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    EHV 1 Outbreak

    There is a massive outbreak of EHV 1 Neurological strain at one of the shows in Spain. 4 horses are dead and 85 more affected. Related cases have already been found in W. Europe. The FEI have cancelled all show on Mainland W Europe until the end of March. We desparately need to keep this out of...
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    Bonner Bandages

    Does anyone know if you can still buy these. I am using one that someone has lent me but I would love to find one for myself.
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    Kissing Gates and horses

    I have a 17 acre field that runs down to the bottom of the valley. It has a two way slope both down and across (Lovely on a tractor!) and there is a footpath running diagonally across the field. Several years ago the council removed the stiles and put in sprung gates much against my wishes, but...
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    I have to replace a fence between myself and my neighbour. I have fairly valuable young horses and he has large cattle. At present it is post and rail with barbed wire run on the same posts, but on the cattle side of the fence. It is about 10 years old and the posts have all rotted and come...
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    H & H Subscription

    Is anyone else having problems with their subscription copies of H & H? For the last few weeks it has been consistently late. (Christmas & New Year so maybe some excuse) Last week's issue never came at all. Tried to ring several times but no reply. e mailed and 48 hours later no reply to...
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    This week's Horse & Hound

    Is anyone else having trouble getting their H & H magazine this week? I have a subscription but it has not arrived. Particularly wanted to read an article that someone has told me about (so magazine has been issued) so went to newsagents and they have not had any! Come on H & H where are you!
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    Salaries paid by Equine Colleges

    I was very surprised today to read an advert by an equine college for a yard groom of BHS Stage 2/NVQ level 2 with a wage of £8.72/hour. I wonder who in the commercial equestrian world could afford to pay this level of salary for that standard of employee and be able to pass that on to...
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    Oster Golden A5 Clippers

    Has anyone got any of these and use them on horses for trimming? If so what size blades are you using? (The reference is the number engraved on the blade)
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    Slippery Rubber Mats

    I have rubber mats, that are admittedly getting a little old, but they have not lost their surface ribbing/pimples. However, the ones near the door and the water tubs, that do get wet frequently, have become dangerously slippery. I have tried washing with Fairy Liquid, detergent, bleach and even...
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    Eurosport World Cup SJ Commentator

    Does anyone know who the commentator was on tonight's Eurosport coverage of the SJ World Cup from Oslo? If so could they please let him know that Rolf Goran-Bengston is not the 'first and only Swedish sportsperson to be World Number 1.' Does anyone remember a certain Bjorn Borg who was quite...
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    What channel event jumping

    Help! I have just come in to watch event SJ and find it is not on red button selection where is it?!
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    E-Questrian Evening

    Breakspear Riding Club (Affiliated) is running a Brains Trust type evening next Friday 9th March, 7.30 for 8pm at Sarratt Village Hall near Rickmansworth. (WD3 6AS) in aid of Brooke Hospital and the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund. There is a fantastic panel including Yogi Breisner, Chef GB...
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    Brood mares for loan

    I have a couple of well bred show jumping (or event) brood mares for loan. Any suggestions as to the best way to advertise them?
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    Equestrian Table Top Sale

    One for your diaries. Come and snatch a recession beating bargain! Equestrian Table Top Sale Saturday 14th November 2pm - 4pm at Chesham High School, White Hill, Chesham, Bucks. Event is run by Breakspear Riding Club and Chesham High School Pony Club - one of the very few state school pony...
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    Hauptner Clippers

    Does anyone else here use the Hauptner 2000 clippers with a purple case? If so have you had any problems with the cable breaking inside the clipper head causing the clipper to cut in and out as you move it around? We are a busy yard and are now on a second pair of clippers, the first having been...
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    Help! Water Buckets

    Has anyone found a solution to a horse constantly tipping over its water bucket? I have tried: An ordinary bucket A large tub of water A bucket sunk in tyres Water in the feed manger bolted to the wall Always the same result, the mare is determined to upend everything. She uses her teeth, feet...