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    Sighthound home boarder recommendations

    Could really do with some recommendations from the pointy nosed owners for good home boarders please. It looks very likely I'll have to be in hospital for an op this year (it usually means a 5-7 day stay), so if friends cant house sit, I'd like a back up. Not fussed about location, just needs to...
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    Sportz Vibe massage coat

    Anyone used this or have knowledge of it? Whippet has had proper help with muscle pull from vets and physio, but as he’s 11 now, was wondering if it could help? I know how to do a basic canine massage, but the ungrateful little blighter isn’t keen!
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    Your favourite noise your dog makes

    No, bear with me! Its just as a silly pointless post, for dog appreciation. I've noticed the whippet has a very content and grateful sounding 'gruntle' after a really good walk and possibly someone (!) has tucked a blanket round him- almost like he's just been given a really good cup of tea and...
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    Grade 2 heart murmur in whippet

    As the title says really, found during a routine vet check. I'm looking for some sighthound people/vets/anyone to talk me through this a bit, and stop me fussing too much! Whippet is 9 years old, so something like this is to be expected. I'm aware it needs more investigation and scans etc. I...