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    How long to see an improvement - laminitis

    My ems companion pony came in with very mild laminitis two weeks ago. She is fine in a straight line but lame on a tight turn. She's been stabled ever since with soaked hay and her pulses feel much better, although still there. How long would you expect before you would expect to see an...
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    Ulcer Treatment

    A friend of mine's horse has just been diagnosed with ulcers. The treatment supplied by the vet is costing her a huge amount of money and I am sure that people on here have in the past recommended some cheaper sources. Searching for ulcers on here brings up so many threads! Please could...
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    Retirement Livery

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a place that does retirement livery please. Preferably north of Manchester but all areas considered.
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    Advice please

    I have a companion pony who is the ribs showing, cresty neck type who we are very careful with. On Tuesday the farrier came and trimmed her feet. Last night I took her out for an in hand hack with hoof boots on but I wasn't entirely convinced she was right. Anyway I watched her walk on the...
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    Stable roof repair/replacement

    We're looking for someone in the area to replace the roof on our wooden stable block which is about 15 years old and has started to leak. Does anyone have any recommendations? The people who built the stables originally are ridiculously hard to contact so we've given up on them for now!
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    Padded Jackets

    I went to the track shop today with the intention of buying one of the new style, slim fitting padded jackets. It'll be a general wear jacket to start with before it gets relegated to being a horse coat. I'm after something really warm but when I've felt the jackets they are all really thin...
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    Hoof Boot People

    I am a total newbie to hoof boots and I've just bought some cavallo sport hoof boots for my companion pony who I take for in hand hacks to manage her weight. I'm planning on her just wearing them over the stony parts of our hacks which she's been struggling a bit with and taking them off on the...
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    On Tuesday my companion pony had her feet trimmed, she's barefoot. On Thursday I took her for her usual walk in hand but she was a little reluctant. Turned her out when we got back and I noticed that she was avoiding the compacted gravel on the way to the field and walking on the grass...
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    Would you buy a horse with feather mites?

    Just been to view a nice cob who has feather mites. She would be coming to live with my other hairy cob who does not. I haven't deal with mites before but know they can be a real problem. Would it put you off buying?
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    vetting near Macclesfield

    Any recommendations please? Thank you
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    danilon doseage

    I've just got some danilon from the vet to help my pony who has arthritic knees. I got it without speaking to the vet who diagnosed her so didn't really get any dosage advice. My pony weigh tapes at just under 450kg and I've been giving her half a sachet every day (she only gets one small...
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    Abscess advice please

    My companion pony came in last Sunday (just over a week ago) very lame on a front leg. I suspected an abscess and Couldn't find any other painful bits so hot tubbed and poulticed. I called the farrier who was too busy to visit so got the vet instead. She came on Monday afternoon, scraped...
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    Front legs giving whilst being ridden

    I have a 19 year old cob who I've had for 3 years. When I hack out it occasionally feels as though one or the other of her front legs gives way. She just catches herself with the other and carries on totally unconcerned but it is worrying me. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    cresty necks in Winter

    I have a companion pony on loan from a rescue assoc. When she arrived in June she had a really hard cresty neck and has had laminitis in the past. She's been getting a magnesium supplement to see if that helped get rid of her neck and today I noticed there's definitely a difference, it's much...
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    Supplements for EMS Pony

    I have a non-ridden companion on loan from WHW who has the classic signs of EMS, especially the fat pads. She is currently getting a mugful of lo-cal balancer and a magnesium supplement daily which doesn't appear to have made any difference to her. Are there any other supplements you would...
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    Travel Expenses Question

    A friend of mine has offered to transport a pony for me, with her trailer & 4x4, from its home, about an hour's drive away (mostly motorway) to our place. In return she's suggested I make a donation to a horse charity instead of paying her. I'm a bit unsure how much would be reasonable. Any...
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    rescue centres/re-homing Lancs

    We sadly had to have my old pony pts last week and I am now looking for a companion for my 18 year old mare who has been left on her own. I really want something that is about the same age/size as her, that can live out with shelter/hay/rugs as appropriate and that will be ok being left on...
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    Anyone got a T4/T6 17" GP for sale?

    Not sure if I'm actually allowed to do this but... I currently have a Thorowgood T6 dressage saddle for my cob mare which I love but I'd also like a GP so we can do a bit of jumping. The saddle she has at the moment is the "normal" version but I would consider the cob one. I'd prefer...
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    Hay Cutting Question

    How long is hay usually left in the field between cutting and baling? I'm interested because loads of fields round here have been cut and my pony is terrified of tractors. I'm wondering when they'll be out and about again baling and moving the hay.
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    Quick Ariat Gramere Question Please

    I've just bought some Ariat grasmere boots from Ebay. I'm not sure if they are a wide fitting or not. On the box it says they have a full calf - is this the wide fitting? They do go out a bit more at the calf than I was expecting, or need but they were a bargain!
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    Sales Livery/Dealer NW England

    Trying again... I got my horse about 6 months ago. He was quiet and sensible when I went to view him as a fun alrounder. When I got him home he was bolshy, bargy and dominent even running my instrucotr down once when she was helping me with him. I then found out that the lady I bought him...
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    Back Person NW England/Lancashire/Manchester

    HI, I'm a long time lurker & was wondering if anyone could help. I have recently purchased a connemara gelding who is very reluctant to canter with the right leg leading and who also bucks when going into canter both on the lunge and under saddle in the school (I haven't cantered him on...
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    Saddle Help Please

    My new horse has been here a week. During this time I've tried on about 8 saddles and am so far stuggling. When I find a saddle that seems to fit well, I look where the girth straps are & if I fastened a girth it would be at quite an angle as the straps are much further back than his girth...
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    Newbie/lurker after some reassurance please!

    Hi everyone I'm a lurker & occasional poster but I could really do with some reassurance this morning. We had tw0 retired ponies living at my parents' place until a few weeks ago when one had to be pts with colic leaving the other on her own. As she needed a companion and I'd been looking...