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    electric fencing

    I've just taken a lease out on 9 acres of grazing split into 6 fields but not one of them is secure no real fencing as such just crumbling hedges. So im going to secure a field at a time until its all fenced. It will be for 2 13.2hh,which at present are kept at 2 different yards so its going to...
  2. J

    Neem oil - rain scald

    Has anyone tried using neem oil for rain scald? if you have how is it best used?
  3. J

    rain scald

    Ive got a new pony coming next week, she been out unrugged all winter and has a fair amount of rain scald. I think with a bit of brushing the whole lot is going to lift, so what is the best way to treat it? is there any good product out there that you can recommend. She will be stable by night...
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    greedy pony

    My pony is a very good doer so is on limited haylage 7kg a night. As she is on limited amount is only lasting 7 hours even with it tripled netted. Any idea of how to make it lat longer?
  5. J

    what cross?

    i bought my dog as a whippet in october but i'm sure she is a cross, so what do you think she is crossed with
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    hi anyone know roughly how much it is to have a dog castrated?
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    if you had a pony of un known worming that looks wormy. what would you worm with?
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    how much?

    ok i know i'm not meant to post these type of post but o well. welsh section D 14.2hh. 5 years old hacks alone or in company. good to travel, catch, shoe has done x country, jumping ridden and in hand placed
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    mane growth

    my horse is missing part of his mane from were his turnout rug has rubs. is there any products or suggestions on how to get it grow back more quickly
  10. J

    devon dealers

    any you would recommend?
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    ok i'm trying to talk oh into letting me have another dog, we have a JRT at the mo. we use to have a lurcher but i had to rehome her as we were about to be made homeless, as it happen we got some else. i so wish we could have her back so he like whippets/lurchers/ greyhounds. but as we have one...
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    they are have laugh (ebay)

    i've just been looking on ebay and come across this they are taking to p... as they are only £20 new
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    homemade horse treats

    i saw a recipe for them in last month horse and rider mag but now can't find the mag. so has anyone got the recipe? or any other recipes?
  14. J

    how much haylage?

    ok i have a 6months old foal that is stable by night, so has haylage at night. which i'm un sure if she is eating enough. i'm feeding it ad lib but was wondering how to work out how much she should be having?
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    i was just wondering if there is anyone that would be kind enough to do me a new signature please
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    Gateway timeout is ******* me off. what is wrong with this forum again. i'm sure it's a thing that happens at this time of year every year
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    horse insurance. who with?

    if other please state thanks
  18. J

    cough medicine

    have you every heard of giving a horse children's cough medicine to cure a horse's cough?
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    foal alert

    today i collect my foal. she is a total gem not bothered by anything. loaded straight in the trailer, travel for 4 hours and came out the other end as if she only been in there 10 minutes.
  20. J

    foal rugs

    i need to get a rug for my foal that i'm getting. am i better to get a foal rug or pony rug?? she is in 4ft 3. i don't really want to pay alot as she probably going to out grow in before the winter is out
  21. J

    general supplements

    worth feeding or a waste of money?? any you would recommend
  22. J

    loan agreement

    i've been looking for the bhs loan agreement for the last hour and can't get the link to work. does anyone have a copy they could email me or a link that works
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    i just been looking online at a auction catalogue, some of the lots say horse suckers. what does it mean?
  24. J

    puppy help please

    my puppy that is 4 months old doesn't seem right today. she has been sick from eating grass, also i've just been out in the garden to pick up poo. one of the poos was like liquid and a whitish colour with red bits in. what do you think it is
  25. J

    vaccination voucher
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    Puppy help

    i have just got a 6 week old JRT puppy, she was covered in fleas which i have spend the last hour picking off her.can i use frontline on her? what should she be fed, how many times a day? what should she wormed with( i don't think she has been wormed at all) ?
  27. J

    equine sports massage

    i'd never heard of this before today, what are your views on it?
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    ok i'm worming a horse with unknown worming past. i've just done 5 days of pancur guard which is bring out loads of red worms. so do i then do him agian 2 weeks later for tapeworm then on to a normal worming program. or is that wrong
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    how do you think he is looking condition wise? i did think he was looking lean but know i've taken pic and compared them to ones from june i don't think he is. what do you think of his conformation
  30. J

    stable mirrors

    are they any good? which ones are the best to get as they vary in price/ size/ width.