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    Magnetic Pastern Bands

    I used the Equistreamz ones. I am never sure if these things help but I used them on an injured horse who was badly lame and it did seem to help slightly.
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    Westgate lab- why so pricey?

    I switched too poopost last year after reading about them on here. I had used Westgate for a long time prior to that. I find the poopost service just as good as Westgate so will very sticking with them. Definitely a lot cheaper if you have a few horses to test.
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    Nose net

    I like the equilibrium ones too, have had mine a few years and it is still in tact. The full/cob should be fine size wise.
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    fly mask reccomendations

    I really like the equilibrium ones, I am not sure how good they would be for eye clearance though.
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    Rugging for temperature changes.

    Mine is in a 100g with no neck too. Out overnight. I'd rather slightly too cold than too hot.
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    Economical feeds

    I don't feed much hard feed either, just a handful of chaff and a couple of handfuls of cubes.
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    New Horse Day!

    I like the look of him. Best of luck with him.
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    Excellent saddler in Central Scotland?

    I use Millbrae Saddlery near East Kilbride.
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    Predicted height for 11.2hh 8 month old?

    What height are the parents?
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    How do you know if it's right to PTS?

    I'd turn away for a year too. My horse damaged a ligament in 2020 and he went for various tests, scans etc and the vets were not that optimistic about a recovery. I chucked him in a field for a year, got the physio once a month and he trotted up sound 14 months later. Sometimes a bit of time is...
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    Help! Do you pay as a sharer when the horse is lame more than a month?

    I wouldn't expect payment either. I'd be a bit embarrassed to keep asking for money after more than a month or two. Although the cost of the horse will be the same even if the horse is injured, a sharer is paying because they want to ride whereas the owner unfortunately has to take...
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    Which Rug is Best Swish or Horseware

    I prefer Horseware but only buy Rambo. I find the Amigo and Rhino pretty disappointing. The straps have come off both after not much wear and my horse is not particularly harsh on his rugs. The Rambo's do seems to last well though and look like new even after years of use.
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    Rug dilemma!

    I'd go for a 100g turnout with a 100g liner as well. It is the rug combination I use for 99% of the winter.
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    New horse reared :/

    I think you have asked quite a lot of him in a short space of time too, it took me a few months to get my 5yo hacking out the way I wanted him when I first got him. Even then it took a huge amount of calm repetition to get things like opening gates sorted. As someone else said you do need to...
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    Afterlife 3

    I binge watched last night too. I don't normally like Ricky Gervais but he is excellent in this.
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    Talk to me about stringhalt please

    My old horse had stringhalt, it was noticeable when he first came out the stable but apart from that caused no problems and I did a variety of low level RC stuff with him with no issues.
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    How many hours turnout during winter

    We are lucky enough to have unlimited turnout all year but in practice we turn out for about 9 hours a day in winter to try and save the field a bit.
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    Advice/opinions desperately needed.

    I'd get a sharer and ditch the job for something better paid (I'm assuming because it is an apprenticeship it is pretty poorly paid).
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    Costs of owning

    A very rough cost for mine (on DIY) is:- £150 livery £30 bedding £40 shoes £40 feed £50 hay Total - £310 I don't insure so just pay £6 a month for public liability. Feed, hay and bedding costs are minimal in summer as he lives out most of the summer. Extras like dentist, wormer and new tack...
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    Where do you fit?

    Own two but only ride one of them.
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    Part loan/ share? How much?

    I agree that £10 per day is reasonable.
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    How long have you owned your horses for

    I have had one for 8 years and the other for 16 years.
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    Horseware Mio rugs, waterproof?

    Even if waterproof, I reckon a 600d rug would last 5 mins with a rug wrecker.
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    How often do you pick out your retired/ non ridden horses feet?

    I only pick them out before the farrier too, am glad I am not the only one.
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    Paying for half of part loan on the weeks you aren’t up!

    I am baffled why you would think you shouldn't pay. What an odd post.
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    Just bought a horse

    In answer to your original question, for a horse sold from the field with a noticeable scar I'd probably pay £600 at most.
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    Insurance and changing owners

    Yes you just cancel your policy and she takes out her own.
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    Worming for Red Encysted advice please

    Pramox is the only one i could find that did tapeworm and encysted redworm. I'll be worming with that in the next week or so.
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    What are your 'must have' rugs?

    I am a fan of the liner system. I have a 100g Rambo outer and a 100g Amigo stable rug and then just use the liners with both of them. I have loads of other rugs but hardly use them and generally just stick with those two.
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    Horse life balance- how to get it right

    Do you share a field with someone? I only go up once a day but share a field with someone who would let me know if there are issues. Could you come to a similar arrangement?