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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Oops I posted early! I have one pic of one currently in build which is an identical size. I’ll post when I work out how! I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon!
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Thank you. That is a unique layout I reckon. I wondered what the door was on the offside that looks like a jockey door. Our chassis is about to be stripped down and they’ll start the body in the next month or so. There is no rush, we are aiming for Christmas.
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Read your updates farmer chalk, very useful indeed. How is your lorry working with horse tying on the offside? Do you have your tack locker on the offside too? Is that ok from a security point of view?
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Thank you for your offer of help, very kind. The timing is perfect for Badminton! I think I shall have to allocate a full day for perusing display lorries, armed with a tape measure and camera! Interesting you mention Bathstore, I have bought things from there quite often in the past and...
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    I couldn’t cope with it not living up to expectations casey76! It may not look as fancy as farmer chalk’s! I have been looking at Pinterest a lot and I am drawn to refurbished airstream trailers.... I wonder if I could make my living look similar - white and minimal and a bit mid...
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Yes, nice. I spent a snowy Sunday this weekend looking at Autotrader Trucks! And then our lorry man called on Sunday night to say he'd found one, and it's now bought!! 12 plate DAF with a long wheelbase (about 5.1m apparently which is more than I was expecting), automatic, air suspension and...
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    yes, I agree turnbuckle
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Brilliant Farmer Chalk, all so so useful, thanks. Spottyappy, I'd love to see some photos so I'll send you a pm. 9tails, he will do whatever we want, but of course he's got lots of views on what works and what doesn't, and I want to hear them, he's built more lorries than me! I just need to...
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Right, full reply. Builder has recommended DAF. DH is a petrolhead (although no truck expert) and had in his head he wanted a Merc or a Scania. Apparently Scanias don't come in 12 tonne (I don't know if this is right or not) and Mercs are a no go says builder for cost of parts or some such...
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Ahem. I'm sure my predictive text could not think of an alternative....? :o Thank you for the detailed reply, will reply in full in a bit when not on the iPad
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Fabulous! My DH is almost excited about us both doing our HGVs as I am about having the lorry. He wants to send me out trucking part time to earn extra cash!!
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Ok thanks, must reread the regs! Yes, maybe we should just go the whole artic hog!
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    Horsebox build.....our story!

    Thank you so much for this thread, it's kept me quiet for the last few evenings and I've emailed it to the husband too! We're just about to start a build on a 12 tonne chassis, which will need to carry 3 horses (2 daughters + me, poor DH!) and will be stalled for 4 so we have a bit of space and...
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    recommendations for floor type for tackroom/feedroom

    Vinyl is cheap and practical. I completely understand what you are saying, but you should try to get over it and get some funky stuff - we have bright stripy vinyl in our kitchen as I hate the fake tiles and wood! You would need a ply base which would make it less cheap but possibly still...
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    Soft shell breeches recommendations

    I'm a big fan of Noble Outfitters, everything I've bought is designed just right - simple, but do the job perfectly, quality, not too expensive. Not tried the warm breeches, they will be next on my shopping list along with some of the socks!
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    Buying a pony for a small child. Lots of questions!!

    you have just discovered the endlessly entertaining game which will keep your mind occupied for at least the next 12 years - Where Is The Next Pony? :D. I started out at the same stage as you, children are 8 and 10 now, and I have had 7 ponies now over the past 7 years! Some more suitable than...
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    Buy (cheapish) show jumps in cheshire

    I was wearing my jods in the Tarporley spar and a woman gave me her son's card! Cheshire show jumps. She says they're v good value. They have a Facebook page. I also got plain rustic poles for £10 each in the wood yard in Nantwich.
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    What's made you smile today?

    My younger daughter jumping her first hunt jump!
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    Pony Club - what age/standard of riding is it best to join?

    Depends on your pony club, ours is great for the little ones as there are lots of lead rein rallies, and they start from 4. Don't be in a big rush to let him off the lead rein, 5 is still very tiny and it sometimes makes me wince to see the teeny ones whizzing round of the lead when it would...
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    I'm curious...what's the BEST thing about being a horse owner?

    His smell. And with him I can fly!
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    Valuing horses?

    Yes, it will take a lot more ferreting around adverts in different places to find something nice at the right price! Sadly the buying trip to Ireland has lost its financial appeal in the last few months!
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    Valuing horses?

    Goldenstar, that gives me a good picture in my head of the difference between the two. Over the next year I guess I need to work on 1) spotting the difference between the two (I have never spent a lot of time looking at young horses) and 2) working out exactly how much horse I need. I guess...
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    Valuing horses?

    I think I'll probably need to look for one without a competition record because a record seems to add too many £££ to the price! But that's where it gets confusing because some nice looking 5 yr olds with no competition record are a few thousand, others more like £8k!
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    Valuing horses?

    Yes. All things that are difficult to show or explain in an ad. You would need to do a fair bit of checking into record and breeding and get lots of videos etc. Temperament is so important I think but so hard to judge on just a couple of viewings!
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    Body protector recommendations for a short big boobed woman!

    I think the Airowear Outlyne is designed for "womanly" shapes. I wouldn't say I am huge, but definitely have boobs, and I have an Outlyne and it fits well. Other brands were a bit snug across the chest, although I can't now remember what I tried.
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    "Posh" Fleece Rug

    What about Thermatex? I love my 25 year old one and I think it looks smarter than fleece, really desperate to kit out the ponies in some new ones.
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    Valuing horses?

    So I play the "how much is it advertised for" game with my children quite a lot. They read out an ad from H&H and I have to guess what price the horse is advertised at. I am pretty good at it, if I say so myself, when the horse has a track record. However, I am completely stumped when there...
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    app to track speed etc

    I've used Strava which worked ok in as much as it tells you your distance and speed over each km. However, I think there's a real gap in the market for an app specifically aimed at horse people doing canter/gallop work (a bit like the XC app for walking courses) which would be designed to tell...
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    Working full time, full livery and riding at weekends

    I did this in my early twenties for 4 years. First of all I had the horse at livery in Surrey, and rode a couple of times during the week as well as weekends, then moved him near my parents in Glos and rode only at weekends. The second arrangement was better as the yard was great, horse was in...
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    Intensive training course

    Great, thanks VRIN. I will find their Facebook page.