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    A HHO'er at Hambleden and some others

    It's me! I'm in the third piccy down of others! I'm the pinky one. Lovely shot, thanks ever so much! Will pm you.
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    Gatcombe ballot... totally gutted. Bit of a rant.. sorry!

    You're not alone. I've had exactly the same happen to me in the 1*. I am thoroughly cheesed off...... Grrrrrr to the ballot! I'm also looking at diverting to SofE, hopefully see you there!
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    Sooo... is there a bit of a sex maniac course designing at ALW?!

    Tehehe! I jumped the novice track there this weekend, and I didn't see the offending member! But I did see the lady in the water! She was there in the spring too! I wonder what will appear in ALW 3....I'm going to take my camera when I walk that course!
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    Badminton Grass Roots Query

    I understand it now, thanks for that.
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    Badminton Grass Roots Query

    I might be wrong, but I had a quick read of the rule book, and if the horse starts the season as a grade 4 (no points), qualifies for the regional final in the spring, it can then do the regional final later that season and qualify for the final. Even if in the meantime it upgrades and gets...
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    Respiratory supplements- recommendations?

    What about steamed hay? Do you know anyone with a steamer or access to one? One of my horses developed an upper resp tract infection and after many a vet visit, scoping and then ventipulmin, which had good results but I couldn't compete him on it as I think it is forbidden. So, we thought...
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    Who is at Firle this weekend?

    Me too, I must be just after you oli, as my XC is at 6.25!!
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    Yay, not balloted, just moved to Friday dressage! Very very Happy and excited now! :)
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    Very upset today as I've benn balloted out of Gatcombe CIC* :(
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    I've entered for Sat dressage. We've never been to Gatcombe before, I'm really looking forward to it. I hope they don't ballot, do you think they will?
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    Gatcombe (2) stabling / staying near by

    Oooooo, I've entered the 1* too. I'm so excited, it'll be my first one! Sorry can't help you on the stabling situation.
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    Tattersalls 2* Videos - Sarnita

    Thanks ever so much for sharing those video's, it's great to see the xc especially as I'm really keen on competing there myself, it looked a beautiful course and your horse looked effortless round it. Really well done. I wonder if you may be able to assist me Sarah-Jane. I'm looking at...
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    Does anyone else feel like their riding deteriorates day by day after a lesson?....

    What about if you have the lesson video'd. Then you can look back on it and see things that the trainer may have said, which you forgot or didn't hear.
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    Chilham Castle Horse Trials

    Hello, I'm running. Have one in 80 and one in novice. Really looking forward to it.
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    Mattingley - a volunteers report

    Rana, please do. xxx
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    Mattingley - a volunteers report

    Thank you to all of those who volunteered this weekend. As a rider I had a wonderful day and it's down to all you guys who take the time to help out. I love volunteering, and just wish we had some events closer to us so I could help out more often. My wobbly baby made it round clear, abeit, very...
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    Mattingley, accident this afternoon?

    Hi. We were there yesterday and unfortunately we saw the accident. I don't know how the girl is, but I really wish her a speedy and full recovery. the medics were there pretty quickly and the sj warm up was moved straight away. The horse was fine and was taken away. The organisers there were...
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    Mattingley - Roll call and Ground conditions

    I'm there on Saturday riding a very wobbly baby who will probably gawp and balloon over every jump on the XC. Look out for us, we won't be missed! It's his first one day event ever, so I think it will be quite an experience for him! I'm so excited, I love Mattingly.
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    The ground at iping

    Thanks queenb. I went yeasterday and the ground was really good considering the serious lack of rain we had. I thought they had done such a good job in making the going as good as possible and I had no worries running my horse over the novice track. Thanks to everyone at Iping for...
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    So sad

    My thoughts are with you at this time. RIP beautiful horse. xxxx
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    The ground at iping

    Hello, I am going to iping tomorrow to do the novice and I have heard through the jungle drums that the ground isn't very good. Has anyone else heard this? If you are competing there today, good luck, and I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what you thought of the ground...
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    Kan Teq and Point Two

    Hello, I'm gonna give the other side and say that I event with a kan-teq and point 2 and have done so over a year now. I have had a whopper of a fall in the combination, which I walked away from, unhurt. Whether it was the combination or I was just blooming lucky is something I will never know...
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    Eridge ground info.....

    That's brilliant. Many thanks for letting us know. I received an email from the entries secretary last night saying that they have increased the starting fee to £12 to cover the cost of excessive groundwork, and that they are confident the ground will be good. Fingers crossed. Good luck to...
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    Lucinda Green clinic -I've got my times!

    Hello, yes I'm going....... I must be in the group after you, we start at 10.30am. Look out for me on a bay horse, I've got a light blue and mauve hat with bobble on. Where are you stabling? We're on site, travelling down on Sunday......come and say hello!
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    do i need back shoes?

    This is really interesting I had this this discussion with my farrier yesterday. I have got a rising 5yo and he is still wearing front shoes only. I am going to Lucinda Green clinic on Monday and Tuesday next week which will be on grass, but only over little stuff. He is very balanced and will...
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    Mary King

    Well, the lecture demo was fantastic, I learnt loads. I could recommend her for a lesson, I reckon she would be great. Plus she rode Imperial Cavalier for the flat work, and that bought a tear to my eye. He is just lush!!! Good luck and let us know how the lesson goes.
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    Mary King

    I'm going to one of her lecture demo's tomorrow evening at Towerlands, so I shall let you know, but I imagine she's pretty good.
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    Dead to the Leg Again

    I have had a similar problem with one of my horses, he was terrible and even with sharp spurs on, it made no difference. So, I stopped schooling him for a while, took him out with the bloodhounds (or anything "fun"), then returned to the school with no spurs and two schooling whips. When I go to...
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    What to do with a horse that dunks!

    Alf has his hay in a hay bar, but he also has hay in a haynet hanging over it if he is in lots as he's a greedy monkey, and I need to slow him down a bit. Two haynets tend to do the trick!!! So, anyway, last night I screwed a tie ring next to the haybar and hung up a bucket of water. We watched...
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    Milton Keynes for first intro

    Brilliant, many thanks for that. I reckon it'll be ok for his first run. I'm going to get in loads of xc schooling between now and then, so hopefully he'll be right ready! Woohoo, exciting!