused by some of the tack I saw being used in the hunter and novice class I watched. Flash nose bands on several horses ( I have always...
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    Pelham - dressage legal?

    During a discussion on another forum a young lady suggested that a Pelham was allowed at intro level (and she had the rule book so how dare I contradict her!) I don't believe this to be true, based on the tightness on the rules of BD as regards snaffle arrangements but know you can use a...
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    Drying a rain soaked pony

    Hi all, I've not posted for a bit, still undecided about the new look but have finally found the new thread button. I put my boys out naked (oh the horror!) however at the moment it seems that an hour before I can get down it rains and so I have a wet coblet waiting for me. Does anyone...
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    Longton riding club

    Hi all, It is Longton's first show just wondering if anyone is going! If you are come say hello.
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    Horse box costs - just mooting an idea :D

    Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a box as opposed to my trailer. I have grandmother rights on my license so can go up to a 7.5T, which I would be happy to drive. Hubby has HGV but I would want one I can take out on my own if necessary. Could anyone help me with ball...
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    Walk only schooling session -do you?

    Hi all, Felt like rubbish when I got to the yard tonight but really wanted to ride the boy. Decided to do a walk only schooling session. Began with lots of flexing and big circles then worked on much smaller circles. Moved on to 10m circles from the centre line (sort of figures of eight -...
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    Should I hog him? :D

    Or just leave him au natrel?
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    Clipping fun

    Clipped my friend's mare this afternoon. She asked me to do a bow over her tail and lots of hearts. So.... And ... I like it :). Wouldn't do it to my boy but my friend loves it. Anybody done anything similar this year?
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    DIY paying by the kilo - prices?

    Hi all, Have been discussing with friends how their livery price is worked out. Some pay by the kilo for hay, haylage and straw. There was quite a difference. Do you do this? How much do you pay?
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    Do you regularly change your horse's bit?

    Do you do this? I can understand how it would freshen up the horse and put pressure on different parts of the mouth, I've never really done it but my boy seems to go lovely when I switch from his Pelham and back, as if he likes the change. I might play with some of the rest of our huge...
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    So proud of my boy - dressage report

    As many of you know my boy had a knee op :( summer last year. So we have had a rough 18 months involving box rest and slow introduction back to work. Today we went out for the first time and competed - admittidly only a walk and trot,intro a, test but this time 12 months ago I struggled to...
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    Putting a pony into harness

    Has anyone here put a pony into harness? I am seriously looking to do this with my little guy as I really feel he needs more of a job than he has at present. Any tips, hints or thoughts would be most appreciated :)
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    Dressage legal?

    Before I make a fool out of my self is my sprenger type 2 kk legal? Photo for those not familiar: Or I will just have to buy an alternative ;)
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    Summer clipping...

    This is why I have to clip my boy all year round. I last clipped at the beginning of July! And he didn't look that hairy until I started clipping him. :eek: He was much more comfortable out hacking tonight.
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    What indicates a 'good' owner?

    Was having a conversation with one of the other liveries and she said to me "I'm suprised you put your boys out naked; you don't seem to be that kind of owner!". Cue my what the heck face, to which she replied "I mean the way you always groom, have clean tack and spotless beds just thought...
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    A year on from horsepital....

    As many of you will remember my boy went to horsepital a year ago to have arthroscopy. I was devastated as he is my world. He recovered well and I did everything by the book, including slimming him down by 50kGs . We had an interesting time when he came off box rest as he was a 'raging...
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    A constant battle against mites...

    My boy suffers terribly from this chronic problem. Having read various papers etc I am currently in the middle of a four week programme to try and combat the mites and heal his poor legs, he yet again has an attack of salanders that I tried treating in isolation but to no avail. So what have I...
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    So our yard owner announces ...

    That he is buying a set of weighing scales to weigh the horses so we can all keep track of their weights. I'm so excited and think it is such a brilliant proactive move. :)
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    Riders rasp

    I have rounded my boys feet using this yesterday and am amazed at what a good job it has done. Has anyone else used one? Any hints or tips?
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    Sunburn protection

    Do all fly rugs prevent sunburn? I want to clip my boy as he is overheating whilst schooling but don't nt to risk him getting sunburnt on his white bits. Lots of fly rugs claim uv protection. Is this true of all fly rugs or do I need to buy a special one?
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    Just to let you all know ;)

    Avon skin so soft is half price at the mo - stock up on it now! The bath oil makes fantastic flyspray (when emulsified and diluted) and the dry oil is excellent on it's own. You need the 'fresh' version. Just thought I'd let you all know :D
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    which saddle as an equivalent to a derby house samba?

    My friend tried to order an xw Samoa from derby house as it fits her boy perfectly. problem is they wouldn't accept the order said they can't guarantee it!!! anyone know of a very similar saddle in terms of style and fit?
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    Registering a horse and rider with British Dressage

    Hi all, Having been inspired by my new instructor I am beginning to think about becoming a member of BD. What's the process to register myself and my boy? Do we need FEI registration? Thanks in advance x
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    Reoccuring Azoturia - My poor friend is in bits :(

    Hi all, My friend has a 6 year old TB x mare. She has had a rough ride (including my friend having her pelvis broken) with her really but is now being faced with a possible horrid descision. My friend's mare keeps tying-up; we are talking the whole dripping sweat, red urine the lot. She...
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    superfix sports max

    Does anyone use this product? my friend has seen good results and i was thinking of it for my boy - anyone had any experience before i spend my £80!
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    Two tone (black and brown) saddle - would you?

    Hi all, I'm having a saddle made for my boy as I have finally found one that suits the both of us! As it's being made I can have any combination of colours, suede vs ordinary leather I want. I'm toying with the idea of having brown with a black seat and knee rolls. My boy is piebald...
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    Does anyone use a helmet cam?

    Just wondering if anybody uses one and which one you have? Thinking of christmas :)
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    My boy's first feel of freedom since his op :)

    My boy finally got to have his first taste of freedom after box rest then controlled exercise for the last 5 months. I took a few pics :) He was just a bit playful :)
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    a happy post ~ got to ride my boy today :)

    After 3 months of box rest, knee arthroscopy and recuperation i got to ride my boy today. He did try to perform handstands! but I'll let him off this once he was only celebrating :)
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    best respiratory supplement?

    Hi all. My friend has a vetran heavy who has a little copd. she has previously used global herbs to help her through the winter. Was just wondering what others have used and if any are better than global herbs?