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    Price for horse with sarcoids?

    There is no proven txt about them being hereditary. If you look at the liverpool website which has extensive knowledge in this field they say exactly this. It is thought that they can be spread by flys though hence if they have them there is the risk of them spreading. This however is also...
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    Unicorn Bruce - *pics* & LONG update

    O bless Bruce! Must admit he doesn't look to have as much sparkle as I usally notice in his pictures :( How is he generally? Wonder if he's just feeling a bit off? See how he goes this week. If he was mine and still no better I think I'd get some bloods done just to check all is well...
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    Totilas New Freestyle - LIVE

    Ok just seen it . . . . :( Totilas, to me anyhow, always used to appear effortless. The whole exaggerated movement debate has been done to death and my opinion of him was always a horse that tried very hard to please. Things with EG always seemed to flow and they were a great partnership...
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    How is he looking?

    Agree with this! What a gorgeous chap. How old is he?
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    Totilas New Freestyle - LIVE

    Does anyone know if there is a link to watch the test please?
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    Bit of a scare at our ODE today!

    Well done you! It's scary when you get those heart in mouth moments :eek:
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    R.I.P. Little Bob!!!!

    RIP Little Bob
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    So -who advocates pain and / or beating to get a horse how you want him or her????

    Thought you were all for people who said it as they see it Dearie? Expressing a point of view is not 'gobbing off' You don't seem to be able to handel the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you. They all seem to be turned into fluffy bunnies, as if I care! Rather be a fluffy...
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    So -who advocates pain and / or beating to get a horse how you want him or her????

    I think that is what the OP was getting at but the normal HHO bullies are here in force tonight.
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    Can anyone help RSPCA identify those in this video?

    Heck no! But I'm sure I, along with you, will be accused of being a fluffy bunny soon :p There are alot of people on this forum that I would not let within a mile of my horses.
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    Can anyone help RSPCA identify those in this video?

    Nativeponies back again I see :rolleyes:
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    Another update on my Disney foalie...

    O bless her. Really hope everything comes right for miss costalot! :)
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    RIP Foxy Lady

    RIP Foxy Lady. Sounds like she was surrounded with love right up until the very end. No horse could want for more than that.
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    good news for my boy!

    That is great news! :D Hope the x-rays turn out ok.
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    Am I the only one who thinks Stallions don't deserve the bad press?

    They don't deserve the bad press :( There are good ones and bad ones but most of the 'bad' ones have been created by bad management. Most horses confined to being kept in and isolated go a bit nuts :rolleyes: Get them out, let them be sociable, let them be horses.
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    Can I please ask for some supportive vibes?

    Stay strong. You have a loy of support on here should you need it. Big
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    You have to laugh . . . .

    Yeay another member! :D
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    You have to laugh . . . .

    I didn't think of that! Maybe I should get his teeth removed just incase ;)
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    You have to laugh . . . .

    Well I managed to escape with my life after feeding my perverted people killing stallion this evening :D
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    Local shows and stallions...

    It's normally have to be bitted two years and over and be handled by someone from 14-18 years plus. Last show I did I had to put a white ribbon in his tail so everyone knew he was a stallion. Each show normally explains about colts and stallions in their rules. As someone else said just be...
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    You have to laugh . . . .

    None of it makes much sense. Maybe if we got to level 4 we would be wise enough to know ;)
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    You have to laugh . . . .

    Count me in! :D
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    You have to laugh . . . .

    Or cry! I saw this on another thread and, well, wow. So colts need to have there knackers off at ten days old :eek: And as for my stallion, I'd better get a suit of armor lol. Next time he puts his head on my...
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    Terrifying road experience

    A few years ago there was a woman in our local village who would rev her engine and yell abuse at horseriders, so much so there was a meeting about her with the local police and some of her victims. Nothing was done though :( After being on the end of her aggression one day I decided to print...
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    Mine and ponies first ever compertion!!!

    Well done! :D Gorgeous horse. I never lost that slightly sick feeling each time I went out competing. Just skip breakfast if you think it might be dodgy ;)
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    Totilas Time!

    Thank you! :)
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    Totilas Time!

    Does anyone know of a link of the test for those of us who missed it? :o
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    one for the oldies *vid*

    Forget the jumping. Wow at his trot!