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    Big horse yard m6 before Stafford service's

    That's Acton Hill. I've never been there but have heard it is very nice.
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    Just had a narrow escape - Amazon undelivered/reschedule delivery

    This happens with us too! My OH keeps looking at cars. It was ages before I let on that I could see what he'd been looking at.😗
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    Just had a narrow escape - Amazon undelivered/reschedule delivery

    Certainly does. We've sometimes just been talking about something and the next thing it's advertised on your Facebook page. Phone's do seem to have ears.
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    Just had a narrow escape - Amazon undelivered/reschedule delivery

    We had a landline call last night purporting to be Amazon regarding a pending order. Neither of us had ordered anything but we were thinking how easy it would be to get scammed if you were actually waiting for an order. We rarely order from Amazon but strangely I have been looking at fencing...
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    Considerations when buying a field for equestrian use

    I would speak to neighbouring properties with horses to ask what the area is like for keeping and riding horses. Listen to the positives and negatives and decide if the area suits you.
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    Damp Breeze Block wall - stables - Recomendations please

    I used to have a breeze block stable which I painted with a rubberised paint, but it was on the outside wall, not the inner. It worked very well but I'm not sure if it would on the inside wall, may just create condensation? You'll probably have damp seeping in at ground level too. A concrete...
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    Zinc oxide help

    If you want to mix it into a cream buy a tub of Aqueous Cream from Home Bargain. It's about 99p for a large tub. I would be wary of sudocrem and oily creams as they block the hair follicles.
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    Looming yard closure

    Going to appeal isn't done lightly as it costs a lot of money.
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    Horse lifting/shaking hind legs

    Yes, have seen this in one of ours which turned out to be hock spavin. I would get your vet to have a look. Hind limb issues can be difficult to detect,especially in early stages.
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    Spraying for weeds in September?

    In addition to advise above If it's mainly for buttercups the manufacturers of Envy confirm their product can be used from spring through to September. For any weedkiller you need to have a sufficient amount of leaf for optimum uptake and the leaves should be dry. Ie no dew or rain. Autumn is...
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    Horsebox Essentials

    Not sure if anyone's said this, but extinguisher. I also carry a couple of old rugs(horse) and some baler twine. Notepad and pen. Torch.
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    Advice on creating all weather turnout area

    If its that wet I would suggest digging out and putting in some drainage pipes but you would need somewhere to drain into.
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    I got stepped on by a horse on the top of my foot.

    Get it checked. There are too many bones and soft tissues in the foot to not do anything about it. I remember from my broken ankle days that the talus bone (top of foot) has a poor blood supply and heals very slowly and not always well. If you can feel something moving you may have chipped a...
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    strange bite or could it be ringworm?

    I agree sterile salt water to clean wound. 1 teaspoon salt to 1 pint warm water. It's important to dilute carefully as if it's too strong it can kill living cells. Get an antibacterial ointment to put on it. I always use flamazine, which is a silver ointment. Don't use wound powder or sudocrem...
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    Field being weed sprayed - how long to keep them off?

    Depends on what he’s using. Some are one week, others are two weeks. I always leave an extra week just to be sure. Obviously be aware of ragwort.
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    How can I keep flies out of a wound?

    Hopefully you have diluted the hibiscrub? In any event it should only be used in the early stages as it actually delays healing. Salt water , diluted 1 teaspoon in 1 pint warm water, is good for cleaning wounds. Flamazine is a silver ointment and good for healing. Battles summer fly cream is...
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    Goodbye Bob

    So sorry.xx
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    Buttercup burn????

    It could be a reaction to the lanolin in sudocreme. It's not unusal to be allergic to lanolin. I only use flamazine on my sensitive boy. Is there any Common Hogweed in the paddock, as that will cause nasty skin burns.
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    How to fix *awful* forelock

    I would try to pull it a bit which should get it to look more natural and then just wait for it to grow.
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    What would you do with this field?

    Could you move them between fields each day so they get the grass down gradually. Possibly fence off a smaller area so they get it down more quickly, then strip graze the rest.
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    Colic - healing vibes please

    So sorry for your loss.
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    Le Chameau Shortage

    I've been waiting for a replacement pair of a certain make ( original pair faulty) for three months now. 😥
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    Reputable horsebox companies

    Friends have Bloomfields which are lovely We have JM Horesbox which we are extremely pleased with. Martin (Taylor) is passionate about his boxes.
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    Horse cough

    I would get your vet to do a scope to determine what she is allergic too. Possibly dust and spores from hay. Do you soak the hay? Feeding haylage may be better for her.
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    Recommend me a horsy mini break (I don't have a horse, and I don't want to just hack!)

    Ingestre Stables, Staffordshire. Training by FBHS, BHSI or below. Good selection of horses. Hacking over Cannock Chase. On site accommodation.
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    Horse passed an Incomplete vetting

    I think vettings are very subjective and only a snapshot of how the horse was on the day. It will not guarantee the horse is 100pc sound. In your situation I would have the bloods run and would contact the vet to question why lunging wasn't done as, in your opinion, there was a safe place to do it.
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    Horse passed an Incomplete vetting

    Is there an explanation of why that wasn't done? When I bought my last horse the vet didn't lunge on the hard because "no safe place to do it". But this was my own vet and trusted his judgement. Did you have bloods taken which you can have tested for medication? If the horse can not be ridden...
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    Towing 3 or 4 horse trailers??

    You need to consider how four people will be transported too.
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    Poor Fencing and Horses

    Barbed wire is awful stuff and should never be used where horses are kept. Sheep wire is another no no.
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    Dealers, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

    Rowton Stables and Lucie Turner.