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    You have to laugh . . . .

    Or cry! I saw this on another thread and, well, wow. So colts need to have there knackers off at ten days old :eek: And as for my stallion, I'd better get a suit of armor lol. Next time he puts his head on my...
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    So I made the mistake of . . . .

    . . . getting show schedules ready last night. Schoolgirl error. Poor little yearling had to have three stiches tonight :( I came up to find a nasty gash under the poor little chaps eye. Got lovely purple stiches mind but ahhh! On the plus side it's been cleaned up and he is all meds up...
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    Quick e-bay question!

    Anyone bought off e-bay and paid by money transfer? all been ok'd by ebay e-mails but wanna check :o Is it that I put cash into this and it gets sent direct to seller? is it 100% safe? Gward I'm such a e-bay virgin! lol
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    Anyone else had a rat trap go off in your hand?!

    Well my thumb anyway and blooming well ouch! :( Stupid thing, well stupid me I guess, it went off whilst I was setting it and caught the fleshy part of my thumb. My thumb swelled to 4 times the size in front of my eyes and went a lovely shade of purple. Still, could wiggle it so no drama...
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    E-bay etiquette . . . Help!

    Ok when there is a starting price but no 'buy it now' price, how the blooming heck do you know how much you should bid?! I'm new to e-bay and watching an item that only has one bid on it, should I just bid slightly over the other person? Does the seller just not sell if the bids are too low...
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    Pictures of mares in foal 5months +

    As title! I'm looking for pictures of broodmares in the 5 months onward stage of pregnancy please. Just like to see some comparisons.
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    Horse and Hound show edition

    Psst when is it out?
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    What happened to the post where . . . .

    The OP had bought a colt, was dropped off to a livery but was unable to see it for a few days and the breeder took it back because of this? Can't find it and want to know how it all turned out!
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    Okie Dokie & Gem Twist Cloning

    So was chatting to a friend today about showjumpers we have loved and I mentioned Okie Dokie. My friend said that he and Gem Twist were going to be cloned. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
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    Just for a giggle . . . .

    What is the most stupid/ silly comment or bit of advice you have been given by the yard gossip/ know it all? :D
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    Is it wrong that I find the rats on my yard cute?

    Well I do! :o I know they are destructive and full of gward knows what but, when I was getting some straw off the big bale today, I had to kick the bale to loosen the section and out popped this little rat head and looked at me as if to say 'oi!' squeaked what was proberly a swear word in rat...
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    Would you breed from a stallion that has a sarcroid?

    As title. My friend has a fantastic colt who she hoped to get graded and breed from. Stunning breeding, paces attitude. Unfortunately he has a small sarcroid that is being treated by the vet but the said vet has now suggested castration because of this. Please can I have your opinions on...
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    Anyone bought from

    I'm on the hunt for a horsebox and whilst scanning through came across this company who have a lorry that is pretty much what I have been looking for. Just wanted to know if anyone has had any dealings with them. Please pm me good or bad! :)
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    Help! Dog is starting to get agressive towards other dogs

    Hi all. I have a 10 month old shepherd who is a very lovey and gentle dog in everyway and very obedient. She was chased a few times recently by other dogs and has now started to growl and bark and snap at other dogs :( She lives with a collie and has two other dogs come to play at my...
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    The weird things you have caught your horses doing: over 16's only

    Ok I say over 16 because of what I am going to write :o So picture it, christmas day, christmas songs playing on the radio, snow covered fields. . . . lovely christmas scene isn't it? Whilst mucking out I look up to see the weanling snuggling up to another colt looking for his mums teat...
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    Grass warts and the imnune system

    Hi My weanling has grass warts, common and nothing to worry about I know, but my vet made a passing comment about how it was good that they had them whilst young as it helps build up their imnume system. Now I wish I had asked them to elaborate but I didn't :o . . . So! does this mean...