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    Sad! Just another Happy Hacker!!!!!

    Okay then. Years ago, it was easy to buy a safe hacking horse capable of doing a variety of activities to an acceptable level. So why is it there are so few of these horses left? Now a days, looking for a horse which is not a green younster with good conformation, 3 nice paces and schooled...
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    Tina Myles

    Just a quicky. Have seen some nice looking horses being sold by this person, has anyone had any contact with Tina Myles from Badminton area, perhaps bought a horse from her or know of her. Any info would be helpful. Please pm me if you would rather keep it private. Many thanks
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    Your views on bent neck please

    Hello I have my own opinion, but I am not always right and would like your views please on the following. I have seen many horses trotting or cantering round a jump ring, with their necks bent to one side, not when they are actually jumping, but when they are cantering up toward the jump...
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    This will brought tears to my eyes. It is what's called dedication!

    This is what I call dedication and what a beautiful horse.
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    Help Please

    Hello to all. I have been reading these forums secretly for sometime and now wonder if anyone can help me. I am looking for a safe horse either on loan with view to buy or to buy. A perfect new friend for us would be 15hh-15.3hh middle weight, coloured would be great. Ideal age would be...