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  1. ladyearl

    young traveller

    The folk who bought it have a mare, they have thrown the two together and as far as I can see the foal has "imprinted" on the new mare and thankfully the mare has accepted it. It's still very sad to me, even more so given the long journey the foal made to the uk having clearly been just taken...
  2. ladyearl

    young traveller

    OK thanks, just sad to see such a young looking foal away from its mother.
  3. ladyearl

    young traveller

    Is it normal for a foal to be off the mare and travelled across Europe at 16weeks? Not me, nothing to do with me, just something I have seen and it seems barbaric to me but I have not been involved in breeding so know nought.
  4. ladyearl

    Neighbours crying puppy......WWYD?

    Tell them. I did not know my dog had sep anxiety until my neighbour told me and now (a year on) with their help (listening for cries and reporting everything back, oh and providing a hiding venue for me to start leaving her for very short times) my dog will be OK left alone for a few hours!
  5. ladyearl

    Leonburgers- anyone have one?

    I believe the dog could be tested for potential glaucoma at one year old too. I don't think it a routinely done test here which is what my friend wanted to promote but met huge opposition from a lot of other British breeders who seemed to want to keep their heads in the sand.
  6. ladyearl


    Got another two back (they had obviously been hiding) and everyone is staying locked in for the next wee while!!! Not loving the work of Mr Fox I have to say - wasteful to kill and not eat! ~thank you for your replies
  7. ladyearl


    Sorry yes there were survivors and a cockerel who was up a tree. Normally there is a Goose running with the hens and I reckon she's been keeping them safe - or at least giving them notice of danger to fly. Complicated place - the Goose is temporarily in with the new peacock and hen so wasn't...
  8. ladyearl


    They can't get in now as have locked them into their fenced run, normally they have a very free range day time. I was being nice about foxes just thought they'd take the spoils of their kill and only come back when they were hungry for more. Not leave untouched bodies lying about!
  9. ladyearl

    Leonburgers- anyone have one?

    one thing to watch out for is glaucoma - this is apparently a British genetic fault and not one that is routinely being tested for :( this is why my friend's dog is blind and why she imported. Apparently she has caused a bit of a stooshy (Scottish word for argument) in trying to highlight this...
  10. ladyearl


    Am looking after some chickens just now and tonight arrived to find four bodies. At first I thought fox but then I was thinking the dead ones had hardly been touched - just one head removed. I then wondered if it might actually have been a dog that had got into the garden and had a bit of a turn...
  11. ladyearl

    Leonburgers- anyone have one?

    I have two friends who have just imported two puppies into the country from Hungary. One of them is a bit of an expert having owned and bred her own but when it came to getting a puppy didn't feel she could get a well enough bred one here. Big boisterous funny silly hard working sensitive...
  12. ladyearl

    How to stop my dog from chasing/herding the horses?

    As you've quite rightly realised she's simply doing what she's bred to do so if you call her back you need to "work" her in other words she'll be looking for her next command and if you don't give it then she'll go out again to do her "job". So I would suggest calling her back and diverting her...
  13. ladyearl

    Best thing to feed busy collie to put weight on

    My collie was very skinny when I got her and didn't start to put condition on until I fed her with fish4dogs. I saw a difference within a couple of weeks.
  14. ladyearl


    Sorry, nothing really valuable to pass on. I wouldn't have one of these dogs because I don't think they and I are a match breed wise. BUT I think they are adorable so handsome and strong and (if worked) looking stunning all muscled up. Good for you taking the rescue plunge I'm sure your original...
  15. ladyearl

    The new Pedigree advert

    I think when you've had eff all it probably does OK!
  16. ladyearl

    food for weight gain?

    Another vote for fish4dogs was only food that stuck to my dogs ribs when I got her.
  17. ladyearl

    Bitch in season - out for walk. I'm furious

    Yeah I heard that from another person who shows - she said dog's ears would prick up when they got that scent. I never met another person when she was in season thankfully. I think it would have been cruel and unmanageable to keep her (Border Collie) off for three weeks but I did try to be...
  18. ladyearl

    Bitch in season - out for walk. I'm furious

    When mine was in season I walked her away from busy places and early in the morning and later on. I kept her on an extending lead too. Wouldn't keep her in for three weeks but tried to minimize the risks. I gave her some herbal stuff and used bitch spray too but tbh not convinced that works...
  19. ladyearl

    Is it time to license all dog walkers ?

    I'd hate that and I wouldn't do it! How do you manage in summer when it's too hot to leave them in the van? I must admit I have one dog that I will collect first and drop off last (for her walk only) because she loves the van and being driven about!
  20. ladyearl

    Cost effective joint supplements for dogs

    I've pre emptively put my young dog (BC 2 yr old) on yumove it seemed to get a good rating in the cani cross and agility circuit.
  21. ladyearl

    Feeding advice/help please

    I'm not against raw a lot of people seem to swear by it but I had the same problem as you when I first got my rescue collie. Although tbh I don't think she'd really ever had any decent food before I got her at 10 months. After about 2 months I tried Fish4dogs and she has done well on it ever...
  22. ladyearl

    Is it time to license all dog walkers ?

    You can't just automatically get control over multiple dogs you have to put some effort and training in. Just as you do if you own multiple dogs of different breeds. It is achievable with some and others stay on lead!
  23. ladyearl

    Is it time to license all dog walkers ?

    I vary them getting off lead and if they don't have recall they never get off. I have seen people who can't control one dog and people who have full control over 10 + (not a dog walker but an owner). It's not just down to dog walkers people overall need to get better control of their dogs. I...
  24. ladyearl

    Hover Dogs!

    One of my favourites
  25. ladyearl

    Is it time to license all dog walkers ?

    Yes 6 is the max from any of the companies that do this and yes those of us who are responsible tow the line - and the rest don't bother their backsides. Not sure they would bother about any other red tape when they don't care about this!
  26. ladyearl

    Has anyone got a dog with glaucoma?

    Not me but a friend's dog has and has just had her second eye removed so is totally blind but she's a happy dog and having a great time learning how to work in a world without eyes. Honestly you wouldn't believe how fantastic and full this dog's life is. I understand the condition is very...
  27. ladyearl

    Is it time to license all dog walkers ?

    No, but I do think owners should research their walkers better. I am one and I'm very transparent have invited new owners to join me on walks before starting etc. I would always visit the dogs in their home. I have insurance, police checks and first aid training. Lots of experience (nine years...
  28. ladyearl

    Puppy or rescue dog?

    Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland If you have facebook look up this page. I've followed for good while and the lady who runs it seems to place the dogs very carefully and I'm sure would be able to help you get the right dog for your set up.
  29. ladyearl


    sorted thank you ps worth shopping around!
  30. ladyearl

    sourcing haylage in and around Glasgow area

    found it!! how fab is that !