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    Lorry tyre help

    Hi I went to check my tyres yesterday and can't work out how to do the inside rear ones. It is a DAF 7.5t 11 yrs old. It has no user manual and Google doesn't help. There is what looks like a long tube connected to inner tyre poking through outer. I connected to this but did not read pressure...
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    What is wrong?

    OK apologies a little long but I am stumped. Daughter has a great connie owned for 2 years and now 16 yrs old. He has been super genuine only stops if physically unable to get over jump. Will buck occasionally but usually in result of a smack or if left behind on a gallop. At the end of last...
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    Best country boots

    I am looking for new boots. Always had Dubarry but last pair leaked at 9 months old so don't think worth the money anymore. I like that style, ie pull on no laces or straps. What do people recommend? I have big feet, long legs and fit a normal calf fit ( but just).
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    More lorry help please.

    OK you knowledgeable people can you help/advise please? I am lorry shopping and today saw a box I quite like, but I don't know if it is overpriced. Been on the market for 1 month plus, dies this imply anything as not sure on market. Second question it uses AdBlue, a friend said this can cause...
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    Horse box choice/dos and don'ts.

    Not been on in a while but I need the collective knowledge of this group please. I am seriously considering upgrading from a Frelander and ifor 505 to a lorry. I am looking at a 5.2t to a compact 7.5, our lane is narrow as is turn into drive. These are the things I think I want; Living for 2...
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    Anatomical girth for a pony

    Hi, my saddle fitter has recommended an anatomical girth for our round 13.3 with a forward girth grove to stop the saddle moving forward. So far I can't find one small enough - 40 in. Any recommendations?? For a GP saddle, all the shorter ones sem to be for a dressage saddle - would this work...
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    Places to look for horses for sale

    Anyone got any secret/good places to look for horses/ponies for sale? Looking for my daughter's next horse and already getting disheartened/fed up. Also now that FB are clamping down on animal ads FB is tricky. I have posted wanted adds, very specific and people still send details or wrong horse...
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    Scouring causes

    Hi haven't been on here for quite a while but having a problem that has me stumped. My 15 yr old 16hh mare has been scouring badly on and off for the last few weeks. When I say bad I mean it goes from cow pat to farts and liquid. Then a period of normal poos for a few days/week then back. She...
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    Wilki for a show?

    My daughter's pony is ridden in a wilki, goes well and certainly needs it for jumping. She wants to do a pony club pony class at a show, local hunt show. I wonder if it would be ok? Don't really want to buy a new bit for one show if can be avoided.
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    Pony Club camp advice - old pony

    Back after a bit of an absence - I have been cheating on HH with candy crush! Anyway after some advice please. My daughter is at PC camp next week, it is not residential so they come home each eve. Now the ground is so hard her poor pony has been feeling it as a bit arthritic - not terrible...
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    How to help/sort out pony

    Hello not been on in a while - life etc getting in the way. After a bit of advice about my son's pony. We have had him for 2 years and his is generally a grump. I have worked out a lot of it is defence - he has abiously had something bad happen to him and he does not trust humans. If you...
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    How much hay you getting through?

    Looking at my hay barn and trying to work out how long it will last. Mine are 1 wb 16hh 15 years old, 1 connie x 22 yrs old, 1 exmoor x dartmoor. Also eating in same feild 17 hh 23yr old. Only ponies in work. We now have very little grass so hay is main feed plus hard feed for all but moorland...
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    Storm horse behaviour

    Blowing a gale in this latest storm. My OH said bet horses have bums to wind by the thick hedge. So I have just looked out. All 4 are in the middle of the feild no where near the hedges, barn feild shelter or anything. Odd?
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    Insurance claim for loan horse

    Very dull post sorry. I have submitted an insurance claim for treatment my horse on loan is relieving. The insurance is in owners name and I pay premiums. I am liable for excess 17.5%. As part of the claim the company ask for 5years medical history. My vet printed off a detailed 4 pages for...
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    Should I clip

    So in two minds whether to clip my daughters pony. She is 22 yr old Connie cross. Lives out rugged. She is growing quite a thick coat that means when ridden gets sweaty and takes ages( over an hour) to dry. If I clip her it would be a low trace or a bib but am unsure. Don't want to make her...
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    CT tomorrow keep your fingers crossed

    To cut a long story short (see itchy nose post) my mare has an uncontrollable twitch itch. We suspect is is related to a kick in the face 7 weeks ago. So we are off to Bristol for a CT tomorrow. The logistics of sorting kids, getting my vet out to sedate to load. As she doesn't load without a...
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    Quickly any ideas horse itchy nose??

    My horse has been dragging her nose round field like going to roll. Now in and end of nose is twitching from side to side, itchy and letting me itch it. Nothing in mouth I can see. FYI she had a facial injury a couple of weeks ago. Could this be signs of assess?? Injury was to cheek. Help??
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    Saddle fitters why so different

    So I am still trying to find a saddle that fits our new pony. Very difficult shape with big shoulders high withers and a very dipped back. So I have had 2 different fitters see her with their stock and they had different opinions. 1 said k &m did not fit as had one the other suggested it as an...
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    Windsor Saddles

    Anyone had any experience with them? Very cheap. I am still having a totally nightmare finding a saddle for my daughters pony, current saddle is too long. I am thinking a stopgap saddle that is shorter would be better while we hunt for a proper one. Just wondered if anyone used one??
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    Rain! Is my hay ruined?

    It has just started raining. My hay was cut sat and us still on the ground feeling a bit sick. Have no idea why not baled yesterday and did not see farmer when it was turned. If it rains this am but the drys this afternoon is it save able? Can't really afford to buy in.
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    Disgusting things in rugs

    Who else has been grossed out by things in rugs? Recently got a new pony and one of the rugs she came with had live maggots living in it! Yuk. Today was checking through some rugs preparing for winter. A rat had crawled inside one of the turnouts and died! Luckily awhile ago so dry fossilised...
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    Multiple horse insureance

    Are there any multi horse policies like multi car? Wonder if a single policy for 3 horses plus trailer would work out better value??.
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    For those who lead a horse off another

    I have had a very frustrating ride today. I took out my son's pony whilst riding my horse, we have done this before but not for a couple of months due to school hols. The pony kept dropping back, refusing to catch up and basically being a slow pain in the bum. He was ok whilst trotting but walk...
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    Frustrations of saddle search

    Just need to have a moan and also see if anyone has any suggestions. Have had our local (well regarded) saddlers out who do not have any secondhand saddles that fit my daughters new pony but we did work out size - 16/16.5 m-mwide We also discounted lots - Thorowgood, Ideal Jefferies and a few...
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    Saddle suggestions

    Hi all, had a saddler out today in an attempt to find daughters new pony a saddle. The only thing she had that fitted was a brand new Albion K2 16.5 MW. There is no chance I am purchasing this and second hand ones seem to be few, far between and expensive. So does anyone have any suggestions of...
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    How much should I offer?

    I am after picking ur brains again! We have a pony on trial and she is turning out to be good and am wondering what to offer on her. She was advertised at 450. Details; 14.2 22 year old mare. Been there done it. Seems to do everything bomb proof etc. Great with farrier. She is a bit poor so...
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    Bridle advice /options

    Not a very exciting post sorry. My daughters new pony (on trial but likely to stay) is turning out to be a star but she does open her mouth whilst being ridden and last night got her tong over the bit. She has a full cheek snaffle and cavesson noseband. I was thinking either a flash or grackle...
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    Pony value

    Someone commented today that one of our ponies must be worth a lot more that we bought him for 9 months ago and it made me wonder. I have no intension of selling yet but he will be grown out of at some stage. So I am curious as to what you good people think he is worth, promise not to take any...
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    Following on from my horse is special

    Made me wonder if anyone else has a horse with odd behaviour? My mare likes being inched between her teats!! She even asks for it by lifting up her back leg so you can get right in!!
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    Putting on condition - older horse

    So picked up a new pony today on trial for my daughter after her gold plated pony died recently. I remembered that is was a bit poor but having a really good look tonight realized we have our work cut out. She is great inhand and ridden so taking her despite how she looks now. So all I...