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    I've just killed a pony

    How sad, a tragic accident. How many people leave their horses at shows on lorries tied up? lots that I know of. Sad that some people have to be so bloody minded with their views, very insensitive.
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    Leftover wormers

    I keep for 6mths then if not used by then I bin mine.
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    Nice hacking in Cov and Warks?

    We used to box over to Binley Woods and park in the big carpark by the speedway. The woods take you over towards Coombe Abbey and Brinklow. Not sure if you are still able to though as this was a few years ago. Maybe someone that lives more local to the area will be able to help.
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    Animal Friends Insurance?

    Found them very rude and very unprofessional. Had a real fight to get a payout. Would never recommend them. Awful!!
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    Bateson or IW

    Had a Bateson and loved it. Now have the new Ifor 511 and equally love it. Ifor has a bit more room. Both tow great.
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    Point to Point Fun!

    Fingers crossed yes. Having a girly day out with some school friends. Hope weather holds up.
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    Pure Fibre Balance - The fibre feed balance

    Mine have been eating this for about a year now after failing getting them to eat minerals after analysis. They all eat it and love it. I do add a small amount of Fast Fibre in winter.
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    Saddle fitter/master saddler

    Keith Bryan is excellent, master saddle fitter. He is a saddle teacher also.
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    animal friends insurance

    Had big problems with them also. Paid out eventually with my vets help. Very rude and unprofessional, I cancelled with them. You only know how good insurance companies are when you have to claim. Awful people.
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    Endurance people help needed.

    :) :)
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    Endurance people help needed.

    For bespoke bridles these are fab.
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    Do you sell or bin cheap no longer needed items ?

    I hoard too. Have at least 100 rugs, 10 saddles, 50 odd numnahs, 30 odd bridles, 14 riding hats, 30 odd pairs jodphurs and riding tights. I have a problem in that if i see something I like I have to have it in all the colours.
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    Buck Dvd

    Off to google the 7 dvd's :)
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    Buck Dvd

    Was given a dvd as a present and have just watched, Buck Brannaman Dvd, was not sure what to expect but really enjoyed it. Anyone else seen it? thoughts on the man. Never really heard of him before.
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    Corruption in Showing....

    I do not bother now, too many politics, far too many people judging local shows that really shouldn't be. I know of at least 2 judges that have been under the watch of RSPCA for neglect. Was told at a local show last year that my horse was too well behaved and nice to be at local showing...
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    Towing in snow-would you?

    No I wouldn't. Pressure or not. Not worth the risk.
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    western saddle

    Lady up the village has just bought a Fabtron, part synthetic I think. looks very nice.
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    Do you put any bedding on the floor of your trailer?

    Always use a couple of buckets of shavings for them to pee on. Had a horse slip on wet matting and smash his head open many years ago so have used shavings since.
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    Bute in the food chain & useless passportation

    When we had BSE other countries banned our meat, they should stop all imports of meat and support local businesses so we can supple our own.
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    Was this you? Do you know this person?

    I get looked down to as I wear at least a hi viz waistcoat if not a hi viz jacket and hat band. They laugh and snigger. I just can not believe people are so shallow. It really baffles me as to why 99% of riders I see do not wear hi viz.
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    Martin Clunes: Heavy Horse Power

    Having a heavy horse ourselves we loved the programme. Very hard to make an opinion on just a few snaps of him working and training them to harness, however, the barbed wire fencing would concern me. Great to see these lovely horses getting some TV coverage.
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    WWYD? Interfering people in a big way

    I would of gone ape there and then. What, how and why you do your horse has nothing to do with this person. You must be a very calm person , he could of caused a hell of a problem for your horse.
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    laminitis and selling

    Depends on the history really. My parents bought a horse 42 yrs ago that had awful lami, with careful management they got him back to full health and never again in his life did he have a touch of it. I wouldn't rule it out.
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    Tell me all you know about 3.5t boxes!!

    I looked at many makes and models before finally getting an Equitrek Sonic. Dealt with them direct and they were very helpful and prompt on dates. I only use it for one horse as have a trailer also. I bought it mainly for me to travel around to friends and shows on my own in the week. I like...
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    Darlan Fatal fall at Doncaster :(

    Because there is always one person to spoil things.
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    Darlan Fatal fall at Doncaster :(

    I am barely upset now about the horse I lost, but I am a fairly unemotional person. Most owners that I know are distraught for a long time; some for years; some forever. How can you comment/judge on anyones's level of grief when you have posted this. Unbelievable.
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    Darlan Fatal fall at Doncaster :(

    Well put across Alec. :)
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    What age for fitting a Saddle

    I would go with a well fitted 2nd hand saddle then go from there. The most important thing is that it fits correctly.
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    Darlan Fatal fall at Doncaster :(

    What is that saying, if you havent got something nice to say, dont say it at all?? Exactly, a poor horse has died.